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2012 in review

10 Jan

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. (Only 6 posts this year? Oh my! Maybe I’ll better this year!)

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 28,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

(Bonus: Top viewed pictures is Thor shirtless. You know you wanna see that.)


Where I’ve Been For The Past 2 Months

21 Feb

… As told through a series of pictures.

At first I was playing a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Logo

Quick! Hand me a lightsaber!

I also spent a lot of time putting items into void storage in WoW.

Mishaweha Void Storage

Yup, that void storage is sure filling up fast!

Then it was time to go visit the folks for a week and a half over the holidays.

A cartoon of a family in a car with lots of luggage on top of the car.

It's a four and a half hour drive... which I do about once a month.

Then Christmas happened.

Cartoon Christmas Tree


I may have gotten a kindle.

A Kindle Fire

I downloaded a Google Reader app to keep up with blogs. Then I downloaded Angry Birds and haven't looked back.

Then I made some more Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Mask of Nihilus Character Loading Screen with Ashandi

Ashandi was my first character but then suddenly two more appeared. I have no idea where they came from... >_>

Xena demanded pettings.

Xena, a white cat, sits on an ironing board.


We drove back home because the holidays were over and it was time to go back to work! Boo!

A cartoon of two kids in construction outfits, moving an i-beam.

This is what you get when you google 'working clipart'. And it has nothing to do the type of work I actually do. XD

I then caught a nasty flu and was sick for about 2 weeks.

A cartoon of a woman sneezing.

Like this, only ten times worse plus a lingering ear infection.

As I found out, you shouldn’t transmog outfits while sick:

I think I might have made it worse. Maybe this 'as few items transmogged as possible' idea isn't the BEST idea. XD

Right when I was getting better I remembered I needed to draw comics for the student newspaper ASAP (my second ‘job’)

A panic button


After the comics were drawn I went back to playing making more characters in SW:TOR.

Star Wars Lord Adraas Character Screen Chakaara

Wait, when did all you guys show up here? >_>

Xena wanted more attention.

Xena, a white cat, sits on an ironing board.


I visited my folks for a weekend — at least 3 of them had contagious colds.

Stay Away From Me

You all better not get me sick!

Back again, just in time for more Roleplaying, both in WoW and SW:TOR!

Star Wars RP Session

RP Time! I've had lots of RP time in both WoW and SW:TOR - there's a lot on my schedule!

Xena demanded even more petting.

Xena, a white cat, sits in a box.

Pet me or I won't leave the box!

Yup, that about sums it up. There’s definitely more that happened the past two months (like the Secret Santa Art Trade!) but I think this summary if adequate.

Hopefully there will be some more normal blog posts soon. If not, see you in two months!



Xena, a white cat, lies in a curled fashion next to some newspaper.


Black Hills Vacation

11 Sep

Just got back from an awesome vacation to South Dakota’s Black Hills! The area is beautiful and the weather while we were there was perfect — in the mid-60s and not a cloud in the sky. Not to mention there are plenty of nice places to go there! I would highly recommend going, and not just for Mount Rushmore!

I’m still getting out of vacation mode and into ‘real-life’ mode, so I think I’ll stop writing about it and show you some pictures. Can you guess what we visited in the Black Hills area?

(Hopefully you can, because I’m also too lazy tired to talk about them right now).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Has it been a year already?

8 Apr

Ah, April. It seems like only yesterday it was March (though that isn’t too far off from the truth). A month where Spring is supposedly supposed to bloom all sorts of flowers (or is it supposed to rain? Either way, I’m certainly hoping for something that is not snow). A month that contains my sister and my best friend from elementary school’s birthdays.

And it apparently is a month that contains my blogoversary.

In fact, my blogoversary has already come and gone. It was on April 3rd, one year ago, that I made my first post.

I’ve kept myself busy, too. 56 posts written (not including this one), 108 comments made on the blog (though about half are mine), and 5,535 spam comments blocked (and counting). Not to mention the 723 tweets I’ve made on my blogging twitter account!

So here’s a toast — to another year of blogging, writing, and reading! And I hope you, dear reader, will be here to enjoy it with me!

Mishaweha, a tauren, bows before you in thanks.

Thanks for reading!


PostAWeek Challenge

9 Jan

While musing over writing more posts again after going ‘on vacation’ over the holidays, I spied this page off of my WordPress dashboard. A challenge, from WordPress, to post every day in 2011. PostADay, they called it.

“Every day?” I scoffed. “Even if I could do such an impossible feat — as I barely can post enough for one post a week — it seems a little late to the party, with today being January 7th.” For it was indeed the 7th when I mused this. The idea still intrigued me, so I continued reading.

And there, further down the page, was hope:

If you’re haven’t posted in ages, or have never posted at all, PostAWeek might be your speed. Still noble and bold, but perhaps more your style.

“Why yes!” I exclaimed to no one in particular. “I could surely post once a week like I had in the past, and this would surely keep me motivated! (Maybe). Ah, but alas! I am still behind, as it has already been 7 days since the start of the new year.”

Then I kept reading, and hope was restored unto me.

You can sign up any time – it’s okay if you are reading this on January 15th, or May 5th, or whenever.

“That means… I can participate! Huzzah!” I cheered, and then hurriedly followed the steps to join. Out of order, of course, as it was far easier to subscribe to their website for the project, The Daily Post, than it was to write a post about joining in.

“How nice of them!” I exclaimed. “They give blogging topics and advice every day! That seems pretty convenient if you need to think of something to blog every day. I’m sure I could figure out a way to use one and relate it to World of Warcraft if I needed a topic idea. Not to mention Blog Azeroth, which also provides weekly prompts. With this much inspiration, the only thing that could stop me is my inherit laziness!”

And with that, I proceeded to wait a few days to finish up the first step (technically) of joining the PostAWeek movement.

In all seriousness, I actually think this might help me post more. Perhaps you could even call it a resolution. Have you made any resolutions pertaining to blogging this year?

    First Post – An Introduction

    3 Apr

    Ah, the dreaded first post. At least, I assume they’re dreaded, as I am fretting while writing this: my own very first post. Were others before me dreading this step too? Did they merely post a small quip and move on to more solid posting ground, knowing that so very few would go back and read the first post? Or did they enter with a bang, directing their future readers back to read it?

    For some reason I don’t think I’ll redirect too many people back to this post. Why? Because I’m already off topic! I’m supposed to be introducing myself, not rambling on the value of first posts.

    My name? Just call me Misha. (No, that’s not my real name, but thanks for asking). It’s short for Mishaweha, the name of my main toon on World of Warcraft. I’ve gotten used to lots of people calling me that, so you can call me that too.

    I am a software engineer, who graduated as a computer engineer from college. I enjoy playing video games (especially MMOs, where I play World of Warcraft (a lot), City of Heroes/Villains, Age of Conan, etc.), drawing, reading, writing, and occasionally programming. I also like spending time with my similarly nerdy fiancè. We’ll call him Smart… Aleck. Yes, Smart Aleck. SA for short.

    (And yes, I am a girl. <insert giggles here>)

    Anyway. I bet you’re wondering ‘What’s this blog about?’

    Good question. As you gathered from earlier, I like to play MMOs. I also like to make lots and lots of characters in my MMOs. So with this blog, I hope to ‘showcase’ my many characters, explore their stories, and share my other writing, too. (After all, blog posts are writing too…) It is also a place for me to blab about how I’m doing in all the games I play, in general, as well as rant about anything I think is rant worthy.

    So, here’s to hoping to a successful blogging career! (Sorry for the lame conclusion; they’re hard to write!)