Pally of the Pugs

Mishalom, Pally of the Pugs, is trying to get to 80 by healing his way through LFD, ala Vidyala, the Pugging Pally! I’ve listed the ‘rules’ of the project here, as well as Mishalom’s ‘current’ stats (currency of stats is dependent on when I remember to update this page!).

If you’d like to read more about how the project is going, or any of Mishalom’s past exploits, simply check out the posts under the Pally of the Pugs category, or posts with the tag “PoP”!

The Rules of Pally of the Pugs

  • Thou shalt only level in Random LFD
  • Thou shalt only queue as a healer
  • Thou shalt never complete any quests to level once thou art of thine 15th season, unless said quests are for thine class
  • Thou shalt avoid killing mobs outside of Dungeons
  • Thou shalt never abandon thine comrades in a dungeon unless thou hath ‘a good reason’
  • Thou shalt record interesting information about thineself after each LFD running session
  • Thou shalt record a statement saying that thou art using the idea from the Pugging Pally blog in thine future posts, that hath the qualities of the following statement: Mishalom, Pally of the Pugs, is trying to get to the WoW level cap using only the LFD tool in WoW! This idea is based off of the original Pugging Pally, Vidyala!

The ‘Current’ Stats of the Pally of the Pugs

Level: 19 (+2)
Deaths: 5 (+3)
Drinks Consumed: 53 (+17)
Dungeons Run: 6 (+1) / 8 officially
–RFC: 4 (+0)
–Deadmines: 2 (+1)

(Note: These stats are from ‘the past’, and therefore will probably not reflect what’s on the Armory. If you cared about that.)

One Response to “Pally of the Pugs”

  1. Lightness August 30, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    Lightness approves this challenge!

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