Hello! I’m Misha*, a 20-something software-engineer living in the Midwest of the US with my fiancé*** . I play many MMOs, but currently I spend the majority of my free-time playing World of Warcraft. However, I also have made many characters in City of Heroes/Villains, Guild Wars, and Age of Conan, not to mention characters from role plays on Gaiaonline and my (few) pieces of personal fiction.

Me, Myself… And All Of Them is a place to ‘showcase’ my many characters, explore their stories, and share my other writing. It is also a place for me to blab about how I’m doing in all the games I play, in general, as well as rant about anything I think is rant worthy. Oh, I also incoherently ramble. Won’t you join me?

* Not my real name, in case you were wondering.**
** You weren’t wondering? Then that footnote was for naught! Though I suppose this one is for naught too…
*** I call him Smart Aleck here, or SA for short.

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