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A Letter

24 Sep

Dear Group I tanked for in Zul’Farrak last night,

I’m really sorry we couldn’t finish cleanin’ up that troll city. You all were a very nice group — goin’ back to clear the extra boss by Gahz’rilla for Tabetha and makin’ sure we were killin’ enough trolls for their temper, even if the paladin kept grabbin’ trolls from my claws. But I understand, you young folk are always eager to get things done, equippin’ yourself with better gear with heirlooms and enchantin’ it. One of these days I’ll get around to enchantin’ my gear, one of these days.An image, from WoWWiki, of the entrance of Zul'Farrack

But back to my main point… I didn’t mean to log off from the server — I was booted! I tried relogging right away, many, many times.

But when Blizzard’s servers decide to crash, they go, how do you say, “Down to the gwound”.

Har har.

After nearly 20 minutes of trying to log back on to my home server, my internet also decided to give up and crashed. I decided to cut my losses and go to bed, as it was past my bedtime.

This, of course, happened right in the middle of the final escort.

And we were doing so well too. I hope those folks made it out alright.

Though if we had escorted them first and then went back for Tabetha’s tiara we wouldn’t have been in that mess in the first place.

Welp, I know better now.

Stupid servers.

Though this does explain why the paladin DC’d a few moments before I did.

Anyway, I hope this finds you all well, and I hope to be seein’ ya again soon.

Take care,

The Druid Who Tanks