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Good news, everybody!

4 Aug

Have you read this article from Go on, I’ll give you a minute.

*twiddles thumbs*

Alright, you read it? Good!

Let me give you my reaction:


In my opinion, this is some excellent news for the RP community, and the community as a whole, on Moon Guard. As the article points out, this is the first time (that we know of) where Blizzard is actively patrolling an area for chat that abuses their ToS.

Now, I have a few baby alliance toons on Moon Guard, and yes, they have been to Goldshire (for the quests, obviously, as they were little baby humans). And yes, the ‘scene’ there is very bad. You can’t even walk in there to turn in/get quests without running into naked toons, or getting one of those ‘unsolicited tells’ from someone (at least, if you’re playing a female toon. -_- ). Sure, I could’ve written a report about all of this, but it’s easy enough to put the worse offenders on ignore, and just ignore the rest. But it would be nice if the people who can’t keep all of this in private chats would learn to do so or receive some sort of punishment.

Of course, I don’t think this will solve everything. On the article, there are already comments pointing out that people will just go elsewhere for their ‘E-RP fun’, creating a new Goldshire away from Blizzard’s active patrollers. And if people start to say everything in private chat, it’s likely you’ll still be greeted with a whole bunch of toons with various amount of clothing on. Plus, this does nothing for other servers (RP and otherwise) facing similar ‘bad chat’ problems. Heck, if Moon Guard’s Goldshire ends up clearing out, they might even more to a different RP server!

But at least this post verifies that Blizzard does indeed pay attention to the complaint reports people send them (even if the standard message “we’ll do something about this but we won’t tell you what” isn’t very… helpful or satisfying). And perhaps a new policy like this will be effective enough that they will start doing it on other problem servers. We can only hope.


P.S. Too Many Annas has written her own post about this new policy. Vidyala has written a post about her experiences on Moon Guard. I’ll be adding more links on about Moon Guard and the ‘policing’ throughout the day, so check them out!