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Pet Project – My Little Pally (of the Pugs)

22 Jun

Sometimes I say to myself, “Self, I just don’t have enough to do while playing WoW. Raiding on my main, gearing my tank, leveling all my alts on my main server, and keeping up with their professions just doesn’t seem to be enough.”* Luckily for me, I have the perfect solution:

Leveling more alts.

Alliance alts, Horde alts, DK alts (it’s a very large subset of my alts, I must admit), all leveling on different servers, with varying amounts of gold. And at first I did this the old fashioned way. You know, by questing. Hoping that someone on the server might be brave enough to form a team, and after a few hours of doing that, actually run a dungeon or two. But most of the time, it was questing (and killing, as many quests involve killing things). It was hard for me, as I am not the best at killing things (“I’m a heala, mon, not a killa”), especially when I spec half of my toons into healing specs, and expect them to kill things (guess what – they don’t). Overall, a painful process, when one is playing by one’s self.

But then the Looking For Dungeon tool came around.

And it was glorious.

Gone were the days of waiting for hours for a dungeon run. Hit the random and off you go, to those oft-forgotten dungeons of yore (that I forgot were so long, in quite a few cases). Many of my toons began to level with LFD almost exclusively; it was easy enough to pop on and hit the button, whirl about a dungeon for a bit, and then go back to whatever I was doing before (which is mainly avoiding doing housework or wedding planning, or attempting to stay up later than I should).

But while the LFD system was (and still is) decidedly fun, there was still something missing… something I realized when I read Pugging Pally.

Yes, Vidyala had epitomized what should be done with the the LFD system – level a toon all the way to 80 only in dungeons.

It was a beautiful goal, and a blog was an excellent way to share it. We got to read about the trials and tribulations as she healed her way through the dungeons on the way to 80, and see all sorts of interesting tidbits on her way there too (like how many drinks she drank – healers are total lushes!)

It was so awe inspiring, that I said to myself “Self – you gotta do this!”

Now, I told myself that before I even started to blog. So I said to myself, “Self, you gotta start blogging if you’re going to have a Paladin that Pugs, ’cause these things aren’t official without documentation, dunchaknow!”

And I agreed with myself that having a blog would be a good idea, and then I filed the idea under “Things I Probably Should Try Doing” in my brain and left it alone for a few months. It probably would have stayed there, too, had SAN not started up. Because in those early days of SAN, there was a lot of conversation in guild chat. And all of those bloggers talking and discussing really made me want to start up my own blog. And you know what? I did start my own blog! You’re reading it right now. And with the starting of the blog, the Pugging Pally idea moved up to the “Yeah, You Should Do This Sometime Maybe” file in my brain.

But first there had to be preparations! The first step was deciding if I was going to put the Pugging Pally posts in a separate blog or in this blog. I thought it would be a little too derivative if I made it into a separate blog, especially when I had a nice blog just sitting around here, twiddling its thumbs and wondering when I was going to post in it. Secondly, I had to decide what race this Paladin would be, and on what server it would live. Fortunately, I always had a hidden desire to make a male draenei paladin (seems like a fairly normal gender/race/class pairing, but sometimes you just have to have the little guilty pleasure of making one of those). And the server was easy enough to pick – SAN had recently started up, so whatever better place to roll a little alliance toon that I was going to blog about than on Argent Dawn.

And so Mishalom, the manly Draenei Paladin, was born. Who then had to level the ‘boring way’ up to 15, as you can’t do Random Dungeons until then. But as I leveled him, I considered what the rules for my version of Vidyala’ Pugging Pally would be. You may find the ‘final’ draft below.

The Rules of Pally of the Pugs

These are the basic ‘commandments’ for myself while pugging on my Paladin:

  • Thou shalt only level in Random LFD
  • Thou shalt only queue as a healer
  • Thou shalt never complete any quests to level once thou art of thine 15th season, unless said quests are for thine class
  • Thou shalt avoid killing mobs outside of Dungeons
  • Thou shalt never abandon thine comrades in a dungeon unless thou hath ‘a good reason’
  • Thou shalt record interesting information about thineself after each LFD running session
  • Thou shalt record a statement saying that thou art using the idea from the Pugging Pally blog in thine future posts, that hath the qualities of the following statement: Mishalom, Pally of the Pugs, is trying to get to the WoW level cap using only the LFD tool in WoW! This idea is based off of the original Pugging Pally, Vidyala!

The general gist of the rules, as you ‘hast’ read, is that I want to level solely as a paladin healer, and only while in dungeons. I know that Vidyala started as a healer, but occasionally dipped into dps (and tanking, I think) roles. Since the queue times are different depending on your role, I thought I’d just stick with one, to see how it goes (future project ideas include leveling solely as a tank or dps). In addition, Vidyala broke down and went questing at least once during her trip to 80 (I think that was because the dungeons were getting pretty slow in between, and she wanted to quickly level her alt to 80 so she could do end-game things), and I want to avoid doing that and keep Mishalom leveling strictly with dungeon experience only (so no dungeon quests either!). Since he’s on a server where I don’t participate in end-game (yet), I don’t think I’ll be too impatient to level him. And since I have tons of alts, I can just switch to a different one if I feel like questing, or just not doing dungeons.

I am allowing myself some leeway with getting experience from exploring, though, as I’m hoping to keep up my mining skill a bit. But I should be high enough in level in the zones I go in to not kill many, if any, beasties. And of course, I reserve the right to break any of these rules, though I will let you know if and when I do!***

Note: I was originally going to not allow for me to do any more quests once I was past 15, but level 15 is when paladins get the questline to learn how to rez folks, which I thought was rather important. I decided to give myself a little leeway when it came to class quests.

Now, I was originally going to show off Mishalom right here, right now, but then I decided to do a time honored blogging tradition, which is, to say, stretching out your ideas upon as many different posts as possible. Therefore, in my next installment of Pally of the Pugs, you’ll meet the man himself, Mishalom, and get to know a little bit about him and his stats. (Plus I expect the nest post to be a little image heavy, and adding images always complicates things).

Until then!


*Actually it is enough, but I apparently have in-game ADD.**

** The SA would argue that I have out-of-game ADD too, but I don’t think that’s – Ooo, shiny!

***Actually, I already started “The Pally of the Pugs” Project, but I just haven’t blogged about it yet. So I already know I broke one of these rules, since I’m writing the rules after starting the project! You’ll have to wait to see which one, but I think it’s one of the least important ones, so I’m only feel slightly guilty for breaking it.

EDIT: Please note that this project has had a name change due to a friend of Vidyala pointing out that the name (of the project) was too close to Vidyala’s blog name, which could lead to confusion, something I had not considered before. (See the comments below for more details).


Thoughts on Blog Setup

17 Apr

This is my first blog. I would think that would be obvious by now, dear non-existent reader. I mean, just look at the place; sparse yet eye-bleeding design, only two posts to my name, a lack of widgets and links on the sidebar, with barren pages roaming the site. Seems pretty typical of a blogger starting out, right?

And why, you may ask, do new bloggers not bother to begin with these things, even with posts telling them exactly how to start out? Do they like avoid advice? No! But in order to get posting, one must first post, and then worry about the details like making the blog pretty later.


Well, I’d like to think that’s why everything is still messy. But here, let me tell you what I actually did to prep myself to start posting…

  1. I read tons and tons of blogs. In fact, I’m still doing this, though not as much now since I’m only reading them at home in my spare time (aka when I’m not playing WoW). And doubly in fact, I didn’t even read them in order to start blogging; I read them because they were interesting. But, it certainly helps you to think ‘I could do that too!’, now doesn’t it?
  2. I researched where I wanted to put my blog. As you can tell, I decided on WordPress, because it has lots of shiny tools… and I didn’t really want to make yet another google account to log in and out of if I used Blogger (I’m still grumpy at them for adding everyone to Buzz automatically).
  3. I spent days trying to come up with names. Names for the blog, names for my WordPress account, names for that new email address I ended up making anyway. In fact, that what was holding me back from starting this blog the most; an appropriate name. ‘Me Myself And All Of Them’ isn’t the best blog name in the world, but it’ll work for now.  (Alt in the Family and Oh look, and alt! are much better, but they’re already taken by a couple awesome blogs. I curse myself for not being clever enough to think of them first! XD )
  4. I joined Single Abstract Noun, or SAN, the blogging guild on Argent Dawn (US). It’s Alliance, ’cause they couldn’t be awesome like the EU chapter that is Horde on their Argent Dawn server. Talking to everyone there and how quite a few of them had blogs was very neat, and really made me want to start a blog even more than reading blogs. Funny how that works, huh?
  5. I actually made the blog. That’s an important step in blogging, or so I’ve heard. That means I finally made my WordPress account, spent hours and hours picking and repicking themes, messing with those themes settings, adding and subtracting widgets, adding and subtracting pages, and generally making a mess of the internet.
  6. I made Categories! That’s right, at this moment, where you only see 4 or 5 categories on the sidebar right now, I have 20 of the suckers at my command. The category tree goes at least 3 deep (so far), and has complexities that I’m sure I won’t remember later (such as ‘When I write  post in This category

So after all of that… I posted my very first post. But after that – which surprised me – there was a lag time for my posts. I started writing posts that would not be suitable to be my first post. And when I started to write the first post, I became… distracted with other things, causing me to write more unrelated posts. It seems that I have 8+ drafts at all times (though, really, I haven’t been doing this all that long, so we’ll see how my draft bucket is like later); although, most are incomplete, with  just a post title or a few notes in a list format.

But what really adds to the lag time is the fact that I don’t seem to finish a post in one writing session! What I think would be a short post (such as this one), grows into a much larger beast, one that I can’t finish writing in one day. So I write a bit the next day, and then another bit the next day, which in the end leads to a disjointed mess (yes, more than it is already) that needs to be rephrased and rewritten. And the editing phase takes much longer than I think it should. But that’s why you never see any mistakes*.

Sorry for this mini-rant about blogging. I’m a little surprised about how different my initial experience is than I thought it would be. The posting rate? Slower (I now gaze upon daily blog with envy). The number of ideas? More than I thought, if the number of draft posts I have indicate ideas (that may not be true). Are they interesting ideas? Well… maybe not as interesting for you as they are for me. Hopefully that will improve with time and experience (but for who!? We will never know).

And with all these revelations about blogging stated, I have one more to add: You should read this blog in an RSS feed instead of coming to the site. Why? Because the site is still ugly, and I don’t think I can post much more often than once a week, meaning a feed is the best way to keep track of when there are new posts without visiting the site each day and then seeing no content, yet again (not that I’ve ever had an experience like that).

That was a surprise conclusion, wasn’t it? Glad you thought so too.

* Disclaimer: There will always be mistakes.

How many toons do-you-have? 1 2 3 4 5…

11 Apr

The title is supposed to be read in the sing-song chant of skiprope and double-dutchers everywhere.

I’m sure I would fall down before I finished listing all of my characters. I was never very good at skipping rope.

I’m not going to list all of my characters here, though— just ones that are in the MMOs I play. The ones that exist on Gaiaonline RPs or other writing I can introduce on a case-by-case basis. However, I plan on talking about the MMO characters in passing in various posts, so it might be handy to know them. And hopefully I’ll remember to take some of this information and transplant it to a page so everyone can figure out what servers I live on quickly. Though maybe that’s not such a good thing…

Let’s start with WoW characters, since that’s the game I currently spend most of my time in.

World of Warcraft Characters

I, at this very moment, have 53 of characters spread across 10+ servers on 2 accounts (you can blame the Zhevra from recruit-a-friend for that one). A good number are alts rolled on different servers to play with various friends, in real-life or through other connections. Some are Death Knights; a few are ones I rolled to let my friends try out. Most of them (including my main ones) are on non-RP servers, which is a little silly considering how much I like the idea of roleplaying (I’m not too sure how well I execute the RP when I do it, especially in game, but the idea of it I can get behind.)

I’ll break it down per server, starting with the nearest and dearest to my heart.


Good ol’ Ysera. I believe this was one of the ‘suggested’ servers when me and The SA first started playing. In fact, my very first toon was on this server, a Human Priest named Lazena, to go with The SA’s second toon, a Human Warrior. But The SA made his second toon on the server a Forsaken Rogue, and I made my current main, a Shaman Tauren (I love Tauren, by the way). So instead of being our Alliance server, Ysera became our Horde server, where I have a vast array of Hordlings at my beck and call.

Here’s the character selection screen of Ysera on my main account:

Ysera Character List

That's right; I'm too tall for the screen with that helm on.

It goes Tauren, Undead, Tauren, Blood Elf, Tauren, Undead, Tauren, Blood Elf, Tauren… Blood Elf. (And that last Blood Elf is one of my rare male toons, since almost all of my characters are female. Of course, he is a Blood Elf so he doesn’t exactly count as male, amirite?) Eventually this pattern will break when Cataclysm comes out and I ‘have’ to transfer or Race change one of them, but until then I’ll enjoy it as is. (Can you tell I like Tauren?)

Here’s a break-down of who’s who.

  • Mishaweha is my Shaman Tauren, my main, and my namesake (on this blog, at least). She was the second or third toon I made, to try out Horde-side with the SA. We leveled together for a little while, but he ended up leveling much faster than I did.
  • Milthete was named in honor of one of the SA’s toons. She unfortunately is lower on the leveling chain, mainly because I’m not that good with rogues. And maybe the fact I insisted on leveling subtlety.
  • Mamisha is my very first hunter, and will probably be my third 80, if I manage to level her up there before Cataclysm hits. She has two main pets; Rexxa, one of the cats found around Mulgore, and Moonshine, the ghost kitty in Darkshore.
  • Methril was my first Blood Elf, and my first mage.
  • Moisha is my second druid (the first one was alliance). I had to hold off on making her until after BC came out, so that way I didn’t have two Tauren in a row. See? I planned that pattern from the start.
  • Maiheela is my second undead. This is the one I plan on turning into a Tauren in the future, since I have so many priests. And a Tauren Priest would be awesome. So I haven’t really leveled her in awhile…
  • Mistreaver is my neglected warrior. Tauren, of course.
  • Marlenn is my scary Blood Elf Warlock.
  • Mourninglory is my Tauren Death Knight, and my second 80, even if it is cheating.
  • Mandlebrot is my poor little neglected Blood Elf Priest, and my only male toon on Ysera. He is currently wearing a loincloth. Pity him.

So those are the toons on Ysera… on my main account! Yes, my secondary account is also on this server (you know, from that recruit-a-friend thing, since most of my friends were smart enough not to start playing WoW). However, the second account isn’t held to my self-made rule for toon names; that is, all the of toon names did not need to start with an ‘M’. They also didn’t need a pattern either. I tried picking some races that I didn’t already use horde side, but I still have a Tauren in there…

Here are my secondary account toons

  • Mamouska is a Tauren Hunter (again!), because I obviously needed more pets (I do!). I dual-boxed her with Methril for awhile, though now they’ve been using the LFD tool separately.
  • Xaviera is my Blood Elf Paladin, currently neglected. She is dual-boxed with Mandlebrot (’cause she likes pushing him around).
  • Telklah is an Orc Warlock, since I felt a little guilty for not having any Orc toons. Also, Orc warlocks are cool.
  • Maxwel is an Orc Hunter (more pets!). I plan on twinking her in the 19s bracket (even though I suck at PvP).
  • Temporella is… a Draenei something or other. She’s only there to get alliance things and will probably be deleted.
  • Xcessivespy is a Troll Rogue, and may or may not become a twink. It depends on if I delete her or not…
  • Eiahasha is a Tauren Druid, but will likely be deleted once Cataclysm comes out.
  • Dabu is an Orc Shaman, but will likely be deleted once Cataclysm comes out.

As you can see, there aren’t as many on the second account. But even so, I will probably ‘have’ to get rid of some to make room for Cataclysm toons, once I buy Cataclysm for this account, that is. Currently my main goals for the toons is to get one up to 55 so I can start making EVEN MORE DKs, and to actually get my twink(s) to twinking levels and, you know, twink with them.

Anyway, onto the next server!


Anvilmar Character List

Only level 33 after HOW many years!?!

Anvilmar was another one of those server Blizzard suggested we use when we were first playing. It became the home of our alliance toons (well, the home of my alliance toons, as The SA doesn’t really play another that’s not on Ysera anymore.) I realize now that it probably would have been best if I made said Alliance home on an RP server… but I’m far to cheap to transfer all of these characters… right now.

  • Erjanna – Dwarf Priest
  • Esquinna – Night Elf Priest
  • Adellin – Human Paladin
  • Abbota – Dwarf Hunter
  • Iristra – Draenei Shaman
  • Irinna – Human Warlock
  • Obladi – Draenei Priest
  • Ironshield – Dwarf Death Knight
  • Oblada – Draenei Hunter, on the other account. She plays with Obladi, and her pet is named ‘LifeGoesOn’.

None of them are past level 40, besides the Death Knight. And I haven’t really played on the Death Knight, either, since I may shuffle around what Death Knight is on what server. Now, these are all the toons on Anvilmar, but the other ones are just nameholders that may or may not be deleted in the future.

(P.S. The naming pattern for this server is names that start with vowels.)

Argent Dawn (RP)

The toons on Argent Dawn are newer, as I made them to go into the blogging guild, Single Abstract Noun. So all of the ones listed here are in SAN.

  • Mishalea – Draenei Death Knight
  • Mishalom – Draenei Paladin; and a male toon to boot!
  • Mishalina – Dwarf Rogue, on my other account.

As you can tell, I decided to start them all with ‘Misha’, so that way people would still shorten the names to ‘Mish’ or ‘Misha’ and that way I wouldn’t get confused, and it would be easier to tell who my alts belonged to. I think it was just coincidence that I managed to pick all the names to actually start with ‘Mishal’.

Moon Guard (RP)

This server has a mix of Horde and Alliance toons, mainly because of the number of different people I know (in theory) that play on it. My main’s guild has an alliance alt guild here, which no one plays on but I made a toon for anyway. A co-worker and some of my old high school friends play Horde-side on this server, but I haven’t really met up with either of them. And finally, an online friend from Gaiaonline plays on this server part-time on the Alliance side… but I haven’t seen her toons much either! So mostly it is a server full of abandoned alts.

  • Lazena – Human Priest; she’s a copy of my first character, which I remade on this server. Her hair isn’t the exact some color, but it’s pretty close.
  • Hallee – Human Priest; she was made to go in my main’s guild’s alliance guild. Her name is supposed to be a weird version of ‘Holly’, and I’m only supposed to play on her with The SA’s Alliance toon on this server. (Which never happens).
  • Moonscythe – A Tauren warrior name placeholder; I still haven’t used that name, nor have I logged on this toon.
  • Bluburry – A Tauren Death Knight. This one has the more blue skin, hence the name.

Kirin Tor (RP)

This server is where an online friend from Gaiaonline spends some of her WoW time (the same one mentioned above). I’ve only been online with her a few times, but it was enough to get me some starting gold! (Hooray!)

  • Zilva – Night Elf Druid. I’m leveling her in a dreamstate healing spec.
  • Kalzaram – Night Elf Death Knight. I’m not sure I’ll keep her on this server; I haven’t really logged onto her at all.

Feathermoon (RP)

Feathermoon Character List

You can tell she's neglected 'cause she's wearing THAT.

I had made a toon on this server ages ago, to play with an online friend from Gaiaonline (not the one mentioned above). I never did catch her toons’ names, so I never leveled that first toon past level 4. That is, until I started reading Too Many Annas and Through the Eyes of Death, two wonderful roleplaying blogs that happen to be headquartered on Feathermoon. I now am slowly leveling my little alt while I stalk them (a nice kind of stalking, where I burble happily about their latest posts), and try to figure out how to RP in-game.

  • Likal – She’s the Night Elf Hunter (more pets!) that I had made on this server ages ago.
  • Bluburry – Tauren Death Knight. Sound familiar? She looks exactly like the one above, but hopefully I’ll play with her more. She was created recently.

Other Realms

I have a small number of toons on other server that I won’t bother to list here, as I am unlikely to log onto any of them. However, I am going to list the Death Knight’s I have, mostly for my sake so I can keep track of them.

  • Mordette – Undead Death Knight
  • Alatoriel – Blood Elf Death Knight


And there you have it; the majority of my toons on WoW. Now you can easily stalk me wherever I go. Since that took much longer to list out than I thought it would, I think I’ll save the toon listings for other games for another day.