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A Brief Conversation About Kitty Christmas Lists

25 Nov

Here’s a paraphrased conversation I had with The SA about Xena, our adorable kitty.

Xena, our adorable little-over-a-year-old kitty, sleeping.

Me: Hm, I suppose we should make a Christmas list for Xena. What do you think she’d want? More sparkly balls? Another shoelace to chase around? Some treats and gooshy food?
The SA: A friend.
Me: … … … D: D: D:
The SA: … What?


But does Xena really want a friend?

"If I get a friend do I have to share the pettings? I don't want to share the pettings. Also, may I have pettings now?"

I’m still randomly crying out ‘A Friend!’ with much angst every now and then. I blame The SA for all of this.


Right After Just Married…

14 Oct
A chibi picture with 'Misha' making a scary face at The SA

Y so srs?

(Though to tell you the truth, he’s the one who added the “y so serious” text for this sketch…)

Just Married

10 Oct

A chibi picture of 'Misha' and The SA

As long as everything went according to plan. 😀 (And sorry for the whitespace-filled image – wordpress didn’t want to crop it!)

I’m very doubtful I’ll be checking comments for the next few weeks (go go honeymoon!), so if you haven’t commented here before and you don’t see your comment showing up… don’t worry. I’ll be checking it later!