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Link Roundups – A Blast From The Past!

6 Aug
Misha rides a kodo, using a lasso to roundup links

Yeehaw! It’s a link roundup! (This is still a WIP, though now that I’ve posted it, I’m likely never to finish it!)

The past month or so, that is. At any rate, let’s dig in!

This time the topics include an epic RP Storyline, some Auction House stories, thoughts on Spending Cash in the cash shop and elsewhere, some thoughts on the Past, Future, and the Present (of WoW).

RP Storyline

I don’t know if you keep up with the Feathermoon crew much (I haven’t of late, to tell the truth), but Too Many Annas has a nice short with our good Headmaster Arrens in it. It made me quite curious to find out what happens next, and luckily I got to read on, as seen in the follow-up stories in this mega-storyline:

Hopefully there will be more soon!

Auction House

Phat Lewt’s Gold Blog points out that TSM 2.0 is in open beta. I didn’t even know there was a 2.0! I think I’ll stick with the old fashioned TSM for now until more info is out on TSM 2.0, because at least I know how it works!

Power Word: Gold gives the rundown on how iLvl jumps work and how you can profit from them. Full of pretty graphs!

Spending Cash

The Grumpy Elf has some thoughts on WoW, the new cash shop model, and if it will ever go F2P.

If Navimie from The Daily Frostwolf was in charge of the WoW Cash Shop, this is what she would add (or remove).

The Daily Frostwolf also reports that one of their guildies has actually bought the transmog helms from the ‘pet store’. They actually look pretty nice on a Tauren, as seen in the post. But… I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be paying $15 for them. Maybe if they go on sale…

And for a slightly different take on how you can spend your money, Cold’s Gold Factory reported way back in July that the most recent WoW TCG expansion has all the loot cards! Maybe it’s time I get back into that hobby? Maaaaybe.

A Look To The Future

WoW Rare Spawns gives us a preview of … well, rare spawns! In 5.4 on the Timeless Isle, apparently. Neat!

In a look at futures that could maybe (possible) be, Variant Avatar suggests Blizzard make guilds more appealing. A compelling argument, with good improvement ideas to boot. (Yes, I would like to create my own guild quests!)

Herding Cats writes a little on the future (or lack of future) of MMO blogging. Not specifically WoW-related, but this is a blog about an MMO (or two, or three), so it’s a good read for you bloggers out there.

A Look To The Past

Tome of the Ancient prefers the places in Azeroth that haven’t changed. I must say, I’m rather adverse to change as well. But I haven’t even touched most of the Cataclysm leveling zones yet… (not that surprising, knowing my leveling record).

Power Word: Gold got a rare drop and asks if you remember a time you got an exceptionally rare item? I know I do; it was a fancy purple ring I got in a Scarlet Monastery run that freezes enemies that attack you. She’s outgrown it, obviously, but I’m pretty sure I’ve kept it in her bank.

WoW In The Present

Now with sub-categories: Just Playing and Raiding (which I suppose is a subform of playing but nevermind that!)

Just Playing

The Grumpy Elf talks about soloing WoW for the challenge.

Is leveling too easy? Not if you forget how to play your class, as Tome of the Ancient helpfully demonstrates. Don’t worry — I’ve done that very thing P L E N T Y of times.

Fellow altoholic at That Was an Accident has a goblin problem, I presume much like I have a Tauren problem.

Why do you play Warcraft? The Grumpy Elf examines this in a thoughtful post; I agree with many of the sentiments expressed.


The Daily Frostwolf gives an example of how they decide who sits out for their 10-man raid. My guild does it easy — no backups. Of course, this means sometimes we don’t raid at all when people are missing… >_>

The Was an Accident! has been having fun in LFR. First, a look at healing LFR without friends, and then going to LFR with friends. Plenty of screenies in these posts too!

— — —

That’s all for today! Happy gaming, everyone!


Link Roundups – From Last Month And Beyond!

23 Jul
Misha rides a kodo, using a lasso to roundup links

Yeehaw! It’s a link roundup! (This is still a WIP, though now that I’ve posted it, I’m likely never to finish it!)

Welcome to yet another edition of Link Roundup, where I share with you some neat blogs I’ve read as I’ve ever so slowly catch up on my blog reading (people keep posting when I take a break for a few days — how rude!)

This week I’ve picked up on quite a few WoW Topics, including Auction House players, tanking, healing, PvP, GMing, art, and so much more! Including a few people talking about the upcoming in-game store. I know a lot of people wrote about this, so maybe I’ll catch up on those when I do another archive binge in Feedly. 🙂

Oh, and there are a few other links regarding other games such as SW:TOR and everybody’s favorite, Animal Crossing! (Be my friend so I can visit your town? >_>)

Auction House

Theoretical Gold Farming, the ‘new kid on the block’ if you will, has a pretty good post on how to do ‘the shuffle’ without using spreadsheets (as long as you’re already using TSM, which I am). I’d put this to use but I don’t have JC at a high level. Maybe next expansion! XD

Power Word: Gold has a good analysis of what gear sells well (for them) based on the item’s suffix. I found it quite interesting. (Maybe because I like spreadsheets and numbers?)

Tanking And Healing In WoW

Tzufit explains why she’s monk healing nowadays instead of tree healing, and goes a bit into character identity too. (And one of these days I may have a Monk at max too… *laughs and laughs and laughs*

A Sunnier Bear lists off different ways fights encourage (force?) the use of two tanks. A very good summary of MoP tanks fight styles.


Alt:ernative will be hitting up arenas again soon, with the upcoming changes. Will you? (As for me, maybe, maybe not. I’ve enjoyed a bit of pvp here and there, but unlike Alt:ernative, I’ve lived all my WoW days on carebear servers. 🙂 )

The Daily Frostwolf has a series (term used loosely) on their latest forays into the world of arenas and tournaments and the like. Pretty neat stuff, especially when reading from the perspective of a pvp noob like me. Here is the second post on arenas, and then the third is here.

In-Game Store Musings

Achievements Ahoy has a list of cosmetic-type items that would be cool to have in an in-game WoW shop. Looks good to me! Though really, wouldn’t scribes make dye since they’re already milling herbs for ink? /SCRIBEPOWA (Plus, some of these, for the WoW game engine, would be hard to implement, like armor dyes (the coolest idea, of course). And trading in multiple pets for a better pet? Yes please!

Alt:ernative also talks about what would be on her list of things to buy in an in-game store, as posed by the Community Blog Topic from WoWInsider.

Variant Avatar also has some thoughts on Blizzard’s cash store.

Other WoW Type Stuff

GMing can be hard. Alt:ernative gives an example in the post, “When Love Breaks Down“,  and further elaborates on her GMing in “Cruel to be Kind“.

Bible of Dreams lays it out pretty clearly: The Raid Boss Doesn’t Care if You’re Not a Raiding Guild.

Look at this pretty watercolor art Vidyala did! Pretty! (And she does commissions too! 😀 )

Spellbound is too cool for Tirion’s help while defeating Arthas.

Let’s do the time warp agaaaaain! Or… just read this article by The Grumpy Elf on how time perception during fights in-game can seem to warp. That’ll do.

Other Games

In An Age has been playing a game called Don’t Starve, and boy does it sound hard. Not too sure if I’d enjoy it or rage quit after dying for the 10th time. Seems interesting though! (You can read a follow-up post on Winter here).

MMO Melting Pot pointed out MJ’s delightful article on Barping – Bar RPing – as it is in SW:TOR. A very good references for RPers, even if you do not play SW:TOR as much of the advice can be ported elsewhere!

Also on SW:TOR Life, MJ interviews a person who RPs as a droid. Sounds like fun, and a nice change of pace to boot!

Tales of Aggronaut lists out the top 10 must haves for MMOs. I rather agree with the list, they all seem rather nice to have. And here’s the follow-up post: Other MMO Wants. I especially approve of mentoring – it was really nice in City of Heroes. /weepsForTheFallenGame

The Wolf Den has an interesting post called “Confusing Gear-To-Play with Learn-To-Play“, stating that while people may say ‘l2p’ in games, nowadays no skill is involved with games – merely more gear (gotten through time). I’m not sure if I entirely agree, at least when thinking about WoW — after all, even if you put a poor player in the best gear, they still will not function as well as well-communicating highly-skilled heroic teams. And I would expect more parity in raiding (such as everyone at the start of an expansion doing nearly equally well on all bosses in an instance). The article still makes a good point, though.

But Mostly Animal Crossing

Lady Jess has caught the bug that’s been sweeping twitter — Animal Crossing. And it leads to much much more than that!

Hestiah is also playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and has lots of advice to share. For example, I’m really wishing I had planted my first perfect pear! Oh well, a little late now. And thank goodness I ended up with an eye shape that I like!

— — —

And that’s all for now! Must. Keep. Reading. XD


Liiiiiink Roundups is the place for me….

16 Jul
Misha rides a kodo, using a lasso to roundup links

Yeehaw! It’s a link roundup! (This is still a WIP, though now that I’ve posted it, I’m likely never to finish it!)

Welcome to another edition of Link Roundup, where I, Mishaweha, walk you through posts I found interesting 2+weeks ago and have finally found the time to format and post them for your reviewing pleasure, in case you missed them. (Really, I don’t understand how the rest of you manage your awesome posting schedules!)

This latest entry for Link Roundup was, in part, inspired by Google Reader shutting down, which forced me to start anew elsewhere. I had taken a look at commafeed, but when Feedly finally showed me their cloud version, I was hooked. (Amusingly, my husband also started using Feedly independently.) It seemed like the perfect time to get back into reading WoW blogs on the regular! (Too bad I’m already behind).

Anyway, the topics for today’s link roundup include: WoW – Lighter Side, WoW – Moar Serious, Other Games, and Transmogs. Because I love me some transmogs, even if my grand outfit plans have barely come to fruition.

WoW – Lighter Side

Want to feel rich every time you sell something on the AH? Power Word: Gold points out the addon for you!

The Lion Guard, responding to the community blog topic, states Humans as their favorite race. Fah! Tauren are clearly superior. (And yes, a Tauren is my main… and I have lots and lots of Tauren alts. Femtaurs ftw).

Tzufit talks about her Mom playing WoW; a good read for those interested in seeing something from a new player’s perspective.

Tome of the Ancient has a chain-smoking Death Knight. Yeah, you should go read that post.

WoW – Moar Serious

Life In Group 5 has a nice analysis of how healing is coming along in this post: Status Check: The Healing Game as of 5.3.

The Grumpy Elf has an epically long post with thoughts on LFR (and whether Flex raiding will end it), CRZ & Virtual Realms, and random grouping in general.

Alt:ernative talks about server communities and if there is any hope for them existing again, what with those virtual servers looming in the distance.

An interesting post at The Daily Frostwolf continuing discussion on women in WoW. (I know a lot of other people wrote about this too: You can find some linked in The Daily Frostwolf, and I’m sure you’ve seen even more).

The Grumpy Elf also talks about how people are feeling ‘the end of expansion blues’ already… or is it something else? (Something that I am currently feeling, I think. I agree with this post wholeheartedly).

At Tree Heals Go Woosh, Tzufit muses on why the Battlefield: Barrens is not the most exciting battlefield out there. I tend to agree — I was all gungho the first 3 weeks, and now suddenly I don’t have the time/interest to head out there and kill bosses. Least I got my pet.

In An Age talks about why, in this day and age, warriors still need to have shields to do a Shield Bash. Or rather, why they won’t anymore.

Other Games

Tales of the Aggronaut talks about Rift and how you should play it (I’ll play it with you!), along with how consoles — specifically their graphics and gamplay — used to have an advantage over PC gaming. And then starts a series on how to Rift, starting with character creation!

In An Age gives us impressions of the Firefall Beta. Seems interesting, but I already have lots of game on my plate! (Plus, I’m still keeping an eye out for Wildstar beta invites. *stare* )


Phixuscarus‘ transmogs! I love the rogue! :3

Klym on Ravencrest certainly has a striking transmog, as pulled by Transmog Fashion.

And the WoW Fashion Police have found this stunning number in black. Along with this awesome transmog, with a goblin lady model to boot!

Shorts? There are shorts! Cool!

Someone else is wearing Mandlebrot’s number – the Ancestral Woolie! (Well, at least something sharing the same model.) And they’re making it look good, too. (Coincidence that this one is a blood elf guy too? I think not.)

This pose with this outfit is awesome, right? I thought so. (But for a minute I thought she was a DK wearing this – sorry!)

You do not mess with the lady in blue holding a scythe.

— — —

And I think that’s all for this roundup! See you again in a month (or two). >_>


My Fascination With Pandaren Kites

26 Mar

I think it’s because I don’t understand how they go. How do they keep propelling themselves ever forward as I stand astride them from flight point to flight point?

Misha on a Kite

Do they have a little engine inside? Does the air flow through the bamboo and somehow propel them that way?

Ghostly Kite In The Sky

It’s probably for the best I haven’t gotten a player mount version yet. Otherwise I’d work myself into a tizzy trying to figure out how they hover midair.

Pirate on a Kite

But they sure look lovely gliding through the air.

Ghostly Kite And The Moon

Friday Screenshot – Sha-Touched Sky

22 Mar

Sha-Touched Sky

Sometimes looking up at the sky can be a little less relaxing than clouds…

I’m not exactly sure where I was when I took this screenshot, but I bet a Sha was around.

Or I was dead. The spirit-realm sky has its share of freaky skies too.

A funny thing happened on my way to Patch 5.2…

19 Mar

So the other day I went to play World of Warcraft on my laptop, and being that I haven’t played on my laptop for awhile, it had to update to the latest patch, 5.2. I waited for it to update fully… or at least I thought I did:

Censor bars for Tauren - it's the new thing!

Censor bars for Tauren – it’s the new thing!

At first I wondered if there was a ninja patch since last I played that was purposefully adding that… but then I thought better of it and assumed my copy was glitching out just a little bit.

(My first hint at that is when I got to the login screen and the flashing cursor marker on the password field was about 10 times as tall as it should’ve been. It looked hilarious but I wasn’t able to grab a screenshot as it flashed. Oh well, maybe next time).

Friday Screenshot – Flying Through Clouds

15 Mar

Misha in the Clouds

The sky is often beautiful rendered in World of Warcraft. I suppose it should be, with all the flying done in and around it. But the clouds! *swoon*

My only wish is that I had been wearing something a little prettier in this shot, haha.

(Okay, two wishes — the second wish is that it would be easier to take screenshots while flying!)

The Love(bird) of My Life

12 Mar

I haven’t been completely idle during my long posting absence (and won’t be next time I disappear, I’m sure). In fact, I’ve been busy doing all sorts of WoW content, aka mostly complaining about dailies, gearing extremely slowly, being unable to pull together a second raiding team for my guild and therefore not raiding, playing the AH to mild success, and — most importantly — remembering at the last minute I actually want to participate in a holiday celebration.

You see, last year I didn’t realize Blizzard had added a new mount, the Swift Lovebird, to the Love Is In The Air event until after the event had finished. And alas, it was one of my favorite model/skins, the pink tallstrider Mazzranache (two of my many hunters use this as one of their main pets – Mamisha, my Tauren hunter, and Likal, my Night Elf hunter. Yet for some reason I had not gotten the Mulgore Hatchling pet until just a few weeks ago when I purchased it off the AH. Wait, I remember why — it has to do with dailies). As soon as I saw the mount I knew I had to get it.

Flash-forward to this year, and on the Wednesday before Love Is In The Air ended I remembered my deep desire for this mount. A bit late there.

Nevertheless, I carried on, and with the help of a few guildies and Jed from twitter to get into a farming spot, I got enough tokens to get my very own!

A fellow Tauren also got her pretty pink mount. :)

A fellow Tauren also got her pretty pink mount. 🙂

Even more excitingly, my Night Elf hunter Likal, who is on an RP realm, can use the Swift Lovebird as a way to ‘ride’ her pet bird, Kanoni!

Here she is with her pet…

Likal and Kanoni

Likal and Kanoni

And here she is riding her pet!

Likal riding her trusty pet and steed, Kanoni

Likal riding her trusty pet and steed, Kanoni

I’ve even made a macro to assist in the mount switching, so two Kanoni’s don’t show up at once!

The 'Ride Kanoni' Macro

The ‘Ride Kanoni’ Macro

Here’s the macro text:

/cast [pet] Dismiss Pet
/cast Swift Lovebird
/cast [nopet] Call Pet 1

Sure, it takes a little longer to mount up, but it’s totally worth it!

(Especially once I get into RPing on the Alliance side again >_> ).

For the… Horde? Thoughts on MoP So Far

29 Sep

I went to pick up my Collector’s Edition from Best Buy Tuesday night (I had to order from a Best Buy farther away because the closer one didn’t have any for some reason). Stopped at a Wendy’s for dinner to avoid cooking, so that way I could get straight to Pandas! I’m gonna share with you what I did that evening, and why I haven’t been (entirely) gripped by this expansion (yet).

Making Pandas… Later

First thing I thought I would do would be to make a baby panda monk on my main server. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of a name that fit my naming scheme (must start with an M!) and I really didn’t want to just rush one together. Thanks to @_anea for suggesting Maizhu; that just might do. We’ll see.

I did like the look of the new character creator though. Pretty spiffy.

Also, what is up with hair highlights for Pandas? Weird, amirite?

Panda Hair Highlights!

Their technology and culture are so advanced that they can make hair highlights! I haven’t decided just how many of my pandas will get said highlights though… (It’s neat you can have black fur base with brown hair highlights!)

I Choose You, Lil’ XT!

So abandoning panda creation for the time being, I logged onto my main and made a beeline for the pet trainer. You know, to train battle pets. Then began the arduous process of picking out my favorite pets (like near half the list), then adding some more favorites to make sure I had a good cross spectrum of abilities there. And then the battles began!

Pet Battle - Capture That Dung Beetle!

Pet Battle – Capture That Dung Beetle!

And it was very fun! It’s a little repetitive if you do a lot at once, but it makes for a nice break. I kept switching my pets around so I would always have attacks that worked to my advantage (after the first disastrous battle in which I had the weakness!) It would be nice if you could save sets for your team. Maybe this would be a good addon… (and it turns out it is! Fancy that. Thanks to @vitaemachina for pointing that one out!)

I also love that I’ll now have another activity to do on my bank alts, or on my twinks/leveling toons while I wait for a dungeon. I have plenty o’ pets that could use some leveling, so I think it will last me quite some time. A much better mini-game than archeology, I reckon.

Only downside about it being account wide is that you’ll get achievements for collecting pets and winning battles on alts instead of your main. I know the achievements are account wide, but it bugs me seeing an alts name instead of my main’s name. Maybe because instead of them being “Mishaweha’s pets” they are now “Everyones’ Pets”. Obviously this means I’m going to need duplicates.

He's Mine! Achievement on Methril

Sweet! An achievement! … on Methril? But Misha did most of the work!

Did I Mention I Dislike Questing?

Because I do. A lot. I’m not sure why; it’s probably because I prefer healing to dps. And if I’m not in the right mood for questing, it seems to take a loooong time and I get bored easily. I suspect I’ll get most of my leveling done through instances and not quests, and it will still take me forever. (I have a feeling my guildies are making bets as to when I’ll hit max level and are probably placing it sometime late October, haha…)

My Fugly Enhancement Gear

My Fugly Enhancement Gear. It’s mostly leftovers from raids. Turns out we didn’t have a lot of people wanting mail agility gear. Either way, I’m too cheap to transmog something that will be replaced soon.

But if the storyline is interesting enough, I’ll be more willing to quest. And while the Horde introductory questline is interesting, it really rubs me the wrong way, which is not good for my ability to keep questing.

And that brings us to the title of the post:

For the… Horde?

Because I don’t think I can support the Horde if they keep acting like real, actual bad guys.

As that is what they are most definitely doing with the introduction to Mists (Nooo Theramore) and the few quests I’ve completed (I haven’t gotten very far yet; I’m still in the first zone. Hopefully things change direction and I’m just jumping the gun here. But it bugged me that much!)

It’s a little rough, coming in with a Manifest Destiny attitude to an obviously well developed and lived in land (did we not see those ANCIENT RUINS and this VILLAGE WITH PANDA PEOPLE IN IT?) when throughout the rest of the game we have been Heroes of the Horde. Suddenly attacking (presumably) defenceless alliance because Garrosh made angry faces at us? Not a heroes style, certainly not my character’s or mine at any rate.

Sure, I can understand that in theory, a good portion of the Horde is following Garrosh. But I’m presuming the majority of players are definitely not with him, and not having a voice — in-game — to voice a dissenting opinion is a little annoying.

And I know the Horde and Alliance have fought in many places throughout the game (*cough*Battlegrounds*cough*), including the destruction of town in Cataclysm itself (excluding Theramore), but for some reason the current expansion’s initial entry to Pandaria seems more direct and generally more unpleasant. From the sounds of it, I can only expect it to escalate the rest of the expansion.

Even the Pandaren we meet early on seems to question the Horde’s idea to “paint the continent red” – why are we fighting? (Wait that sounds familiar…)

Mists of Pandaria - Gi-Oh's Quest Text

You’re preaching to the choir, Gi-Oh. Preaching to the choir.

At least we (probably) get to kill Garrosh later, which should smooth things over a bit (I hope). But how can I, in the meantime, support the Horde like I have in the past OOC like when we are obviously the bad guys now? The Alliance can always hold this against us forever, so then I have to be all apologetic all the time. What a pain.

Unless the Alliance do something equally as horrible as what the Horde does, at which point we can both just put our atrocities behind us and be friends. Right? RIGHT?

Post Them Glyphs!

Anyway, all this ‘killing alliance because we can’ business got me down (and the infinite mob spawns that were swarming me got me down too, but nevermind that), so I decided to check my auctions for a bit.

Glyph sales have actually stagnated for me a little bit, from the 15k in one day high it was when the patch first hit. I’ve had a little more competition than I usually have had (Ysera has quite a few people who post glyphs); usually I see a decrease in my sales when someone new joins the fray or I happen to get caught posting right before my competitors do.

However, I think sales will pick up as people start leveling more, maybe later this week or next week. Either way I think I’ll stop refreshing the auctions every day and go back to my two-ish day cycle for awhile.

Cancel/report glyphs every day? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Cancel/report glyphs every day? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Leather, Glorious Leather

Inspired by the auction house and incredibly fast mob spawns, I logged back onto Mishaweha and started farming leather from the cats in the first zone. Mmm, leather!

One of our guildies always used to say “Just leaving money on the ground!” when there were leather mobs unskinned (and unlooted. She would always call out to the people who didn’t lot their skinnable mobs so she could skin them!) And boy, is there a lot of money on the ground! I followed a few people around and skinned their kitties (and helped them kill them too, once I knew they weren’t going to skin them. That’s the one thing about skinning other people’s mob – you wait until they leave the kill site before going in the skin them, lest you steal their skin!)

I got a little over 3 stacks of the base leather, which isn’t too shabby considered most of the leather was sha-touched. Still haven’t decided if I’ll sell it or use it for my LW. I know you’re supposed to sell it but I hate buying mats off the AH because I am cheap. And I’ll need about 300 leather or scales to level LW up, too! Sounds… fun. XD

Exotic Leather

The Leather – It is Exotic! Also, check out those prices! Let me waffle on selling them until it is too late.

Running Dungeons

The last thing I did was run a dungeon with a mostly guild group. I was skinning while we waited for one person to get his iLvl up high enough to run the instance.

We got the brewery one. I had a pretty fun time, though I didn’t get a chance to really read anything that was going on because my guildie tank is definitely of the ‘gogogo’ mentality (also, he’s good at tanking and I’m good at healing so no problem there).

However, we did hit a little snafu at the first boss when I and two others followed the monkeys out of the boss’s room and then got locked out. Whoops.

So that just left the tank and the pug dps fighting the boss. Needless to say they died. Whoops.

Both a guildie on vent and @NicolaiGrunnet commented that this was a fairly common occurrence, even in beta, so I feel a bit better. I felt even more better after I got to ride around on barrels during the fight itself. Whee!

But the rest of the instance went well. It was pretty fun, actually. Like the part when you heal while drunk (in-game). Whoo! Blurry screen!

So how have your pandaland adventures gone so far? Let me know in the comments!

Mists of Pandaria Login Screen

Ah, this is much more pleasant than staring at Deathwing’s face.

Heroic Raiding and Other Shenanigans

27 Aug

I’ve been quite content the past few months, with nary an update. I seem to only get motivation to write at work or while otherwise occupied, but today I’ve finally decided to write — if only because there will be little point to talk about this expansions exploits with Mists just around the corner!

While my out-of-game time has been filled with house hunting and playing in the Pathfinder Society (and work), my in-game adventures have been filled with Heroic Raiding (a relatively new experience for Xcessive!) and Auction House playing. Both activities have been done with great success.

Heroic Raiding

As of writing, we’re 6/8 in Dragon Soul Heroic. This is, by far, the farthest we’ve ever gotten on Heroic in any dungeon — a huge accomplishment for our raiding team, even if we’re definitely not ‘cutting edge’.

Our first successes were Morchok and Ultraxion, which I think it fairly typical for raiding teams. We stuck with them for awhile until we felt ready to tackle Yor’sahj.

I had looked up the Yor’sahj Ooze calls on Icy Veins’ Heroic Yor’sahj Strategy Guide (and I would highly recommend their site for looking up boss fights – it’s very informative!) Based on their recommendations, I came up with the prioritized slime kill order… and therefore became the person who called out the slime kills for the fight. I think on our first day it only took 2-3 attempts to get him down, and we got the Rainbow achievement too, haha. So from then on I became the slime call person, which works out pretty well since I can easily tell the other healer when we need to count our heals.

I’ve even put them kill order into a handy dandy chart to read, though it’s a little late to be helpful now. Oh well. 🙂

Oozes, Slimes, Same Dif

After Yor’sahj, we moved onto Zon’ozz (it took a little bit to get the fight but we have it down pat now, as long as the DAMNED BALL BOUNCES CORRECTLY). Ahem.

Hagara gave us a bit of trouble for a few weeks, but our fearless raid leader found appropriate strategies for both the lightning and ice phases that lead to minimal deaths. I believe we have only four people total chaining lightning during that phase, so it’s easier to heal. We’ve got that phase down very well. Ice phase takes us longer and people are more likely to die, but now that we know you run inside to be dispelled we can actually do it. We’re definitely better off when the fight starts with lightning phase though.

And just recently we’ve got ship down. Most of our trouble was with the ship dying right before we got to the second phase, but we worked on our ‘standing in purple’ thing and I’m very certain we can repeat our success.

We’ve looked at the Spine fight, but I’m not sure we’ll get it down before Mists, especially with the patch that will change everything arriving tomorrow. We’ll see. I’m not really looking forward to it, because Spine is one of my least favorite fights of the dungeon; it’s a competition between it and Zon’ozz.

Raiding Shenanigans

Raiding is only really fun when you’re doing it with friends who can all joke around. And be flexible with strategies.

For example, did you know you can have a Shaman soaker for Heroic Ultra? It can be done — I know from experience! However, it can only be done once… and only while reincarnate is off cooldown. 😉

(We didn’t plan it that way, of course. One of our soakers just happened to die pretty close to the time they were going to stay out, so I merely stood in their place).

Also, make sure you look out for mealstroms in your raid. I’ve heard they can rain mashed potatoes on your head, with a side of peas.

(Yes, someone said mealstrom instead of maelstrom. It was funnier then, you had to be there.)

Auction House

I’ve steadily kept up with the glyph market. Some weeks I post every other day (or slightly more often); other times I barely make it once a week. Either way I’ve done fairly well for myself the past year+. I’m up to around half a million (that sounds much more impressive than five-hundred thousand, doesn’t it), though if I moved into more markets and/or posted more often I’m sure it’d be higher. After all, that’s pretty much my entire profit for the year or two I’ve been doing it. I know those ‘real’ AH players make waaaay more than that in the same amount of time, but I think I’m doing pretty well for myself.

It’s been easier since I’ve branched off to three characters to post my glyphs. They all get the right amount of glyphs so they can hold extras of every glyph without running of of inventory space so multiple trips to the mailbox aren’t necessary as they were in the past. And I only craft when I need 3-4 more glyphs, which cuts down on the number of times I need to craft in a week, which is the major time-sink.

And all my success of late is due to TSM, the heavyweight AH addon. I setup my groups in there and bam — don’t need to think much about it anymore. I’ve taken to using it for setting up other characters to sell ‘random items’ and other mats I have extras of that aren’t part of an active crafting business. I have a few who do that on my main server, and quite a few on my ‘alt’ servers as well! They bring in the money for my Ally toons, as I am accustomed to a certain kind of gold stockpile as I level. XD

Other Shenanigans

I’ve been up to quite a few other things as well, as presented here in no particular order:

  • Transmogging Misha’s gear with gear I already have on hand
    • Because I’m too lazy to find other gear right now
  • Using Mogit obsessively
    • But not buying gear because I’m too lazy to write out a list of what I need
  • Lazily leveling my DK
    • She’s halfway through 84 (still)
  • Running random lower level toons through instances and pvp
    • Weirdly enough, most of these toons aren’t on my main server
  • Twinking a level 24 druid
    • That I still need to acquire gear for (see aforementioned laziness)
  • Planning out new characters to roll for Mists
    • Including which ones should be recruit-a-friend buddies, because I totally need more accounts

Busy times, I’m sure! And we can add to the list ‘relearning my class, again’ once the patch hits tomorrow.

What have you been up the past few months? Hopefully it’s something fun!