My Entire Blogroll

This blogroll comes directly from my Google Reader. If you’d like to be on the blogroll, let me know! I’m also thinking about splitting the WoW blogs into a few more categories, so let me know if you have any suggestions.

The blogs can be divided into three major categories: WoW, Other Gaming/Geeky Things, and topics not related to gaming at all.

World of Warcraft Blogs

General World of Warcraft

As mentioned before, I plan to eventually split out a few different categories from this list, such as a healing category. But for now it will remain a long, long list.


Auction House


I think I need to find a few more PvP-based blogs.

Other Games/Geeky Things


Not Gaming Related


Restaurant Industry

My guilty pleasure is to read restaurant industry blogs, even though I’ve never worked in that industry. Most are pretty fascinating, and you’ll probably become a better tipper to boot!

Other Blogs

I recommend Bye Bye, Brooklyn as a very interesting remodeling blog.

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