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Where I’ve Been For The Past 2 Months

21 Feb

… As told through a series of pictures.

At first I was playing a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Logo

Quick! Hand me a lightsaber!

I also spent a lot of time putting items into void storage in WoW.

Mishaweha Void Storage

Yup, that void storage is sure filling up fast!

Then it was time to go visit the folks for a week and a half over the holidays.

A cartoon of a family in a car with lots of luggage on top of the car.

It's a four and a half hour drive... which I do about once a month.

Then Christmas happened.

Cartoon Christmas Tree


I may have gotten a kindle.

A Kindle Fire

I downloaded a Google Reader app to keep up with blogs. Then I downloaded Angry Birds and haven't looked back.

Then I made some more Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Mask of Nihilus Character Loading Screen with Ashandi

Ashandi was my first character but then suddenly two more appeared. I have no idea where they came from... >_>

Xena demanded pettings.

Xena, a white cat, sits on an ironing board.


We drove back home because the holidays were over and it was time to go back to work! Boo!

A cartoon of two kids in construction outfits, moving an i-beam.

This is what you get when you google 'working clipart'. And it has nothing to do the type of work I actually do. XD

I then caught a nasty flu and was sick for about 2 weeks.

A cartoon of a woman sneezing.

Like this, only ten times worse plus a lingering ear infection.

As I found out, you shouldn’t transmog outfits while sick:

I think I might have made it worse. Maybe this 'as few items transmogged as possible' idea isn't the BEST idea. XD

Right when I was getting better I remembered I needed to draw comics for the student newspaper ASAP (my second ‘job’)

A panic button


After the comics were drawn I went back to playing making more characters in SW:TOR.

Star Wars Lord Adraas Character Screen Chakaara

Wait, when did all you guys show up here? >_>

Xena wanted more attention.

Xena, a white cat, sits on an ironing board.


I visited my folks for a weekend — at least 3 of them had contagious colds.

Stay Away From Me

You all better not get me sick!

Back again, just in time for more Roleplaying, both in WoW and SW:TOR!

Star Wars RP Session

RP Time! I've had lots of RP time in both WoW and SW:TOR - there's a lot on my schedule!

Xena demanded even more petting.

Xena, a white cat, sits in a box.

Pet me or I won't leave the box!

Yup, that about sums it up. There’s definitely more that happened the past two months (like the Secret Santa Art Trade!) but I think this summary if adequate.

Hopefully there will be some more normal blog posts soon. If not, see you in two months!



Xena, a white cat, lies in a curled fashion next to some newspaper.



The Problem With SW:TOR

19 Dec

You’re sitting at your desk, mindlessly surfing the internet, when suddenly your inbox receives a new message. Curious, and with nothing better to do, you tab over and find…

Yes, this Star Wars Early Access Email is from gmail. The old, superior version.

Star Wars Early Access Email

The Star War: The Old Republic Early Game Access Email! The one you have been dreaming about getting night after night; the one that has promised you blasters and, more importantly, LIGHTSABERS; the one all your friends have already gotten because they didn’t wait to preorder the game until October like you did, meaning they already had spent DAYS chortling about the game while you sat and collected herbs and did that new raiding thing in WoW, seething at their forethought.

Quickly you open up the email and scan its contents. “Your wait is over,” it boldly states, before demurely suggesting you click on the “Get Started” button. You do, of course, and are greeted with a page full of instructions. You breeze over the steps. Yes, you’ve preordered; No, there is no beta client for you to uninstall (your heart fills with sadness and betrayal for a brief moment); Yes, you have already pre-loaded the game when they sent that other email; And yes, you most definitely had just gotten that early access email! You feel content, knowing you are now set to play.

There’s just one, teensy tiny problem.

You’re at work.

You raise your hands to the heavens, silently cursing the SW:TOR gods for thinking that the middle of the day would be a good time to send out early access invites, thereby crushing the hopes and dreams of billions* of workers. Your coworkers give you a funny look. You put down your hands and silently curse the heavens with fewer movements.

*Probably not billions

The urge to play rises. If only the email had come the night before, or early in the morning; you could’ve stayed home to play then, maybe even have called in sick —

Ah ha! That was it! All you need to do is contract a fake illness immediately and get sent home! Brilliant!

“Uhn,” you groan loudly, simultaneously holding your head and your stomach. “I suddenly don’t feel very well. It must have been something I ate.”

Your coworkers give you dubious looks but continue to surf the web, presumably.

Satisfied with your performance, you collect your things and moan over to your manager’s office to repeat the act.

“Hey, I have a massive headache and stomach from something I ate, I’m sure. I am going home to recuperate.”

She looks at you with no concern or sympathy visible on her face. It didn’t look like she was buying it.

“Just got your SW:TOR early access email?” she asked.

“Er, yes.”

“Me too. I’ll cover for you if you cover for me?”

“Deal,” You reply. What an awesome boss! You wave goodbye and exchange server information before you skedaddle out of the office. Time for some lightsaber action!

This post was inspired by a brief twitter conversation I had with @DiscoPriest. She got her early access email while at work. I had gotten mine shortly before I left for a dentist appointment before going to work. It was very tempting to call in sick for the rest of the day but I persevered.

I’ve been having a blast playing SW:TOR too. I’m really feeling the same wonder and joy I did when I first started playing MMOs, with CoH. Sure, there are some minor flaws, but I can overlook those for all the neat other stuff in the game. I’m loving the dialogue options; I think playing a character in a different style certainly will help with the replay value. And I like the crafting system too, even though it will make me broke! And companions! I love those too! Not to mention that I love Star Wars; this is a great chance for me to reinstate some long forgotten RP characters.

If you wish to find me in-game, I’m playing on Mark of Nihilus (Empire) as Ashandi. I also have some toons on Lord Adraas (both factions, mostly Republic), and Juyo (Republic). I hope you’re enjoying the game so far!