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Random WoW Thoughts That Are Mostly About Gathering

18 Oct

I’ve recently started to level my low-level toons again. And by ‘level’ I mean ‘get their bags and professions in order and then maaaybe think about leveling them’. Poor low-level toons.

Anyway, here’s a list of some random thoughts I’ve had on the matter

  • Turns out a lot of the herbs you can gather for leveling Herbalism are not very useful for leveling Alchemy.
  • I’ve concluded that there is no Goldthorn. It is merely a myth. The extremely high-priced “Goldthorn”s on the Auction House are fakes, and there is no way to level your Alchemy past 200 because of all the so-called “Goldthorn” that’s required.

    Moisha levels up while picking plants

    Moisha demonstrating how to ding while gathering herbs (she's so fast at gathering she was mounting up to go already!)

  • Dinging your toon while grabbing herbs is pretty cool.
  • Tauren are super super cheap while gathering herbs now. I’m really glad my Tauren Druid gathers herbs, because it will be way cheaper later on when she’s a bird.
  • I’m able to farm in a zone for 1, maybe 2 passes before I become bored and see if I can make anything with what I’ve gathered (answer: No, I can’t. No Goldthorn).
  • When I start to level a toon I haven’t touched in awhile, I tend to do these things first:
    • Rearrange the spell bar (only if it looks ‘weird’ to me. This involves me actually remembering what the icons are, which is not always the case).
    • Clean out the bags by getting rid of junk and reorganize where everything is in the bags.
    • Check if the bank needs to be organized too.
    • Figure out if I should level up my professions some more and then attempt to do so.
  • After I complete all those steps, I usually stop playing and don’t level them. ENDLESS CYCLE!
  • A lot of stuff I saved in the past is total not worth it now (Lvl 12 Healing Potions on my level 40 toon? That will help.) Sure clears up a lot of bag space.
  • I wrote down a list of all the pets I want Mamouska, my second hunter, to collect (my resource being Petopia). I’m having her pick up winged pets. Naming theme is the NATO phonetic alphabet.
    • Hopefully I can keep the list down to 26 pets; otherwise I’d have a pick a new theme! Horrors!
  • I took Mamouska out to Stonetalon to go get a Ghostly Green Owl (the Emerald Spirit). I always wanted a Green Owl ever since they came out in Wrath, and a ghost one can only be better.
    • I’m still going to get the Green Owl though, once Mamouska is high enough in level.
  • You can buy limited quantities of Volatile Rum in the Thousand Needles Inn. Time for more Goblin Rocket Fuel!
  • It’s weird taking a mid-level toon into these new Cataclysm quest zones. Things are familiar… and yet they aren’t. I guess it depends on the zone.
That’s all for now!

Time for a little change…

9 Oct

For ages my character login screen on Ysera has looked like this:

Ysera Character List

That's right; I'm too tall for the screen with that helm on.

Mishaweha, Milthete, Mamisha, Methril, Moisha, Maiheela, Mistreaver, Marlenn, Mourninglory, and Mandlebrot. That’s how it’s looked like for quite some time. (Can you find the theme?!)

I’ve even left it like that even after they implemented the ability to move characters around, most likely because I am lazy.

And I’ve had few complaints about my character creation order either. It used to go in a pattern for races: Tauren, Undead, Tauren, Blood Elf, repeat. Though now that order has been broken when I race changed my Undead Priest, Maiheela,  into a Tauren named Minnetrista; not to mention my last toon, a token male Blood Elf,  had already broken the pattern by not being undead.

Since the pattern is broken (or just because), I’ve decided to shift their order. Back to a simpler time, when they used to be in order by level.

And so I present to you… the new character selection page!

Misha's helm is hidden for a reason.

The "new" selection screen, ordered by level! Mishaweha, Mourninglory, Mamisha, Moisha, Milthete, Methril, Minnetrista, Marlenn, Mistreaver, and Mandlebrot

Once again order triumphs over chaos.

Let’s see how long it takes before my resolve breaks and I change it back.

The Cost of Love is in the Air

19 Feb

5 cups of Frog Venom Brew? 75s.

A Handful of Rose Petals? 2 Love Tokens.

Zeppelin to Undercity? Much longer than a PORTAL would have taken.

Creating a ‘precious’ memory that will last forever?

Moisha is smashed, kissing a petal covered Jeremiah Payson.


A Letter

24 Sep

Dear Group I tanked for in Zul’Farrak last night,

I’m really sorry we couldn’t finish cleanin’ up that troll city. You all were a very nice group — goin’ back to clear the extra boss by Gahz’rilla for Tabetha and makin’ sure we were killin’ enough trolls for their temper, even if the paladin kept grabbin’ trolls from my claws. But I understand, you young folk are always eager to get things done, equippin’ yourself with better gear with heirlooms and enchantin’ it. One of these days I’ll get around to enchantin’ my gear, one of these days.An image, from WoWWiki, of the entrance of Zul'Farrack

But back to my main point… I didn’t mean to log off from the server — I was booted! I tried relogging right away, many, many times.

But when Blizzard’s servers decide to crash, they go, how do you say, “Down to the gwound”.

Har har.

After nearly 20 minutes of trying to log back on to my home server, my internet also decided to give up and crashed. I decided to cut my losses and go to bed, as it was past my bedtime.

This, of course, happened right in the middle of the final escort.

And we were doing so well too. I hope those folks made it out alright.

Though if we had escorted them first and then went back for Tabetha’s tiara we wouldn’t have been in that mess in the first place.

Welp, I know better now.

Stupid servers.

Though this does explain why the paladin DC’d a few moments before I did.

Anyway, I hope this finds you all well, and I hope to be seein’ ya again soon.

Take care,

The Druid Who Tanks