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Saturday Sketch – Millya

7 May

Awhile back, Vidyala at Manalicious had a blogoversary. To thank her readers, she offered to do five minute sketches of those who commented on the Blogoversary post.

Guess who commented.

Go on, take a stab in the dark.

Well, lots of people commented, actually. Who wouldn’t? Vidyala is known for her artistic prowess. And in case you are unfamiliar with the prowess I speak of, just check out the Secret Santa piece she did of Mishaweha!

But yes, I did happen to comment, asking for a sketch of Likal, my Night Elf. Here’s the sketch Vidyala did (you can also see it in her sketch post):

Likal by Vidyala - 5 minute sketch


In return, as I felt a little guilty for DEMANDING a sketch (can you demand a sketch if it was offered? I propose that you can), I decided to draw a sketch of Vidyala’s main characters — her mage, Millya!


A sketch of Millya

I tried to leave it to five minutes or less, but I don’t think it was too bad, in the end. Even though Draenei are filled with lots of complicated parts you have to remember to draw, like horns and tentacles and face bumps. But I remembered the very important freckles!

Have you ever tried doing timed sketches before? It’s kinda fun, especially since it excuses any errors you feel you make!

Until next time!

— Misha

Secret Santa Art Trade 2010

18 Jan

Recently, I participated in a Secret Santa Art Exchange on the twitters, hosted by Loreli. Art was distributed on the 24th of December — what a great Christmas present!

If you follow the blog Manalicious, you would have already seen the piece that Vidyala (the former Pugging Pally) did for me. However, I will also show it here because it is smexy:

Mishaweha by Vidyala

Mishaweha by Vidyala. It's my favorite armor set! Also - totems! ❤

I absolutely love it! I’ve even made it into my current twitter/gravatar icons! So thank you a bunch, Vidyala!

But as this was an art trade, I too had to draw someone all pretty, and that someone (picked out by non-artist Technophobia) was Fyreuni, of Daily Quests fame! I had tons of ideas for what to draw (with most well out of the bounds of my abilities/time to complete them, which is why Vas wasn’t drawn. Sorry!) In the end I came up with this:


She's wearing the priest Tier 11, as requested. It's a pretty set (for priests), even if it has a couple dudes looking into pools of water on the shoulders.

It’s not too bad if I dare say so myself, though I’ve vowed never to draw tier gear again! So many details! I’m much more of a lazy slapdash artist myself.

I’m not that happy with the background, though. I decided to put her in Vashj’ir, which is notionally the zone priest Tier 11 armor is based on. However, Vashj’ir’s plantlife isn’t exactly pretty, and the colors ended up being a little too similar (I’m horrible with color schemes!)

So just because I can, here’s a version of the picture with Fyreuni in the Mac whitespace:

Fyreuni in Macspace

Fyreuni in the place they filmed those Mac commercials.

The purple on her arm is indeed shadowform. I’m pretending the spell rapidly moves up from her hand to cover the rest of her body, instead of being instantly applied. I had put more shadowform over her body, but it hid the ‘details’ of the armor (and also The SA said it looked like she got covered in some sort of purple mud. >.> )

I’ll close with a small sample of the many, many sketches I did of Fyreuni in the weeks before starting the finished drawing. These are just the ones that I did at home, and not while at work (since I didn’t feel like taking work materials home to scan!)

These were drawn on wedding thank you notes I had messed up:

Fyreuni Sketches 1

Sketched Fyreuni heads, now with scribbled notes!

Fyreuni Sketches 2

More Fyreunis, now with cute poses!

Fyreuni Sketches 3

More Fyreuni, now with slightly more detailed armor!

Fyreuni Sketches 4

More Fyreuni, now with sketchy Tier 11 armor! (This sketch was the main basis for the pose, and the first time I carefully studied the Tier 11 armor)

That’s all I have to say about this year’s Secret Santa Art Trade! Here’s the page with a list of participants and links to all the art that they made. You should go check out all of the great art there!


A Picture Tells A Thousand Words (A Shared Topic Post)

29 Jul

Today’s post is a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic for July 26-31. Nuniel, from the very art-filled and aptly-named blog “The Rambling Draenei Death Knight”, asked us to share a screenshot, fan art, or handmade drawing, and then tell us about it and how it makes us feel. I’ve already done one post on this, focusing on screenshots. Today, I will be looking at art that WoW players have made, include myself! (And while there will be images in this post, hopefully there will be less than last time!)

People who like to draw have a tendency to draw what they like. Ergo, people who like WoW and like to draw have a tendency to draw WoW fan art. I’ll be looking at three different groups of art — Blizzard’s Official Fan Art, my art, and art of other people that I know about and remembered to mention (go go memory!)

Blizzard’s Official Fan Art

If you like shiny art things and haven’t been looking at the official fan art blizzard posts, you need to go there right now and start oogling. There are tons and tons of really well done pieces (otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten up there, right?) While it’s for ALL of blizzard’s games (including Starcraft and Diablo), the majority of the pieces so far are WoW-related.

Here’s just a short categorical list (with poorly picked catagories) of just some the art you can find there. I’ve linked to some ‘samples’ for you do view (because it would take to long to try to download them all from the site, and I am lazy).

(Note: At the time of posting, Blizzard interrupts all links with a Starcraft ad, which in turn makes it so the link does not go directly the the screenshot. You’ll need to open the link again if the ad pops up).

(That’s the one thing about blizzard’s fan art — they definitely lean towards the scantily clad female ones and masculine man ones. But that’s probably ’cause they have more guys looking over the art than girls. Or they just know what their fans want.)

While I tried to keep the links more or less equal between the categories, some are represented more than others. Definitely the single characters and NPCs (and in the NPCs, there seems to be a lot of Sylvanases sexily striding towards the camera); and the majority of the art is drawn in a more ‘serious’ and less cartoony style. However, there are exceptions, as you see above. In addition, not all are just drawings. Sometimes there are models, statues, or 3d models made from scratch. Recently there were even pictures of little cut-outs of characters that were drawn!

But before this segment on Blizzard’s fan art ends, I’d like to share one of  the official fan art pieces that has captured my heart. I believe I can even call it my favorite believe it or not. I even have it as the background for my new Alienware laptop. You may see this image below.

Power of the Horde, by Tooth

Power of the Horde, by Tooth

Is it not awesome? I’m in awe of it every time. I love how much detail is put in with such a limited palette. I’ve always like this ‘noir shadows’ style of drawing, especially when it looks good. It takes some skill.

My enamored state when it comes to this picture could be because I identify as Horde, and therefore think only Horde could look as cool as they do in the picture. But even alliance must admit it’s awesome, right?

(It also, for some reason, reminds me of Bleach, which I don’t even really watch. It’s probably because they have a black and white motif).

So Tooth, thank you for making the Horde look awesome.

My Own Art

Now, my art, in my opinion, doesn’t look nearly as cool as Tooth’s does. I assume if I worked hard at it, I could improve my technical skills so I could actually formulate something that awesome on my own. However, I am lazy, so I’ll stick with my “they aren’t stick figures” level of art. Which I don’t mind showing off to you all (After all, it’s my blog and I can do what I want to. *starts singing*)

Anyway, I’d like to share with you a few of my more finished WoW art pieces. I drew them last December (or so), as cards to go along with gifts for our guild leader (Ladybug), and our main raid leader (Rowdy). Who happens to be her son (her adult son, I might add).

(Aside to any guildies reading this — no, I’m not going to buy you anything. But if you want some art, I may be available…)


So this is the first drawing I did, of our guild leader, Ladybug, a troll priest who heals.

Drawing of Ladybug holding a spectral kitten.

Ladybug with her new kitty.

I’ll let you guess what we gave her. At either rate, she liked both the gift and the drawing (I printed it out to send to her, since I drew it on the computer).

As for our raid leader, Rowdy, we got him a gift both he and his girlfriend could enjoy. Since I had that in mind when I drew his card (which was in actual card format by folding the paper to make a card (hardcore!)), it had pictures of both of their ‘toons’.

Here was the image on the front of the card, Rowdy’s tanking warrior:

Drawing of an undead warrior drinking beer.

This is what he does during raids (more or less). We think it helps.

It said something to the effect of ‘When you’re going out to party…”

On the inside was a picture of his girlfriend’s toon… if she played WoW! (She doesn’t, so I took some liberties and made her a blood elf hunter, with her pet as their new(ish) dog):

A blood elf hunter with her pet dachshund.

I really think that if she played WoW, she would be a hunter. And a blood elf, 'cause they're cute.

It had a caption to the effect of “Don’t forget to bring your boss!” Oh ho ho! How funny and clever. I should get into the card writing business, I’m sure.

They liked the present and the card as well. ^_^

Other People’s Art

I’m not the only one who can scribble on paper and come up with some nice looking things. There are many other artists out there, drawing very pretty pictures of the World of Warcraft. Here are just a few sites that I know about — please share if you know more that I should be aware of!

  • WoW, Eh? — Drawn by Cadistra, this is a webcomic about WoW, eh? (She’s Canadian). It’s really good; you should go check it out if you haven’t already. You may also recognize her work on wow.com, as she draws Byron the Tauren Rogue (and she does draw good Tauren, which makes me happy).
  • Daily Quests — Another delicious WoW webcomic, made by Fyreuni (artist) and Vas (writer). It is also a good time, with a clean, crips art style and humorous jokes. Plus, it has a blog in addition to the pretty comics!
  • Complex Actions — Yes, another webcomic. Currently on a mini-hiatus, Silkspinner and (former writer) Talthos make quite a few hilarious jokes, on both WoW and other nerdy things. All of the comics have beautiful, detailed art. Silk’s painting style is not something one usually sees in webcomics, let alone ones that are published three days a week!
  • Loreli — An RPer from the Feathermoon server, Loreli also is a very talented artist. Check out her website, as you may see her ‘specialty’, i.e. post-it note sketches.
  • Baenhoof — Also known and karnokoto on deviantart, is an artist with versatile styles. Personally, I adore the chibis, such as the one on her twitter account. Cute!

I believe the majority of the artists take commissions, and the ones who don’t have stores where you can buy prints or other stuff related to their comics. So you should check it out if you like their art!

Do you know of any other artists that I (and others) should check out? I’m sure I’ve missed some many. Do you have a favorite ‘official fan art’ piece? Have you noticed any trends in what kind of art is ‘official’? Do you still remember a particular piece that was posted awhile ago? (And do you miss the comic contest? I know I do!) Or have you drawn some WoW fan art yourself? Let me know in the comments — I’d love to hear about it!