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Quote of the Week – What to do when Werewolves attack

13 May

This week’s quote comes yet again from the site Reasoning With Vampires. As I mentioned before, the tumblog dissects the writing in Twilight page by agonizing page.

In a recent(ish) post, the passage from Twilight has Bella explain why it wouldn’t matter if the doors were locked. The summary is as follows: Vampires could probably break through the door, while the wolves would be foiled by the doorknob.

That’s right — the wolves in question are werewolves.

The author of Reasoning with Vampires also finds this passage funny, which is the quote of the week:

In the event of a werewolf attack, I will be hiding in a bottle of Tylenol. I will be safe from some monsters, children, and people with arthritis.

Excellent advice. I will take it to heart next time some werewolves come pawing at my door.

If you want more excellent advice, I’d advise you to read Reasoning With Vampires if you’re looking for a good laugh!


Quote of the Week – The Bustle of Linguistics

11 Mar

The quote this week comes not from a World of Warcraft source, but rather a tumblog called Reasoning With Vampires. Within, the author carefully (and snarkily) dissects the grammar, phrasing, and much much more in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. I highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t a Twihard and/or people who like funny things. It’s good for a laugh, as well as learning more about grammar. I’ve found myself watching out for comma splices and run away sentences in my own writing.

Now onward to the quote! In one of Reasoning With Vampires’ more recent posts, she points out some repetition in a passage. There was one word in particular that lead her to write this:

A suffix is not merely the fancy bustle of linguistics.

She continues the lesson with “The “-less” alters the definition of the word to which it is attached.” It’s very true, but I enjoy reading the first sentence on it’s own. It’s very poetic!

Or maybe it’s just that I enjoy the word ‘bustle’. I imagine words putting on their finest suffix and then scattering all over the pages of a book in an effort to class it up. (I considered drawing what that would look like, but I have a feeling it would be hard to draw words wearing bustles while bustling around a page).

Does that phrase tickle your fancy like it did mine? Have you read Reasoning With Vampires before? If not, what do you think of the site? (You did click on it, right?) Let me know in the comments!

Quote of the Week – Cooking Dailies!

6 Feb

For those of you unfamiliar with the Horde cooking dailies, there is one in which you ‘borrow’ rice from the trolls in Orgrimmar (who are now confined to the outskirts of the city, along with the goblins) to feed the hard-working Horde soldiers.

One of WoW Eh‘s most recent comics covered this topic, and a comment by Ratshag on the comic is the source of this week’s quote.

First, I recommend you read the comic, as it is funny.

And here is the comment that Ratshag made:

If yer Horde, ya gets a quest ta steal food from the trolls. If yer a troll, ya gets a quest ta steal food from the goblins. Then the next day, whatevers ya is, ya gets a quest ta kill thieves what happens ta all be trolls and goblins.

Is the Circle of Rice.

Now that is a pun worthy of praise.


Quote of the Week – More Mage Goodness

22 Sep

This week’s quote is brought to you by Tamarind from Righteous Orbs. It’s a blog with posts from both him and Chas, in case you don’t know (and if you’re reading this, you are probably well aware of Righteous Orbs, but never mind that).

The quote itself is rather long, taken from this post about change. He starts off talking about technologically devices, and moves onto talking about leveling his mage and Chas’ rogue…

Tamarind writes:

“Chas has absolutely despaired of me because I am such a liability. Essentially his approach to mobs is to stealth in and stunlock them. Mine is to open up with a scorch, a fireblast and a FREE pyroblast, run into the survivors (cackling madly) and let rip with a dragon’s breath and a blastwave … finishing them off with a FREE flamestrike and maybe another FREE pyroblast. Occasionally this technique, if it doesn’t leave me deceased, leaves me with a spare FREE pyroblast or a spare FREE flamestrike so then I have to repeat the cycle instantly so as not to waste my FREE spells.

Because my mother taught me waste is bad.

And there are probably starving kobolds in Goldshire who would love a free pyroblast like that.

And usually the second wave of mobs finishes me off because I have no health and no mana by this stage, or else iceblock is on cooldown and so they kill Chas instead.”


The rest of the post (and the stuff before this quote) is absolutely hilarious. You need to check it out, if only for the flowchart at the end! I insist!

Though I must admit, I prefer not dying as opposed to using up my FREE spells when they proc. For instance, I’ll try to make sure my maelstrom weapon charges are used up on a quick heal if I didn’t use them in a fight, but that’s a little lot different than pulling a whole new set of mobs. Perhaps my inner fire mage hasn’t been released yet.*


P.S. I’m afraid I may only have time or one or two more substantial posts before the big wedding date**. But never fear — if all goes according to plan***, I should have a few smaller posts set up for everyone to enjoy whilest I’m off on my honeymoon!

* My fiance, who is leveling a fire mage, has determined that he had found his ‘inner’ fire mage at the “Cast it!!!!” step.

** Which is why the majority of this one is quoting another person’s post! But I think this was the smallest chunk I could find that would convey how absolutely hilarious the post was!

*** It’s a shame nothing ever goes according to plan. XD

Quote of the Week – Cataclysm Style!

21 May

Alas – I say I’m going to post one thing this week, and instead I post something completely different! Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll get some time to sit down and write properly sometime this weekend.

At any rate, I stumbled upon this most excellent tidbit of information from Linedan’s Cataclysm prediction post over at Achtung Panzercow (Cataclysm, for those who don’t know, is WoW’s upcoming expansion):

The shock announcement that the World of Warcraft client will run on the iPad is marred by Steve Jobs’ sudden reversal on the deal.  When pressed for an explanation, he points to a paladin’s toolbar and exclaims that something called “Flash of Light” will never be allowed to run on his platform.

I believe this prediction speaks for itself. (Though you should check out the other ones too. Genius, I say! The next Nostradamus, for sure!)

Quote of the Week

25 Apr

I’ve decided to start a new segment where I bring to you a fine quote that I read or hear throughout the day. It may not be every week, it may be more than once a week, but it will surely be amusing.

Today’s quote is from Pew Pew Lazers!‘s take on the WoW Cataclysm Mage changes that were announced in April.

So in a nutshell, Arcane is getting a neat new “I HAZ MOAR MANA AND MOAR PEW PEW HUUURRRR!!!” mechanic, Frost remains the “meh!” spec of choice and Fire is shaping up to be the spec you choose when you definitely, absolutely have to kill every last mother****** in the room.

And that pretty much sums it up. (The stars are added for your protection).