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Mists of Pandaria Commentary: Pandaren and You

20 Mar

In case you haven’t heard, there has been a deluge of information about Mist of Pandaria, since the NDA was lifted. Suddenly, press releases abound! (I’ve been reading (and stealing images from) the excellent information compiled at MMO Champion and Wowhead. Mmm, information).

There’s a lot of really interesting stuff about the expansion there, and I’d invite you to read it (if you haven’t already). I’ve only skimmed the content myself, but that doesn’t stop me from opining on it! Today I’d like to focus on the Pandaren, specifically the female model!


There has been much speculation on the female Pandaren model for many months now. It’s only ramped up since Blizz posted a teaser image last week (I know about that since my site hits shot up with search for ‘pandaren’!). But the long wait is over, for behold the Pandaren female model!

Female Pandaren!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this design! Sure, I would’ve been happier if the model was a little more similar to the male Pandaren model, such as in the fanart I had linked to before:

Fan-made Pandaren Female Design

She’s a little bit wider and a bit shorter than the official female model, as this drawing was based on the male model (which already existed before the female ones, as Blizzard seems to like designing the males of the race first). It is fairly close to their official design, though! And I think it’s better than design in the art Samwise had done. Having a Pandaren look like a skinny red panda (or in this case, more like a fox!) would not be cool!

Although you can still give your panda some red fur:

Red Female Pandaren

That’s fine by me, as we all can’t be the awesome black and white pandas, can we? Also, this fur color supposedly gives you a tail, so there’s that.

A minor critique against the female model (besides it not being quite big enough) is the fact the faces look a little too… cute. Sure, cute faces may be preferred, but I could totally use some fierce ones too. Especially when a lot of the official art has the male Pandaren looking totally badass while the females… not quite as much. And I’m pretty sure they could kick your butt just as well as the men could.

Case in point:

Male Pandaren Horde Concept Art

Look at him — he’s all ready for battle (For the Horde!) Awesome.

Now check out this art of the female Pandaren:

Female Pandaren Concept Art

She’s, uh… probably not ready for battle.

Now I figure that drawing is mostly to pin down the anatomy for the model, but why don’t we see the concept art of a male Pandaren in some fancy skivvies? (Wait, maybe we don’t need to see that).

Oh well. I’m just going to say that this sweet-looking Pandaren art is of a woman, to even things out:

Awesome Pandaren Concept Art

Learning from Worgen?

I’m going to interrupt myself here to talk about Worgen. You remember them, right? The big hairy wolf people who came out in Cataclysm?

Well I recall that when Cata was being developed, male Worgen models were out fairly early in the process. After all, they were vaguely based off existing models/designs so I assume they were fairly easy to make. And they looked pretty impressive too, with their broad shoulders and general wolf-like physique.

Except when wearing ugly robes.

Although they look fairly ridiculous when casting spells…

Trust me, it looks much funnier when in motion.

But besides issues of them casting with long, dangly arms, the Worgen model was pretty solid.

And so we waited for them to show off the female Worgen model.

And we waited.

And waited.

Dangerously close to the release of the game*, the female Worgen model was finally finished.

*I may be exaggerating slightly, as time ruins my memory completely.

Many of us were not impressed.

Tall, spindly women with dog and/or fox-like features (with an incredibly annoying sniff noise) were Blizzard’s answer to female Worgen. They didn’t look very scary or fierce like their male counterparts.

Reby, a female Worgen

They aren’t bad models, not the worst you could get, but they most likely could have been better.

Did they lack a clear vision for what the female Worgen should look like? Did they get sidetracked on perfecting one model that they ran out of time for the second one? Did their initial design test poorly so they had to redo from scratch? Beats me.

But could some of their issues with the female Worgen model been fixed if it had been completed sooner in the process? Say… like the female Pandaren were?

Perhaps. And I think the female Pandaren model benefited from its earlier release. Perhaps Blizzard is learning.

(Now only if they start designing female models first…)

Where will these Pandaren go?

If you’re an altoholic like me, your main server’s character list is probably full… which would make it a bit difficult to roll a Pandaren there. However, there’s good and bad news on that front.

The good news: The available character slots are increasing to 11! 😀

The bad news: The available character slots are only increasing to 11. D:

There had been rumors in the past that the account limit of 50 characters would stay, while the server limits would be removed. I was really hoping that would be the case for this expansion, but alas, it is not to be.

So yes, I can have a Pandaren on my server. Just one. And if I want a Monk on my server too, well, I’d better make that Pandaren a monk! Just like everyone else! Unless I want to forget the whole thing and use that spot for a goblin!


Luckily for me, I can use my second account to make one or two other Pandaren characters. But even that account is running low on available slots.

I really hope the reason why they only increased the character slots by one was a technical limitation (too much effort to code, server space issues, etc). Otherwise, I’m liable to think it’s motivated by greed. What’s a better selling point to an altoholic than saying you get a new character slot every expansion (as long as you buy it)? Or encouraging you to race change to Pandaren if you want more of them on your main server? Cha-ching!

Ysera Character List

Any of you want to be a Pandaren? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

(Yes, I know some of you would race change a toon anyway. I personally have only race-changed once, renaming the character, and then re-rolled the old character. Yeah, I’m crazy like that.)

If they ever do bump the character slots up to 50, I assure you I would definitely keep two accounts going (100 characters, 1 server!). Not only that, I’m pretty sure I would start racking up character transfer costs as I moved old alts onto servers I currently use.

But alas, that plan is for another day…

Your thoughts on Pandaren?

What are your thoughts on the Pandaren models? Awesome? Not awesome? Just okay? And how about the rest of the announcements that came out? Let me know in the comments!

Many Link Roundups! Handle Them!

7 Nov
Misha rides a kodo, using a lasso to roundup links

Yeehaw! It's a link roundup! (This is still a WIP, though now that I've posted it, I'm likely never to finish it!)

Welcome to another edition of Link Roundup! I’ve been monitoring links throughout the week, and boy were you guys on a roll! Looks like I’ll have to break things down a little more than I usually do!

In this Roundup I’ve pulled out posts on Pandaren (where be the women folk?), Helpful Tips (Alchemists will want to check this out), Shaman (a personal favorite of mine), Musings on the Current, Future, and Past state of WoW (there’s some SW:TOR and Gnomes in there; you have been warned), NaNoWriMo (encouragements) and a few Silly Posts.

Hope you have the time to read through all this great stuff!


Holy Concentration explains her love of Pandaren and is really tired of your complaints about them.

Ratshag makes the very valid point that there are no female Pandaren in the concept art. I too hope that they put more time into the female Pandaren design. Maybe for the next race they’ll design the ladies first (as a true gentleman would do)!

Amerence ponders what class she’ll make her Pandaren, and also finds a possibly real concept image of what female Pandaren will look like! If it is real, I am pleased with the results. If it’s not real… it should be!

Is this the Pandaren Female Design? If not... can you make it be the Pandaren Female Design?

Helpful Tips!

Power Word: Gold has a warning for you Alchemists out there: Change specs now! 4.3 is bringing a new, more expensive way to switch your specialization, while taking away the old version.

Just My Two Copper talks about manually adjusting addons to get them to do just the right thing. While this post talks about more auction house related addons, you could apply the same ideas to other addons you use. Have you ever tweaked an addon before?


Interested in a MoP Shaman talent preview with a Resto twist? Totem Forest has got you covered.

For those interested in Shaman changes in the more near term future, Life in Group 5 wrote about the Shaman Tier 13 bonuses and the changes to our healing spells. I agree that changing Ancestral Healing to add health to your target isn’t the best idea (especially since it can’t be tracked!) And the 4-piece bonus for Tier 13 is something that I would probably never use; I hardly remember to use Spiritwalker’s Grace anyway (maybe THAT’S why it’s a bonus… to get silly Shaman like me to remember to use those new spells they gave us at the start of Cata).

Current Game Musings

Screaming Monkeys would like more games to allow your high level toons to easily swtich servers/factions to help out friends in need. What do you think?

The Grumpy Elf has written an interesting two part series on how DPS are just numbers. It’s a little introspective, and yes, a little grumpy I might add. But it does sum up the sad state of the world (of warcraft) that people think of tanks as tanks, healers as healers, and dps as the dps who did 13K. See the first post here, and the second here.

Restokin talks about Stat Inflation (you know, the reason why DPS numbers just keep on climbing to ridiculous heights). There are two solutions discussed; Mega-Damage and a Stat Reset. I agree that a stat reset would be best.

Upcoming Game Musings

Azuriel at In An Age muses that the upcoming MoP talents changes may not be so different from the old Vanilla/BC style…

In the more near-term future, Rades is not impressed with the looks of Death Knight Tier 13. I’m not either, though I haven’t liked many Death Knight Tier sets in general. Maybe because it just looks like the human is covered in construction paper tubes with drawings on it. Maybe it looks better on a different race/gender, like my lady Tauren DK Mourninglory.

While the armor still isn't the best, it looks way better on a Tauren. :3

In other news, Screaming Monkeys has a little story involving two game company employees discussing Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m a little surprised by their comments too.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Priest With A Cause remembers Karazhan, a place we both miss. I think I miss it more than my guildies; we spent a lot of time there. >.>

Alas remeniced about PvPing with a group of identical Gnomes… which has now spawned a Gnome Clone project. You can find more about the Gnome Clone project here, on its blog Revenge of the Gnomes. Even more details on the EU version were written up over at Spellbound.


I’m still hard at work at my attempt (which I may post about later), but Rades has been writing up a storm with his Letteres. Feel free to read about the silly Azerothians who waste their gold to store useless items and to wear matching clothing. Or would you rather read about ADORBS CRITTERS and how they SHOULDN’T BE FIGHTING EACH OTHER D: ? (I suggest you read both, and the other letters Rades has written so far!)

For those of you who are participating in NaNoWriMo, I Like Bubbles gives some encouragement.

Bika has a less flowcharty encouragement here.

On The Silly Side

The Grumpy Elf had lots of random thoughts. I must agree, coming up with names for your toons is pretty hard, especially so many of the ones that make sense have been taken!

I may have missed out on the #iwasanoob twitter hashtag, but Elfi didn’t, and carefully transcribed many tweets for your enjoyment!

Fulguralis asks… What Would Star Fox Do?

And I think that’s all the links for today, folks! Thanks for reading!

A Wild Link Roundup Appears!

30 Oct
Misha rides a kodo, using a lasso to roundup links

Yeehaw! It's a link roundup! (This is still a WIP, though now that I've posted it, I'm likely never to finish it!)

Happy Hallow’s End and welcome to the Link Round Up!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I blame a lack of round ups due to me not reading other blogs consistently. However, I’ve recently been sprucing up my Google Reader and therefore started to read blogs again. This leads me to find interesting links to share with you in a round up! Let’s see if this trend continues, even as NaNoWriMo looms…

Today we have some thoughts on leveling, Pandaren, gold making, art, and storytelling. But first up is some Hallow’s End goodness!

I, for one, I’m looking forward to art from Cat! If I find some time, maybe I can return the favor…
Anyway, that’s all for this round up! Thanks for stopping by!