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Meet Bluburry

15 Aug

One of my original intents in making this blog was to showcase my characters. So far I’ve showcased… one. One character. Obviously I have a stellar record for doing this.

But lately I’ve been roleplaying more on Feathermoon, except I’ve switched sides For The Horde! And my main Horde RP character a Death Knight called Bluburry who’s history I’d like to share with y’all.


The Basic Information

Name: Bluburry Stonehoof (She currently goes by just her first name).
From: World of Warcraft
Race: Tauren
Gender: Female
Age: 37

Bluburry, wearing her typical armor and waving her sword around.

Appearance: Bluburry stands at a few inches short of seven feet, an average height for Tauren women. Her looks, however, are not average, mostly due to the fact that she is undead. Glowing blue eyes and bright blue mane, braids and tail confirm any suspicion that she is no longer living. The rest of her fur is an unnatural white, as are her horns. Her current clothing choice, dark blue plate armor with blue runes, does hides little of her unusual coloring.

Bluburry speaks in a slow, southern drawl.
Home: Orgrimmar
History: Bluburry lived most of her life in the hills of southern Barrens with her father, Brightstar. Her mother, Bluehawk, died during a centaur attack when Bluburry was young.

Her family is part of the large and widespread Stonehoof tribe. Their particular subset in the southern hills was only a few families large, but they were known for their expertise in crafting metal weapons and armor. They would sell these armaments when they met with other tribes, a few times a year. Her father, one of the most skilled weaponsmiths, gained fame amongst the tribes for his wares. Brightstar weapons were highly valued.

Because of her tribe’s smithing nature, Bluburry too learned the trade from her father. She slowly became an excellent smith herself, helping her father to create his famed weapons. Not only did she learn to smith the weapons, her father also taught her the basics to use each kind for both demonstrations and to defend herself from attack. While she certainly was not as skilled as a trained warrior, Bluburry knew enough to be a threat to those who would attack them.

Her tribe continued to provide weapons to other Tauren until the founding of the Horde. When the Orcs came, the Stonehoofs from all corners of the map lent their aid in the form of Braves to fight and armaments for them to use and wear. Her tribe was a part of this, and they provided quality weapons for the Horde efforts. The major difference was that they traded these weapons for pure gold, instead of different types of goods they would normally trade with other tribes.

Even after the Horde had been founded and the war had mostly concluded, Bluburry and her father continued their smithing trade in the Southern Barrens. Thunderbluff was founded, and the various fronts that the Horde continued to fight around the world gave them even more business. Their local tribe worked together to provide fulfill orders from the Horde and private individuals, and Bluburry would help with the bookkeeping. She would also make deliveries to troops across Azeroth.

Bluburry has a sad.

It was on one such trip where she was killed in a skirmish in the Plaguelands of Eastern Kingdoms. Not long after, she was raised as a Death Knight by the Lich King. During her time under his control, she learned to wield swords and axes with a much greater proficiency than she had in the past.

Once she was freed from the Lich King’s control, she went and stayed in Orgrimmar. She began doing mercenary and smithing work for the Horde as a way to atone for the atrocities she commited while under the Lich King’s grasp — acts that she still remembers. Bluburry has yet to go back to her tribe, due to her undead state. It is unlikely they even know she is alive.

Recently, she’s joined a group of like-minded Horde members called the Sword & Quill. She appreciates their guidance and admires their ideals.
Personality: Bluburry is a laid-back, easy-going Tauren, a trait likely gotten from her Southern upbringing. She does have a sense of humor, but is awkward enough around others that it doesn’t always show. She has a strong sense of duty and loyalty. However, she’s a little slow on the uptake when learning. Bluburry also has conflicting feelings about being a Death Knight, though she is still slowly accepting her fate.

Bluburry finds it easiest to accept her fate while gazing into the distance.

Additional Notes

I had the idea for Bluburry the moment I saw you could make a bright blue Tauren Death Knight, back in the days of Wrath. I had already made a dark blue Tauren on my main server (that’s Mourninglory), but I absolutely had to make a bright blue one!

So I made one on Moonguard and came up with a loose backstory (a little bit slow, speaks with a southern accent, is a skilled blacksmith who learned from her father but is consumed with guilt for being an evil abomination /emo). And then I never played on her.

Some time passed and I ended up RPing on Feathermoon. I decided to reroll the exact same character on that server in hopes to actually RP with her… and then left her alone for another year or so. That was when I learned about The Sword & Quill from another guildie on the Alliance side. I checked it out, and here we are. I go to their weekly RP meetings, and they’ve been really fun. I highly recommend them for an RP guild on Feathermoon!

Bluburry is looking forward to all of this too!

I’m really excited to be playing on her, even if I’m bad at small-talk in and out of game… not to mention how I keep changing her Southern accent! (I’m sure I’ll get it down pat someday). My plan is to have go back to her tribe, and more importantly her father, where there will hopefully be a tearful reunion and character growth all around. This was my original plan for her story, I still haven’t had the opportunity to play it out, but it may happen soon! I’m already crossing my fingers that it will end up going well!

As an added bonus, here is her in-game application that was turned into The Sword & Quill:

Your Name

Race and Class
Tauren Death Knight

Age & Residence
37 – Orgrimmar

Primary Occupation
Sword for Hire

Professions or Notable skills
Blacksmith. Can mine and smelt metals.

Are you currently or previously affiliated with any major faction (Kirin Tor, Scryers, etc.) or guild?
Former Death Knight of the Lich King (deceased). Now unaffiliated.

Who or what brings you to the Sword and Quill?
I spoke with an acquaintance who said the Sword and Quill would be a good place to be.

What do you hope to gain by becoming a member?
I hope to gain companionship and more opportunities to use my skills.

What can you offer as a member?
I can offer my sword, and my blacksmithing skills, to others in Sword and Quill.

Any additional information you would like considered?

She’s pretty verbose, duncha think? XD



Secret Santa Art Trade 2010

18 Jan

Recently, I participated in a Secret Santa Art Exchange on the twitters, hosted by Loreli. Art was distributed on the 24th of December — what a great Christmas present!

If you follow the blog Manalicious, you would have already seen the piece that Vidyala (the former Pugging Pally) did for me. However, I will also show it here because it is smexy:

Mishaweha by Vidyala

Mishaweha by Vidyala. It's my favorite armor set! Also - totems! ❤

I absolutely love it! I’ve even made it into my current twitter/gravatar icons! So thank you a bunch, Vidyala!

But as this was an art trade, I too had to draw someone all pretty, and that someone (picked out by non-artist Technophobia) was Fyreuni, of Daily Quests fame! I had tons of ideas for what to draw (with most well out of the bounds of my abilities/time to complete them, which is why Vas wasn’t drawn. Sorry!) In the end I came up with this:


She's wearing the priest Tier 11, as requested. It's a pretty set (for priests), even if it has a couple dudes looking into pools of water on the shoulders.

It’s not too bad if I dare say so myself, though I’ve vowed never to draw tier gear again! So many details! I’m much more of a lazy slapdash artist myself.

I’m not that happy with the background, though. I decided to put her in Vashj’ir, which is notionally the zone priest Tier 11 armor is based on. However, Vashj’ir’s plantlife isn’t exactly pretty, and the colors ended up being a little too similar (I’m horrible with color schemes!)

So just because I can, here’s a version of the picture with Fyreuni in the Mac whitespace:

Fyreuni in Macspace

Fyreuni in the place they filmed those Mac commercials.

The purple on her arm is indeed shadowform. I’m pretending the spell rapidly moves up from her hand to cover the rest of her body, instead of being instantly applied. I had put more shadowform over her body, but it hid the ‘details’ of the armor (and also The SA said it looked like she got covered in some sort of purple mud. >.> )

I’ll close with a small sample of the many, many sketches I did of Fyreuni in the weeks before starting the finished drawing. These are just the ones that I did at home, and not while at work (since I didn’t feel like taking work materials home to scan!)

These were drawn on wedding thank you notes I had messed up:

Fyreuni Sketches 1

Sketched Fyreuni heads, now with scribbled notes!

Fyreuni Sketches 2

More Fyreunis, now with cute poses!

Fyreuni Sketches 3

More Fyreuni, now with slightly more detailed armor!

Fyreuni Sketches 4

More Fyreuni, now with sketchy Tier 11 armor! (This sketch was the main basis for the pose, and the first time I carefully studied the Tier 11 armor)

That’s all I have to say about this year’s Secret Santa Art Trade! Here’s the page with a list of participants and links to all the art that they made. You should go check out all of the great art there!


The Box

16 Jul

Upon returning home at the end of the night, your character finds… a box before his or her door.  It’s rather common-looking, as boxes go — a simple wooden crate, about two feet on a side.  There are no markings telling its point of origin, but your name’s stamped in big, block letters right on top.  It’s closed with a simple brass hasp.  No one appears to be around that witnessed its delivery.

As you peer at it, something shifts inside:  just the faintest sound of movement, then all is still again.

What do you do?


The night’s air was crisp and cold, as it often was in Dalaran. With the city so high on the northern continent, Mishaweha wondered how they didn’t all freeze to death.

“Magic, probably,” she mused to herself. “How like mages, to force the elements when they only need to ask. Even the air spirits here would be willing to listen.” Misha stretched her fingers out to play against the air, smiling briefly. At least the elements and their issues were simple… compared to the mess she and her comrades had been dealing with for the past few days — the Scourge. They were fortunate enough to get a break from the front lines, if only for a little while.

It was well past midnight, as evidenced by the lack of people on the street. Very few were out and about, and those who were either hurried to their destination or loitered with intent. Misha was one that hurried, from the ‘portal room’ to her ‘home away from home’ at The Filthy Animal.

The inn was eerily dark and silent. Only the main fire still burned, giving the central room a dark red glow. No servers walked about, the kitchen was silent, and even Uda, the ever vigilant innkeeper, was nowhere in sight. Not to say the place was unguarded, though, as her wolves still lay at the entrance. One lifted his head to sniff at Misha as she walked in, but quickly laid back down, snuffling with disinterest.

Carefully, Misha made her way past to wolves and upstairs to her room, fiddling for her key in the dark. A few minutes later she found it (along with the rest of her keys) buried at the bottom of her pack. A few minutes after that, she located the correct key for the door. After the key was found, however, it was very quick for her to unlock the door, take a step to go inside —

And trip over a two-foot wooden crate that had escaped her night-vision. Misha fell straight forward and face-planted into her room with an extremely-loud-in-a-silent-house crash due to all of her mail armor she was still wearing.

She stayed absolutely still for a moment, taking full account of any injuries (nothing serious, though her chin would probably still smart in the morning). It seemed that no one was up to see, which was good. This wasn’t very dignified for a tauren of her stature. And there were no cries for silence, which meant either her neighbors were dead asleep or too tired to complain about noise.

Mishaweha laying awkwardly on the ground after tripping on a box.

(( This is sorta what I envisioned, but it's not accurate. Just look at that armor - Misha wouldn't be caught dead in that! >.> ))

A few minutes later Misha had untangled herself from the floor and moved the offending item into the middle of the room, instead of right outside her doorway. It was just a plan old wooden crate, as far as she could tell. A simple latch, easy enough to open. It had her name on it.

Oh — and it had moved.

It was a subtle movement, just a little jitter, a tiny shake — but it definitely had done something. Misha figured that since boxes typically don’t move on their own, there had to be something inside.

“And who,” Mishaweha wondered, “would leave me a plain box with something alive in it? And what, pray, could it be?”

She had a hunch about who gave it to her, at least. But as to what it could be…

“Only one way to find out…”

She deftly undid the latch, opened the lid, and peered inside to see…

“A mechanical squirrel?”

The squirrel looked at her with green glowing eyes and chirped, mechanical-like.

Carefully, Misha reached in and pulled out the squirrel so she could get a better look. It tilted its head to the side and continued to look adorable. Misha’s eyes narrowed at the squirrel as she proceeded to search the box, with one hand, for a note of some kind. But there was nothing but box.

“Someone who knows me, knows when I’d be on leave, knows how to make useless mechanical contraptions, and loves surprising people? It could only be…”

“Mamisha,” she muttered aloud. As if to confirm her suspicions, the squirrel made that adorable mechanical chirping noise again. Mishaweha sighed. Her sister would do this. Leaving her no note, not telling her what it is, leaving ‘the present’ in an inconvenient place… yup, it smelled of younger sister.

“I don’t even know what I’d do with you,” Misha murmured at the squirrel. She turned it different angles and examined it some. “Do you need to be wound up? Or do you have some crazy power source?” Cursory examinations showed no keys or other winding mechanisms that she could see. The squirrel barely struggled as she checked the surface.

“Hm. I suppose you’re girl too, huh. Do you need to eat?” Misha smirked slightly at the thought of a mechanical squirrel eating (“Gears and oil?”), and offered a finger for it to sniff. The squirrel sniffed it and cocked its head again, looking ever more adorable. Misha tried not to be taken in with it’s cuteness.

“I guess I’ll worry more about this in the morning.” Slowly she got up from her sitting position, still holding the squirrel. She moved to place it back in the box, but after it gave her the most piteously adorable puppy dog face (a great feat, considering it was made of metal), Misha placed the squirrel on a nearby table. She then closed the box, tucking it under the table where people can’t trip on it, and then got herself ready for some well-deserved sleep.

Shame she didn’t know that mechanical squirrels have built in alarm clocks. A shame indeed.

Saturday Sketch – Katiea & Misha

10 Jul

I’m starting yet another post series that probably won’t be regular at all, but I think the weekend is a good time to share my art. Especially since I’ll probably never post on Monday.



Anyway, our first Saturday Sketch is a bonafide sketch, on lined paper and everything!

Katiea, a blood elf paladin, and Mishaweha, a Tauren shaman, play with a puppy and kitty, respectively.From left to right, there is an adorable puppy, Katiea, a blood elf paladin, an adorable cat, and Mishaweha, tauren shaman of blogging fame. It’s drawn with pencil on lined paper from a work notebook (as I might have drawn this during a boring meeting), which I then scanned into my computer and gave up on trying to edit the lines out of.

I still have lots of anatomy issues to work out (or ignore), but other than that I think it’s alright. You can see that Katiea (my healing buddy in guild) conveniently blocks Misha’s legs, so I don’t have to figure out which way they bend while she’s sitting down like that. And I still say it’s not too bad of a Tauren drawing, even if I’m still trying to figure out the best way for me to draw them.

That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed this surprisingly short post (for me, that is)!


P.S. Today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me! *eats cake*

Meet Mishalom, Pally of the Pugs

2 Jul

As mentioned in the introductory post about the Pally of the Pugs (a project inspired by the Pugging Pally Vidyala), I said we would get to meet him next time. Well, here he is.

Mishalom, a Draenei Paladin

Mishalom, The Pally With The Plan (and a bad wardrobe)

While I haven’t given too many details to his character, I think I have enough to BS my way through a meet form. So let’s do that before we go into the PoP Project Details!

The Basic Information

Name: Mishalom
From: World of Warcraft
Race: Draenei
Gender: Male ((gasp! Me, making a second male character? Shocking!))
Age: “We are all young in the eyes of the ageless Naaru.” ((aka he’s old! Well, probably near middle age, for a draenei. Except they’re immortal so… yeah.))
Appearance: Please see the above picture. Pretty typical of Draenei men — strong, tall, and buff.
Home: Draenor/Exodar/Azeroth
History: Mishalom has been a soldier of the Light for a long time; the majority of his life, in fact. At one point he had a wife, but that marriage ended on good terms when… well, when he knew he was not interested in women. ((And to all of you thinking “omg it’s so cliche for a girl to make a guy character gay!”… yes, it is (well, at least my experiences reading fanfiction has indicated that it is. Since most fanfic writers are girls. >.>). But I believe I’m entitled one. And it’s not the Blood Elf so I think this is charting new territory (Ooo, burn!))). This ‘discovery’ caused some … strife, but as  the (hundreds of) years went by, things more or less smoothed over (perhaps a little less than more). When the Draenei came to Azeroth, he embraced their new allies whole-heartedly. He now splits his time between all of the Alliance capital cities (though he spends more time in Stormwind than the other cities), studying nuances of the Light, and lending his aid to others in the Alliance.
Personality: He is a good-natured fellow, very devout to the Light, eloquent with his words, and tries to be helpful. He usually doesn’t speak up too much, preferring to stay in the background. But if you’re interested, he’ll happily spout off tenets of the Light at you all day. But don’t think that he’s weak just because he only ‘heals with the Light’ — he’s taken down unskilled folks who’ve challenged him before! (This is why you should never underestimate a Paladin — they wear plate armor for a reason!). He’s pretty much a quintessential nice tough guy.

Additional Notes

Yes, it’s true; I made one of my only guy character gay (maybe the real shocker is that it wasn’t the Blood Elf). But the majority of  his storyline that revolved around his sexuality has already played out much earlier in his life. Like… hundreds of years earlier. He doesn’t go around announcing that he’s gay, he doesn’t act ‘stereotypically gay’, so to most people he’s just another Light-obsessed paladin (which makes sense, because he is a Light-obsessed paladin. I would think that most paladins are).

Mishalom is also a fairly stable character. He doesn’t have much personal growth to do at this time, as much of it has already been done. This is because I’m not sure if or when I will be RPing with him in-game — I think it’s good to leave him at a steady point in his life. If I do get the opportunity to RP with him, especially in a long-term group setting, it will be interesting to see how his relationships with others will affect his relatively quiet personality… especially when the others figure out that he’s gay, since he wouldn’t go announcing it to them.

(On a side note, I’m not sure how accepting of the LGBT community Azerothian society is. My initial guess is that it would be similar to our culture as it is now (and my ‘our’ I mean ‘US’, since that’s what I know. XD) Though I do figure that the Draenei, being close to the Naaru and the Light and such, wouldn’t really mind. Or if they did mind, they would still be nicer about it because, you know, the Naaru are watching. As for the rest of Azeroth… I dunno. I haven’t done any research about it either, as to whether various religions would be against it or not. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or have you addressed it in RPs before? Please, let me know!)

Either way, the possible character interactions seem very interesting, even if I won’t get a chance to RP them.

Speaking of interactions… sometimes in PuGs I make him say silly things that he wouldn’t actually say while in-character. It’s only been in response to other conversation — like someone saying “Look at my strong muscular man-chest” and then I would say “Mmm, sexy” (I’m paraphrasing, of course, because my memory is that bad). It’s nothing big or ground-breaking, and I certainly don’t interject those comments without prior conversation (I don’t want Mishalom blurting out random “I WANT ATTENTION” phrases). But either way, it’s not something that straight males would normally say, so it’s interesting to see people’s reactions, because A) I don’t announce that I’m pseudo-roleplaying, and B) since I have a male avatar, they assume I’m a guy, and I’m not going to tell them I’m a “girl irl! <3” unless they ask, for fear of being pegged as a certain paladin (you should read that blog, by the way. It’s an inspiration for us all. >.>) So I’m going to treat the interactions in PuGs as being out of character, since Mishalom would usually not say the silly things that I usually type. (He’s in the same boat as all my other ‘serious’ characters — I always go for the laugh >.>)

As for Mishalom’s name… I’m trying to keep all of the Argent Dawn characters starting with ‘Misha’, so people still shorten my name(s) to Mish or Misha. But it was tricky to come up with a ‘manly-sounding’ name starting with Misha (since to me, Misha sounds like a girl’s name) that wasn’t already taken. After some brainstorming by myself and with people from SAN (and The SA, actually), I finally decided on Mishalom. Why? Because ‘Shalom’ is the Hebrew word that means ‘Peace’, and this character that I was envisioning (which you can now see above) was a very peaceful kind of guy. Plus, it ends with an ‘m’ which is not as ‘girly’ as ‘a’. (I have a tendency to add ‘a’ to the end of my female characters’ names to make them sound more girl-like. I’m trying to stop doing that on purpose, though).

PoP Project Information

But enough about his roughly-flushed out RP character side. Let’s shift focus to what I’ll be talking about the most when it comes to Mishalom — the “Pally of the Pugs” project.

As you may have read before, I’ve already taken Mishalom for a few spins around the LFD. And you may ask yourself, “But Misha — if you’ve already pugged on Mishalom, how will we know you started doing so at level 15?”

Well, I supposed there’s not too much solid proof… but I did take lots of screenshots of his stats before I first queued up! Let’s take a look-see at what I got!

(Feel free to click the screenshots to embiggen).

Screenshot of Mishalom with his XP Bar

Behold! An XP bar!

Here’s Mishalom’s XP bar right before I went to queue. If you’ll ignore my crappy UI, you can see that he’s already part of the way through 15 (ok, you can’t see his level, but I assure you that’s level 15!) This is because paladins have their quest to learn how to rez people starting at 15. I thought it would be good to know how to rez people before I started going into dungeons, so I went ahead and did the quest.

And below are three additional screenshots I look of Mishalom’s various statistics and achievements (or lack thereof), from the stat/achievement page.

Screenshot of Mishalom's Stats Page

The Stats Summary Page

Screenshot of Mishalom's Consumable Stats Page

Consumable Stats Page

Stat page with Mishalom's Achievements

Mishalom's Achievement Page

You may, of course, click any and all of these to embiggen.

The Stats Summary shows that I hadn’t died yet. Good for past me! Sadly, it was too good to last. Maybe we can keep the ‘Death from Drowning’ Category clear. That seems like a reasonable goal. It also shows that at this point I had completed 83 quests. I hope to keep it at that number — or at least be aware when I do complete a quest!

The Consumables Page shows I hadn’t really consumed much. Just an Elixir of Minor Defense and 8 Refreshing Spring Waters. Since I plan on recording the number of drinks consumed, it’ll be good to note that I had already had 8.

The Achievements Page, besides being cropped to hide the fact that I took the screenshot with all my bags open for some reason, shows that Mishalom was indeed a fairly young character. No recent achievements, for one, because even I take forever to level a character to level 15, apparently. And only 5 achievements to his name, total! You can see the breakdown on the screenshot, even though I didn’t take screenshots of each one. I’m going to guess they’re fairly standard ones for baby characters to get (like Level 10, for instance).

But What Stats Will Be Recorded?

I’m so glad you asked. I have a list of them right here that I will be recording, along with notes as to how they will be recorded! Hopefully I won’t confuse myself later on the project with pluses and minuses and such! (Note: it doesn’t take much to confuse me. >.>)

Here’s an example, with some fake stats (double slashes mean it’s a comment and will not actually be stored!):

Level: 32 (+2) // The current level plus the differential since the last time. If there isn’t a difference, there will be a +0
Deaths: 19 (+0) // Total number of deaths, along with the differential since last time. Again, no different = +0
Drinks Consumed: 132 (+12) // Total number of drinks consumed, along with the differential.
Dungeons Run: 2 (+2) // Total number of dungeons run, plus the differential. This is calculated by me unless otherwise stated.
–RFC: 5 // An individual dungeon’s total. This is calculated by me entirely, not by blizzard stats. Once a run is out of my level range, I will stop putting the differential in.
–Deadmines: 4
–SFK: 3
–SM:Graveyard: 23 (+10)

So there you have it! A delightfully ‘simple’ way of recording Mishalom’s Puggin’ Stats! If any of you would like to see other data recorded, please let me know and I can add it (as long as it doesn’t take too long to figure out!)

Next time we’ll have an post that’s actually about Pugging! Finally! XD

So stay tuned!


Meet Mishaweha

18 Jun

To kick off the ‘Meeting my characters’ series, I present to you a character near and dear to my heart; my main on WoW, Mishaweha.

Mishaweha standing in Dalaran with Naxx-25 shaman gear

Mishaweha will heal you with this large spikey mace!

(Boy, doesn’t that name sound familiar).

She doesn’t ‘live’ on an RP server though, so I don’t spend too much time fleshing out her personality and history. However, I did get the opportunity to bring her into a Gaiaonline RP at one point, so the base of this ‘Meet’ form was filled out from the Gaiaonline RP application. I’ve made a large number of changes and additions, to fill out sections I didn’t have on the Gaiaonline app, and to add/subtract details to fit her more in how she is in game.

The Basic Information

Mishaweha, standing near SSC, looking around in a wolf helm.

Wolf helm!

Name: Mishaweha; Misha for short. (This is merely a public name, used for contact with people outside of her tribe. Her private name is, well, private).
From: World of Warcraft
Race: Tauren
Gender: Female
Age: ~40 (somewhere in the ‘Young Adult’ range for Tauren; I’m pegging her at about 10 during the First War (year ‘0’) according to the unofficial timeline on Wowwiki, not that she would have known about it until later.)
Appearance: Tauren, known in some vernaculars as ‘cow-people’, look pretty much like they are described (humanoid cows); tall, standing on two hooved legs, with tail, horns, ears, and a muzzle similar to those of cows. She stands tall at 7’6”, an average size and build, though she appears more muscular and sturdy than those who do not travel for a living. Her fur is a golden tan, with large patches of creamy-white fur all over. She has a dark brown mane that goes from the top of her head to slightly past her shoulders, with two thick braids hanging in front, down to her stomach. Above her blue-green eyes are her horns, somewhat long for a female, their color going from light brown to dark brown at the tips. Slightly below her horns are her ears; she can be quite expressive between them and her tail.

Mishaweha often makes her own clothing; she is a fairly decent leatherworker. Her more casual clothes usually are a mix of leather and cloth (some looking more tribal than others). However, she is typically seen in either her traveling attire (mostly thick leather) or battle armor (mostly chain mail). Both her traveling and battle armor do consist of a chest guard, shoulder pads, cloak, and helm (her more ceremonial helm is one that was a former wolf’s head). She uses a mace and shield as her weapons. She also carries a satchel, strapped around her back, to carry food, water, and extra gear when not fighting.
Home: She was born somewhere in the plains of the Barrens, but now resides in Thunder Bluff.
History: Mishaweha was born before the founding of the Tauren’s capitol city, and therefore spent much of her childhood roaming the plains of the Barrens with her tribe. It was a dangerous time, with much turmoil caused by Centaur, Quilboar, and other enemies of the Tauren. However, Mishaweha’s tribe persevered, due to it’s larger size, and willingness to travel with other Taurens tribes for safety.

While in the tribe, Mishaweha lived with her blood relatives, in their own tent; her parents, her grandparents, one of her aunts and her children, and her two younger sisters. It was a little crowded, but Misha didn’t mind. Mostly because she was out of their home often, due to her shaman training. (Earlier in her childhood the elders of the tribe recognized that Mishaweha had a connection with the spirits, and therefore was chosen to become a shaman of the tribe, a lifelong commitment with years of study involved; in act, it was only a few years ago that she completed the final tests needed to become an official shaman, instead of just a pupil). While her training started off with more general lessons, it wasn’t long before the focus switched to the nurturing side of the Earthmother, due to her proficiencies with healing (though she still did well with direct elemental manipulation).

And so her life continued in such a fashion – doing various chores for the tribe with the other young Tauren, and continuing her shamanistic studies – until the Orcs arrived. Since the Orcs had already contacted other well-respected tribes, it was an easy decision for the elders of Misha’s tribe to decide to join them. The Orcs would help them drive the centaur from the lands, including the Tauren’s ancestral home of Mulgore. In return, the Tauren would help the Orcs settle in other parts of the land. This sat well with many Tauren, who were unable to muster the sheer numbers needed to take back their homelands.

Mishaweha, while technically an adult of her tribe when the Orcs came, could not participate directly in any battles away from the tribe, as her training required her to stay with the elders. However, she vividly remembers the time the ‘green skins’ came. How their tribe merged with other tribes, with the Orcs, and with the Trolls, another ally of the Orcs. How preparations were made for the additional company, and for wars. How weapons were made anew; how old ones were honed once again to deadly points. How cloth was scavenged or woven carefully from fibers, to turn into clothes and bandages. How hunts seemed to happen day and night for more meat for the large population. How leather was formed into battle armor, or stretched to make new homes for the newcomers, who had no place of their own. It felt magical, unbelievable. The tribes had rarely spent such a long time in one another’s company, as it was easier for follow kodo herds in smaller groups. But now there were many joining forces together, and they had much to teach one another, between tribes, and between races.

But it did not stay so magical for long. Braves would leave the encampment for battle and not return alive. Injuries left others permanently at their homes, unable to fight any longer. And it was a tiring for those who did not have to charge into battle, with the injured to take care of, and more and more duties being assigned to them to keep their warriors fed. Misha, even though she rarely fought during the wars, also felt the strain, from her continuous lessons, and the extra work that needed to be done around the tribe (such as using her skills to make and repair armor, or prepare more bandages).

Eventually, the Orcs, Trolls, and Tauren persevered, driving the centaur and their other enemies from the land, from one end of the coast to the other. While they all settled in separate areas of the land, the Tauren tribes pledged to remain allies with the Orcs and Trolls, as it was with their strength and numbers that Tauren could once again claim Mulgore as their home.

Mishaweha standing in Dalaran with Naxx-25 Shaman Gear

One of Misha's adventuring outifts.

There was still some difficultly, however, when it came time to decide what to do with their homeland. From what Mishaweha could gather from the elders’ conversations during her lessons, the various tribes had disagreements on where to settle, or even if they were going to permanently settle. It had been several generations since the Tauren had made permanent structures to call home; some weren’t sure if they would wish to settle. The Bloodhoofs, a well-respected tribe and the defacto spokesperson for their people with the outsiders, listened to all of the tribes differing opinions. The end decision was that they would make the majority of their settlements in Mulgore, that all tribes could live in or make use of, but if a tribe did not want to live in their cities, than they were not required. This decision sat well with most tribes, though some tribes rejected the idea of ‘open’ settlements (in those cases, they often made a settlement elsewhere in Kalimdor, or continued to be a wandering tribe).

Mishaweha’s tribe conferred amongst themselves, before they decided to join the Bloodhoofs and many other clans to build a city. After surveying the land, the tribes collectively choose the Thunder Bluff as the site of their new city (a few other places along the way were determined to be good for smaller villages, but were not as defensible as the high bluffs could be). Misha participated in the construction of this new city, her skills with leather coming in handy to help make the roofs and walls of some of the buildings there.

It was not long after construction of Thunder Bluff was complete that Misha went through her rite of passage to become a fully recognized shaman (it involved lots of traveling and dealing with various elements; Misha does not speak of it very much at all). Once she was granted the honors of being an official shaman of the tribe, she technically became an elder of her tribe, privy to council meetings and other important decision making. However, most of the elders were more experienced than her (aka they were actually elderly), and therefore Mishaweha’s opinions were generally ignored by the circle. Feeling somewhat frustrated for the apparent lack of difference she made in her tribe after all her years of work, Mishaweha went off to adventure (there is a word for this in Tarahe, meaning something to the effect of “Life-journey”, or perhaps “sabbatical”. It used to mean a time shortly after one became an adult in the tribe, where the Tauren would go off to assist other tribes, or go on a spiritual journey alone. It would usually last a few years, depending on where they what they decided to do, and is considered something typical for a young adult to do to further strengthen themselves. With the arrival of the Orcs and Trolls, it then became in vogue to send these adventuring adults to assist their allies, instead of just other wandering tribes).

To this day, Mishaweha is still adventuring; with most of her tribe living in Thunder Bluff, she can easily visit them, making it easy for her to adventure in the world. During her travels she has strengthened her abilities to work with the elemental spirits, and has met a rather… interesting group of people with whom she works with often.

Personality: Mishaweha appears to be quiet and shy. In fact, she was very quiet and shy when she first left the tribe to go on her adventurers. However, she has gained confidence in the years she’s been away from home. Her demeanor is calm; few things catch her off guard, though her ears and tail often betray her true emotion. She usually tries to make sure everyone else gets along well, and will try to act as a mediator if there is trouble. Emphasis is on the word try. Her patience isn’t as good as she would hope it to be, so sometimes she snaps out at people, especially if they were doing very silly things (especially if they were doing dangerous silly things!)

Additional Notes

Yes, it’s true; I actually don’t know what Misha’s proper tribe name is. I tried tacking on various Tauren-sounding names onto Mishaweha, like Plainstrider or Skyweaver, etc., but none of those really fit. So I leave her name as a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Her age is also of question. WoW has a notoriously confusing timeline, in the way that they don’t have a full official one and most of the timeline resources conflict each other (as I mentioned before, I based mine on the unofficial timeline). Add that to the fact that many of the races have different sources on their aging, and it makes it hard to decide how old, exactly, your character is. I was originally going to have her be even younger, age-wise (in her 40s), but she has two younger sisters (years younger, in fact) that both can be considered adults as well, so it makes sense to push her age higher (I even drew out a graph, mapping the human age of 25 to what the Tauren age would be, assuming that both Tauren and Humans become ‘adults’ at the ages 15 and 50 and are ‘middle-aged’ at 35 and 75, respectively. Those numbers are based off the life spans of races on wowwiki).

You’ll also notice I made up a lot of stuff about Tauren culture. I don’t think any of it was out of bounds, from what I read, but I’m sure you’ll hear different things from other people, especially about rites of passage, their take on adventuring, and shaman training in general. As you can tell, I put a lot of weight on the importance of shaman in Tauren culture; perhaps rightly so. Having them act as ‘Elders’ of a tribe makes sense; I doubt that all Tauren have shaman abilities, and being in tune with the elements grants you some incite on the world around you. However, being an Elder of the tribe merely means you’re one voice of the ruling council (in my mind). Tauren who aren’t shaman, such as great warriors and hunters, could earn their right to be an Elder (or some title of an equivalent station); however, they wouldn’t be specifically trained for such decision making as shaman would be. (Well, all of that is still according to my view of Tauren society, which probably isn’t actually factual. Whoops!)

In fact, I also made up a bit about Shaman. I’m unsure how controlling the elements allows one to heals others, or if shaman interact more with the ancestors and the Earthmother who can help with healing. I’m thinking it’s more of the latter, but I haven’t done my research.

I also tapered off near the end of her story; I really don’t want to write about what experiences she’s had since the start of the WoW game (which is more or less when she started adventuring). I’m sure there are events in the game that have affected her greatly, but I haven’t had time to chew those over in my head. So if I do write about them, I think I’ll post them as works of fiction instead of in her character bio. I also haven’t pinned down her RP personality yet, either. I’ve always found they end up being different than what I wrote in the first place. (Of course, the end of this could be a bit drier because I had to rewrite that part, due to WordPress logging me out and making my edits unrecoverable after I had nearly finished the post. T_T Nothing really drains your creativity like trying to rewrite something that accidentally got deleted. Worst part was, I remember thinking to myself ‘Oh, you don’t need to copy/paste this post – WordPress will remember it for you!’.)

Also, Misha really hates being called a cow, or being told to moo. Stupid moo emote.


Meeting My Characters – An Ongoing Series

14 May

On this blog, I hope to focus a lot on my characters. Yes, I do mean all of those characters that I have already listed out and briefly described from WoW and other games, not to mention the ones I haven’t listed from my writings and roleplays on Gaiaonline and elsewhere.

You may know a bit about my characters already, from the information on those lists. But what I posted before doesn’t really get into the heart of the character; their past, their personality, their story. And I think that this blog is an excellent medium to discuss these things (mainly because on my non-RP servers, no one cares enough about those things to really pay attention to me blab on about them, and also because this is my blog so I get to ramble on about what I like).

And therefore, for all the characters who have backstories defined, I will introduce them to you (and to myself, because you discover a lot about your characters when writing their backstory; it’s a very good exercise to learn more about your character, I think. Though you learn even more when you put them into stories). Hopefully you will ‘meet’ them before I bring them up in other works of fiction, so that way, if you happen to forget who I’m talking about (but I’m sure that will never happen), you can easily refer to their introduction page and get to know them again. More importantly, it will help me keep all my characters straight somewhere else besides in my head (And I’m sure there is some overlap, as I have a problems making tons of truly unique characters; all of it has been done before by someone else, I’m sure. And some of them exist in completely different worlds, so they would never meet each other anyway).

Each of these meet posts should have a similar structure; Introduction, Form o’ Info, and Concluding Notes. Here’s the form I plan on using:

Name: The character’s name, title, and possible notes about it.
From: What game or writing the character belongs in.
Race: Their race, as a lot of them tend not to be human
Gender: A fairly obvious question, yes?
Age: This will have an age or a range of ages, depending on their story’s progress, as well as an approximate human age, if needed.
Appearance: What they look like. (I added this field after I initially made this post, because I forgot about it! Whoops!)
Home: Where they were born, or what region they call home now.
History: Their past and present (or what I currently know about those things)
Personality: Their general personality that I may or may not ignore.

It’s pretty basic, similar to what I see on Gaiaonline for forum RPs, but there’s a lot of room for me to talk about everything I would need to know about a character. And with them having a single post for their backstory, I can easily go back and edit the post when necessary, to update their information or add additional, ‘very important’ notes.  Because we all know that our characters are always changing.


How many toons do-you-have? (6 7 8 9 10…)

7 May

Remember that post where I listed out all of my WoW Characters? Well, here’s the continuation to that post, only this time, it’s me listing all the characters I have in different MMOs.

Let the listing of the toons begin!

City of Heroes/Villains

The first game I’ll focus on is City of Heroes/Villains. (I’ve never really liked calling the game City of X, or CoX. Probably because I’m a prude XD). This was the first MMO I ever played (at least I’m pretty sure it was, as Guild Wars came out after CoH did). I fell in love with the costume designing, something I still enjoy doing today. It really blew other games of that time away with the amount of custumization you could do. I remember being slightly offended and yet intrigued that in Guild Wars, you could only customize some limited facial and body features, and that their clothes were based on what they were wearing. How crazy!

But anyway, back to CoH. Here’s a screenshot of my main server, Justice:

City of Heroes Justice Server Characters

It's all about the wings, baby.

As you can see, there’s a mix of heroes and villains. Happily, it’s symmetrical, with 5 heroes at the top of the list, followed by 5 villains. I suppose if I start making more characters it will ruin the effect.

Anyway, here are my current heroes…

  • Celt Paladin – Tanker: Quite possibly my first MMO toon made, ever. There may have been one before her, but I can’t think of who that would be. As a testament to my slow leveling pace, she still has not reached level cap. *hangs head in shame* I swear it’s not my fault. I just picked the almost worst possible combinations for powersets ever (Maces, Stone Armor, with Super Leap as her travel power. XD ) She does, however, have a neat backstory that involves time-travel. Good times. Though more unfortunately, since she only wears the same outfit recolored, people often mistake her as a guy, for some reason.
  • Adiutrix – Defender: Ah, good ol’ Adiutrix. I believe her name means ‘Helper’ or something like that in Latin, as I made her while I still remembered some Latin from high school. While Celt Paladin was a tanking class, as suggested by my friend who encouraged me to play CoH, I went to my ‘healing roots’ when it came to making her. She also has a weird backstory, mostly driven by my desire to hide the lower half of her face because I didn’t really like the face choices we had in game.
  • Snow Kitty – Blaster: Ice/ice to be precise. Looks like a snow leopard. I was also surprised that name wasn’t taken.
  • Madame Tempest – Controller: My friend’s characters often started with Lady. Like Lady ____. I decided to run with this for my Controller, but using Madame instead of Lady. I believe she is an ice/storm controller.
  • EPA – Scrapper: To get all the classes, I had to make a Scrapper. And who needs a super hero the most? The Environmental Protection Agency. Yeah, I think she has the lamest background out of all my heroes.

And on the villain side I have…

  • Sorceress Silvae – Dominator: Her name means Sorceress of the Woods (parly Latin again). She is the main villain against Celt Paladin; I believe I thought of her role in Celt Paladin’s background even before CoV came out, and then decided to expand on her character and create her in the game once it did come out. As her name may imply, she is a plant person, and will crush you with her beloved trees.
  • Palindromic – Mastermind: I made this villain specifically to hang out with one of my friend’s villains. I believe they were all the Mastermind class and named after various parts of speech so we could name our minions funny things. She has a very symmetrical design, with as many silly parts as I could throw in as possible (like elf ears and insect feet). She uses a bow as her main weapon, and controls ninjas with such names as HannaH and BoB. Yeah, she’s pretty weird.
  • Morzena – Mastermind: Another Mastermind, though this one controls zombies. She’s supposed to be undead herself, though I never really settled on a costume I absolutely liked. And that’s a really important thing for these characters where you can choose what they wear.
  • Silver Tiger – Stalker: She’s a stalker, and I rather like her character design as well. Her outfit is black and silver, and looks very stunning. Too bad she spends much of her time stealthed, so it’s hard to see! Unfortunately, I never got to play on her too much. Besides my altitis, my friend ended up disliking stalkers so much, so I didn’t want to upset her too much by playing on one a lot. XD
  • Queen Venificia – Corruptor: This is another character who’s design and concept I didn’t really fall in love with. She was based of a villain from a long defunct Gaiaonline RP (the RP was eaten by a forum bug, I believe). However, the setting of that RP was set in a medeval fantasy world. Queen Venificia was very evil, but mostly used magic. And certainly would be wearing a long flowing dress. Problem: City of Heroes doesn’t have long flowing dresses (or at least not while I made her). So her outfit seems out of place, as well as her name (some mangled Latin which means something to the effect of ‘poison’), and her entire personality. I may delete and recreate with a different character, someday.

So that’s all the characters on my main server on CoH. However… back in the day before additional character slots could be added, my friend and myself started making more toons a different server. Specifically, we made them on Virtue, the self-proclaimed RP server of CoH. Here’s the screen of that login page:

City of Heroes Characters on the Virtue Server

Only the best names for my heroes! *cough*

Quite a few of these are throw-away characters, or heroes who were based on a name that sounded neat in concept.

  • Allie the Tech Savvy – Defender: Her name is supposed to rhyme. It sorta does, if you stretch it a bit. She’s a bubble/electric defender. Who teleports. She’s pretty fun to play.
  • Stormy Justice – Defender: This is someone’s real name. I kid you not. I ran across it once, and I decided that it had to be a super hero name. Her costume was not as stormy or justicey as I hoped it would turn out though.
  • Sam the Dog – Blaster: Yeah. That Sam. I only made him because I thought it would be cute if The SA and I paired off as them. However, it just wasn’t the same, being ported into CoH. Plus The SA never really like this game; he never got past the initial trial. We only played on them once.
  • FashionablyLate – Blaster: I think I may have read this phrase, and determined it would be the perfect name for a fashion savvy (or not so fashion savvy) super hero. Apparently someone else thought that too, because it was already taken; I had to get rid of the space. Her costume is a ridiculous black and pink clown like number. Though now that I remember making her, perhaps I will have to port her into Champion’s Online, since nobody can take your name there.
  • Devil in a BlueDress – Corruptor: I kick myself for not changing my mind and making it ‘Devil with a Blue Dress’, as per the song. However, I thought it looked nicer than ‘DevilWithABlueDress’, which is what it would have to be since it’s close to the character limit for CoH names. Or at least I thought it looked better, at the time. (I’ll let you take a wild guess as to what her costume looks like).
  • Rica the Robot Queen – Mastermind: She’s yet another Mastermind, this time controlling robots. She’s Allie’s twin sister, and also her arch-nemesis (even though her name doesn’t rhyme). Conveniently, that made it much easier to design her outfit.

Guild Wars

Man, I remember being SUPER excited when Guild Wars came out. A MMO? For free!? Count me in! In the end, like most games that don’t have subscriptions, I don’t feel guilty for not playing them, and therefore I don’t play them very often. Whoops. I had to download a patch for hours to log back in to try and get a screenshot for this post. The first problem was trying to log in again (what do you mean I have to remember a character name!? Also- I guess my account won’t be as secure since I’m posting all my character names here). The second problem was that the game forgot what all my characters looked like. So all of the characters were replaced with completely random character models. FOR ALL OF THEM. And I can’t take a screenshot of those characters because they look like nothing I worked so hard to design! I seemed to recall that logging in would fix all of the previews, but after it took another couple hours to download the content to log in, I decided to skip the screenshot of the login page and go with a screen of my main character, Wren Maldadda, dancing to Thriller, as Necromancers are prone to do:

Guild Wars Character Wren Dances To Thriller


Let me tell you, it’s hard to get a proper screenshot of that dance where you can A) Tell she’s dancing the Thriller dance, B) see her face, and C) not get an almost inappropriate shot of her legs. I think I may have succeeded on two counts.

But anyway- the list of Guild Wars characters!

  • Wren Maldadda – Necromancer/Monk: She was my first Guild Wars character, and she hasn’t even reached the level cap of 20! Though in the original game, it took awhile to reach level cap, as far as I can tell. When the first expansion came out, the leveling was really, really fast. Oh, and for the record- I was doing over the top minion control before it was cool. Just so you know. And I will continue to do it even after it’s not cool any more. I really kind of liked all those flesh monsters you could create. She is pretty much a port of a character I had made for a Gaiaonline RP that never got off the ground. If I play a game as a Necromancer, I almost always name them a variation of Wren Maldadda (in her original world, the double-d (dd) is pronounced as ‘th’, so sometimes her name is spelled ‘Maldatha’, or ‘Maldaltha’ if I forget there is only one ‘l’).
  • Ashandi Yashi – Monk/Mesmer: I’m pretty sure she was the second character I made, in an effort to do more Monk-like healing and less Necromancer-like summoning. She actually looks like a Monk, if only for the fact that she has no hair on her head (that way you can see her awesome tattoo). I had planned on making her only a Monk, but I don’t think Guild Wars allows you to be a single class, so she ended up being a Mesmer too. She is vaguely based off a Star Wars character I made up, a Twi’lek Jedi in-training of the same name. They don’t have much in common, besides their names being the same, and how Jedi are sort of like Monks.
  • Cyntra Bethrin – Ranger: Her appearance (and kind of her name) were based off of yet another Gaiaonline RP character named Centra Blu. I think I had altered it to make it seem a little less modern, as Centra Blu existed in a Space setting. As for Cyntra, she is still in the beginning happy land, where eventually she’ll cross class as a Elementalist. Probably.
  • Zehia Teng – Ritualist/Necromancer: This character is my first and only level capped Guild Wars character. She played through the majority of the first expansion to get there. Note: Ritualists summon lots of pets too. Squee!
  • Gaile De Cerise – Necromancer: As you can see, my love for lots of little minions had me keep rolling Necromancers, even with the limited number of character slots (and that’s with knowing there was another expansion, and that my sister had taken a character slot as well). My intentions for this one was to make her a Ranger, so I could have even more pets. However, I was conflicted; she seemed like someone who would be a Mesmer, and the Necro/Mesmer combo was (is?) very, very powerful. I have yet to make up my mind on this one.
  • Mhena Besi – Dervish/Elementalist: She is the only one from the second expansion that I have made, so far. She’s fairly far along in her levels, though she certainly isn’t maxed out. The Dervish class is pretty fun to play too.

Age of Conan

Age of Conan Character List

I'm not a fan on how the AoC character list arranges itself...

Ah, good old Age of Conan. I play this one with a WoW guildie, when I do play. However, now that they released offline leveling, I pretty much will keep subscribing to them. XD And no, I really have no idea how AoC arranges the character list. I don’t think it’s by when you make them, nor is it alphabetical, or by level. It’s dreadfully annoying.

But now it’s time for me to ramble on about all of these characters, in the order that I think they should be in!

  • Dynesia – Aquilonian Priest of Mitra: She was the second character I made in AoC, and the first on the realm my guildie plays on. She’s a healing class, of course. I got way more into healing after making a healer my main on WoW. She also, in character, is much nicer than much of the Conan lore. That’s probably another reason why I’m not a fan of her ‘come hither’ wiggle that she does on the loading screen. (All the woman do that, actually. Probably because this game is aimed at Men.) It’s especially silly because it looks like she has a cold since her nose is red.
  • Ahnrahk – Stygian Tempest of Set: Another healer type. I gave her some neat tattoos, so she looks Egyptian-like.
  • Tkalha – Stygian Demonologist: She looks really, really scary. Her hair is in dreadlocks, with her face covered with a heavy black tattoo (that makes it scary). I mainly made her so I could have her walk around with one of the AoC succubi (a female one, of course; the male ones look way too scary).
  • Wrenmalda – Stygian Necromancer: Remember what I said about necromancers and their names? Yup, the trend continues. She looks more or less the same as the Guild Wars one; her skin is darker, though, due to Necromancers being Stygians.
  • Geloryn – Cimmerian Ranger: I decided I needed a Cimmerian, and also a token male. So Geloryn was made. Sadly he’s still a loincloth, like my WoW male priest. Oh my poor, poor token male toons.
  • Maldatha – Stygian Necromancer: What, another one? Yes, this one lives on a different server (Cimmeria, a RP-PVP server vs. Wiccana), before I knew where my guildie resided.

I do find it rather funny that I have most of my characters as the ‘bad guy’ race, while my ‘main’ character is the prudish race. What does that say about me, I wonder.

Champions Online

Champions Online Character List

Why, these names seem familiar...

Hm… what familiar names. Yes, I am guilty of porting in my CoH characters into the Champions Online game. After all, it’s pretty much developed by the same people, and I did miss playing on Celt Paladin and the rest. However, I’ve only imported three of them. The rest are original. In fact, I have a list of characters I’d like to make of the different power sets that would fill up the rest of my character slots.

But as for the characters that are currently there, I have…

  • Celt Paladin: While Champions Online has an amazing character creation system (it is sexy), it was (at least at launch) severely lacking in Medieval armor, especially helms. I was a little disappointed, but I thought I did fairly well. Also, in this game she uses a sword instead of a mace. I learned my lesson. Haha.
  • Adiutrix: Her outfit turned out nice, and it was probably the closest to the look and feel of the original CoH character. However, I don’t think she has a healing power set like her counterpart.
  • Snow Kitty: Her costume was close, but didn’t quite hit the mark. I think it was mostly how her face looked; I’m not exactly a fan of Champions Online faces either.
  • Howling Hawk: She’s a wolf-human with wings. Enough said.
  • Warden of the Woods: I wanted her to be a tall, elegant deer humanoid, like a demi-god. I don’t think I ever got her costume right, even with all the fiddling I did.

Weirdly, I seem to recall having made a ‘Fyrefox’ character, who looked like a female version of the Firefox logo, more or less. Since I have the character costume all saved, I’m guessing the character was deleted. (Unless that was made in only beta).


There are some games I’m currently not subscribed to and/or will be playing in the future, including Warhammer Online, Aion, EVE Online, LOTRO, and Star Trek Online, so I can’t list their characters (either because I haven’t made any yet, or I forgot their names). But maybe someday in the future when I reactivate them, I will show off all my spiffy characters. (Did I mention I love character customization? Because I do. I really, really do).

And so those are all of my characters in many of the games I play. Not all of them have backstories, but quite a few of them do, so I hope to share those with you. And maybe I’ll see you in-game!

How many toons do-you-have? 1 2 3 4 5…

11 Apr

The title is supposed to be read in the sing-song chant of skiprope and double-dutchers everywhere.

I’m sure I would fall down before I finished listing all of my characters. I was never very good at skipping rope.

I’m not going to list all of my characters here, though— just ones that are in the MMOs I play. The ones that exist on Gaiaonline RPs or other writing I can introduce on a case-by-case basis. However, I plan on talking about the MMO characters in passing in various posts, so it might be handy to know them. And hopefully I’ll remember to take some of this information and transplant it to a page so everyone can figure out what servers I live on quickly. Though maybe that’s not such a good thing…

Let’s start with WoW characters, since that’s the game I currently spend most of my time in.

World of Warcraft Characters

I, at this very moment, have 53 of characters spread across 10+ servers on 2 accounts (you can blame the Zhevra from recruit-a-friend for that one). A good number are alts rolled on different servers to play with various friends, in real-life or through other connections. Some are Death Knights; a few are ones I rolled to let my friends try out. Most of them (including my main ones) are on non-RP servers, which is a little silly considering how much I like the idea of roleplaying (I’m not too sure how well I execute the RP when I do it, especially in game, but the idea of it I can get behind.)

I’ll break it down per server, starting with the nearest and dearest to my heart.


Good ol’ Ysera. I believe this was one of the ‘suggested’ servers when me and The SA first started playing. In fact, my very first toon was on this server, a Human Priest named Lazena, to go with The SA’s second toon, a Human Warrior. But The SA made his second toon on the server a Forsaken Rogue, and I made my current main, a Shaman Tauren (I love Tauren, by the way). So instead of being our Alliance server, Ysera became our Horde server, where I have a vast array of Hordlings at my beck and call.

Here’s the character selection screen of Ysera on my main account:

Ysera Character List

That's right; I'm too tall for the screen with that helm on.

It goes Tauren, Undead, Tauren, Blood Elf, Tauren, Undead, Tauren, Blood Elf, Tauren… Blood Elf. (And that last Blood Elf is one of my rare male toons, since almost all of my characters are female. Of course, he is a Blood Elf so he doesn’t exactly count as male, amirite?) Eventually this pattern will break when Cataclysm comes out and I ‘have’ to transfer or Race change one of them, but until then I’ll enjoy it as is. (Can you tell I like Tauren?)

Here’s a break-down of who’s who.

  • Mishaweha is my Shaman Tauren, my main, and my namesake (on this blog, at least). She was the second or third toon I made, to try out Horde-side with the SA. We leveled together for a little while, but he ended up leveling much faster than I did.
  • Milthete was named in honor of one of the SA’s toons. She unfortunately is lower on the leveling chain, mainly because I’m not that good with rogues. And maybe the fact I insisted on leveling subtlety.
  • Mamisha is my very first hunter, and will probably be my third 80, if I manage to level her up there before Cataclysm hits. She has two main pets; Rexxa, one of the cats found around Mulgore, and Moonshine, the ghost kitty in Darkshore.
  • Methril was my first Blood Elf, and my first mage.
  • Moisha is my second druid (the first one was alliance). I had to hold off on making her until after BC came out, so that way I didn’t have two Tauren in a row. See? I planned that pattern from the start.
  • Maiheela is my second undead. This is the one I plan on turning into a Tauren in the future, since I have so many priests. And a Tauren Priest would be awesome. So I haven’t really leveled her in awhile…
  • Mistreaver is my neglected warrior. Tauren, of course.
  • Marlenn is my scary Blood Elf Warlock.
  • Mourninglory is my Tauren Death Knight, and my second 80, even if it is cheating.
  • Mandlebrot is my poor little neglected Blood Elf Priest, and my only male toon on Ysera. He is currently wearing a loincloth. Pity him.

So those are the toons on Ysera… on my main account! Yes, my secondary account is also on this server (you know, from that recruit-a-friend thing, since most of my friends were smart enough not to start playing WoW). However, the second account isn’t held to my self-made rule for toon names; that is, all the of toon names did not need to start with an ‘M’. They also didn’t need a pattern either. I tried picking some races that I didn’t already use horde side, but I still have a Tauren in there…

Here are my secondary account toons

  • Mamouska is a Tauren Hunter (again!), because I obviously needed more pets (I do!). I dual-boxed her with Methril for awhile, though now they’ve been using the LFD tool separately.
  • Xaviera is my Blood Elf Paladin, currently neglected. She is dual-boxed with Mandlebrot (’cause she likes pushing him around).
  • Telklah is an Orc Warlock, since I felt a little guilty for not having any Orc toons. Also, Orc warlocks are cool.
  • Maxwel is an Orc Hunter (more pets!). I plan on twinking her in the 19s bracket (even though I suck at PvP).
  • Temporella is… a Draenei something or other. She’s only there to get alliance things and will probably be deleted.
  • Xcessivespy is a Troll Rogue, and may or may not become a twink. It depends on if I delete her or not…
  • Eiahasha is a Tauren Druid, but will likely be deleted once Cataclysm comes out.
  • Dabu is an Orc Shaman, but will likely be deleted once Cataclysm comes out.

As you can see, there aren’t as many on the second account. But even so, I will probably ‘have’ to get rid of some to make room for Cataclysm toons, once I buy Cataclysm for this account, that is. Currently my main goals for the toons is to get one up to 55 so I can start making EVEN MORE DKs, and to actually get my twink(s) to twinking levels and, you know, twink with them.

Anyway, onto the next server!


Anvilmar Character List

Only level 33 after HOW many years!?!

Anvilmar was another one of those server Blizzard suggested we use when we were first playing. It became the home of our alliance toons (well, the home of my alliance toons, as The SA doesn’t really play another that’s not on Ysera anymore.) I realize now that it probably would have been best if I made said Alliance home on an RP server… but I’m far to cheap to transfer all of these characters… right now.

  • Erjanna – Dwarf Priest
  • Esquinna – Night Elf Priest
  • Adellin – Human Paladin
  • Abbota – Dwarf Hunter
  • Iristra – Draenei Shaman
  • Irinna – Human Warlock
  • Obladi – Draenei Priest
  • Ironshield – Dwarf Death Knight
  • Oblada – Draenei Hunter, on the other account. She plays with Obladi, and her pet is named ‘LifeGoesOn’.

None of them are past level 40, besides the Death Knight. And I haven’t really played on the Death Knight, either, since I may shuffle around what Death Knight is on what server. Now, these are all the toons on Anvilmar, but the other ones are just nameholders that may or may not be deleted in the future.

(P.S. The naming pattern for this server is names that start with vowels.)

Argent Dawn (RP)

The toons on Argent Dawn are newer, as I made them to go into the blogging guild, Single Abstract Noun. So all of the ones listed here are in SAN.

  • Mishalea – Draenei Death Knight
  • Mishalom – Draenei Paladin; and a male toon to boot!
  • Mishalina – Dwarf Rogue, on my other account.

As you can tell, I decided to start them all with ‘Misha’, so that way people would still shorten the names to ‘Mish’ or ‘Misha’ and that way I wouldn’t get confused, and it would be easier to tell who my alts belonged to. I think it was just coincidence that I managed to pick all the names to actually start with ‘Mishal’.

Moon Guard (RP)

This server has a mix of Horde and Alliance toons, mainly because of the number of different people I know (in theory) that play on it. My main’s guild has an alliance alt guild here, which no one plays on but I made a toon for anyway. A co-worker and some of my old high school friends play Horde-side on this server, but I haven’t really met up with either of them. And finally, an online friend from Gaiaonline plays on this server part-time on the Alliance side… but I haven’t seen her toons much either! So mostly it is a server full of abandoned alts.

  • Lazena – Human Priest; she’s a copy of my first character, which I remade on this server. Her hair isn’t the exact some color, but it’s pretty close.
  • Hallee – Human Priest; she was made to go in my main’s guild’s alliance guild. Her name is supposed to be a weird version of ‘Holly’, and I’m only supposed to play on her with The SA’s Alliance toon on this server. (Which never happens).
  • Moonscythe – A Tauren warrior name placeholder; I still haven’t used that name, nor have I logged on this toon.
  • Bluburry – A Tauren Death Knight. This one has the more blue skin, hence the name.

Kirin Tor (RP)

This server is where an online friend from Gaiaonline spends some of her WoW time (the same one mentioned above). I’ve only been online with her a few times, but it was enough to get me some starting gold! (Hooray!)

  • Zilva – Night Elf Druid. I’m leveling her in a dreamstate healing spec.
  • Kalzaram – Night Elf Death Knight. I’m not sure I’ll keep her on this server; I haven’t really logged onto her at all.

Feathermoon (RP)

Feathermoon Character List

You can tell she's neglected 'cause she's wearing THAT.

I had made a toon on this server ages ago, to play with an online friend from Gaiaonline (not the one mentioned above). I never did catch her toons’ names, so I never leveled that first toon past level 4. That is, until I started reading Too Many Annas and Through the Eyes of Death, two wonderful roleplaying blogs that happen to be headquartered on Feathermoon. I now am slowly leveling my little alt while I stalk them (a nice kind of stalking, where I burble happily about their latest posts), and try to figure out how to RP in-game.

  • Likal – She’s the Night Elf Hunter (more pets!) that I had made on this server ages ago.
  • Bluburry – Tauren Death Knight. Sound familiar? She looks exactly like the one above, but hopefully I’ll play with her more. She was created recently.

Other Realms

I have a small number of toons on other server that I won’t bother to list here, as I am unlikely to log onto any of them. However, I am going to list the Death Knight’s I have, mostly for my sake so I can keep track of them.

  • Mordette – Undead Death Knight
  • Alatoriel – Blood Elf Death Knight


And there you have it; the majority of my toons on WoW. Now you can easily stalk me wherever I go. Since that took much longer to list out than I thought it would, I think I’ll save the toon listings for other games for another day.