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Link Roundups – A Blast From The Past!

6 Aug
Misha rides a kodo, using a lasso to roundup links

Yeehaw! It’s a link roundup! (This is still a WIP, though now that I’ve posted it, I’m likely never to finish it!)

The past month or so, that is. At any rate, let’s dig in!

This time the topics include an epic RP Storyline, some Auction House stories, thoughts on Spending Cash in the cash shop and elsewhere, some thoughts on the Past, Future, and the Present (of WoW).

RP Storyline

I don’t know if you keep up with the Feathermoon crew much (I haven’t of late, to tell the truth), but Too Many Annas has a nice short with our good Headmaster Arrens in it. It made me quite curious to find out what happens next, and luckily I got to read on, as seen in the follow-up stories in this mega-storyline:

Hopefully there will be more soon!

Auction House

Phat Lewt’s Gold Blog points out that TSM 2.0 is in open beta. I didn’t even know there was a 2.0! I think I’ll stick with the old fashioned TSM for now until more info is out on TSM 2.0, because at least I know how it works!

Power Word: Gold gives the rundown on how iLvl jumps work and how you can profit from them. Full of pretty graphs!

Spending Cash

The Grumpy Elf has some thoughts on WoW, the new cash shop model, and if it will ever go F2P.

If Navimie from The Daily Frostwolf was in charge of the WoW Cash Shop, this is what she would add (or remove).

The Daily Frostwolf also reports that one of their guildies has actually bought the transmog helms from the ‘pet store’. They actually look pretty nice on a Tauren, as seen in the post. But… I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be paying $15 for them. Maybe if they go on sale…

And for a slightly different take on how you can spend your money, Cold’s Gold Factory reported way back in July that the most recent WoW TCG expansion has all the loot cards! Maybe it’s time I get back into that hobby? Maaaaybe.

A Look To The Future

WoW Rare Spawns gives us a preview of … well, rare spawns! In 5.4 on the Timeless Isle, apparently. Neat!

In a look at futures that could maybe (possible) be, Variant Avatar suggests Blizzard make guilds more appealing. A compelling argument, with good improvement ideas to boot. (Yes, I would like to create my own guild quests!)

Herding Cats writes a little on the future (or lack of future) of MMO blogging. Not specifically WoW-related, but this is a blog about an MMO (or two, or three), so it’s a good read for you bloggers out there.

A Look To The Past

Tome of the Ancient prefers the places in Azeroth that haven’t changed. I must say, I’m rather adverse to change as well. But I haven’t even touched most of the Cataclysm leveling zones yet… (not that surprising, knowing my leveling record).

Power Word: Gold got a rare drop and asks if you remember a time you got an exceptionally rare item? I know I do; it was a fancy purple ring I got in a Scarlet Monastery run that freezes enemies that attack you. She’s outgrown it, obviously, but I’m pretty sure I’ve kept it in her bank.

WoW In The Present

Now with sub-categories: Just Playing and Raiding (which I suppose is a subform of playing but nevermind that!)

Just Playing

The Grumpy Elf talks about soloing WoW for the challenge.

Is leveling too easy? Not if you forget how to play your class, as Tome of the Ancient helpfully demonstrates. Don’t worry — I’ve done that very thing P L E N T Y of times.

Fellow altoholic at That Was an Accident has a goblin problem, I presume much like I have a Tauren problem.

Why do you play Warcraft? The Grumpy Elf examines this in a thoughtful post; I agree with many of the sentiments expressed.


The Daily Frostwolf gives an example of how they decide who sits out for their 10-man raid. My guild does it easy — no backups. Of course, this means sometimes we don’t raid at all when people are missing… >_>

The Was an Accident! has been having fun in LFR. First, a look at healing LFR without friends, and then going to LFR with friends. Plenty of screenies in these posts too!

— — —

That’s all for today! Happy gaming, everyone!


Guest Post Repost – I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…

28 Jun

Over a year ago, I wrote a guest post for Arrens‘ now defunct blog (you can see my introduction to it here). It was one of my earlier attempts at blogging, so I decided to repost it here because I haven’t written much recently I think  you’d enjoy reading it. Even though it’s an older post, I’m still very interested in the subject of RPing in WoW. Let me know about your own experiences with RP (or lack of them) in the comments!

Hello! I’m Misha, from Me, Myself, And All Of Them… not that you would have heard of such a new blog! Anyway, I’m a Tauren, from Ysera, who likes long walks on the plains of Mulgore…

Whoops! Wrong post. What I’m actually here to talk about are my experiences on RP realms, as coming from someone who spends most of their time on a ‘normal’ realm, who is now spending slightly more time on RP realms. I was chosen for this task because Arrens doesn’t have enough posts on his blog (last I checked it was a month since the last one and that makes me sad); and also because I just joined his guild (Stormwind University) with my little Night Elf hunter (Likal) after excessive but very polite in-game stalking (or at least I think it was polite). And as you all surely know, Arrens resides on Feathermoon, an RP server. And get this: they RP over there!

Now, I’m not the most inexperienced RPer in the world. Back in high school (must be about 9 years ago now, my word, don’t I feel old), when The Internet was really starting to pick up and AOL was a viable internet provider (oo, burn!), I used to AIM RP with my high school buddies and a few of our internet friends. I even played in MUDs (specifically one based on the Wheel of Time series, ironically one I have not read), where I did some lighter RP. Eventually this lead to forum RP on Gaiaonline, something I still do today. So with all this RP experience under my belt, I know about the basics (probably – I’m sure there is much to learn!)

And it’s not as if I haven’t dabbled playing on WoW’s RP realms before. While my fiance would rather not RP, we still rolled a couple toons on an RP realm that a Gaiaonline friend played on. We didn’t level up too far though (probably because they’re Alliance – FOR THE HORDE!!). But we never actually roleplayed on those toons. Oh sure, we didn’t say anything weird in any public channels, we would emote back at people if they emoted at us, and every now and then we would giggle as we RP walked around town for a little bit (well, I giggled; I’m pretty sure the fiance just sighed and played along). And being the altoholic that I am, I rolled plenty of low-level toons on multiple RP servers (words of advice: When almost all of the servers are down, don’t roll a fresh toon on an RP server… it is not pretty), but I never really roleplayed on any of those toons either.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t done any WoW RP before; I’ve had some spontaneous encounters on my RP realm alts. Once, my level 20-something Night Elf druid playing ‘tour guide’ for a couple low-level lady Night Elves, who had put out a distress signal about horde on Teldrassil (they were just RPing, of course. Otherwise I doubt I would have lived). On our way to Stormwind (for that is where they wished to go), their personalities alternated between being naive and… lusty. It was very interesting baby-sitting those two on the way. Another time, I happened to be leveling my female human priest, who was level 4 or 5. There happened to be another human who was also leveling; some male warrior, I think. I was questing, he was questing, and so we ended up questing together a bit (in character!). He acted like a perfect gentleman. Except that once we got to Goldshire he asked if I wanted to E-RP. *facepalm* I should have known such an innocent RP was too good to be true while wandering around the human starting zone! (I firmly declined his invitation, of course, and he eventually respected my decision. Though we did end our RP conversations shortly after that.)

However, none of those incidents really felt like ‘real roleplaying’. One reason was because I haven’t RP’d ‘instantly’ using a chat client for a long time. I mean, RP in the WoW client is similar to AIM; you can converse as fast as you can type. You can’t hold off on posting, to ponder for hours, even days, on what the best way to react would be, and then to write it. You have to instantly spring up with dialogue, or actions, and make sure that those are things that your character would say, things your character would do. And that, for me, is one of the scariest things for ‘live’ RP. Especially if you’re new.

And it leads into the second reason why those RP situations didn’t feel ‘real’ – I wasn’t worrying too much about what my character would do or say, something that probably is, you know, important when roleplaying. In the above examples, neither of my toons above had a well-defined background. If I logged in again, none of the people I RP’d with would likely remember me, so I could get away with making up a new background. But now that I’m trying to establish myself on Feathermoon with a permanent character, with a set backstory, I’m worrying about that a lot more.

My worrying lead me to actually avoided doing any significant RPing on Likal for some time. I leveled Likal to level 10 (because what kind of self-respecting hunter doesn’t have a pet?). I picked professions that I thought would work well with the character (herbalism, for money, and tailoring, for bags). I got her the perfect pet (the Flamingo!); I spent days thinking of a suitable name. I worked out a backstory. Where was she from? How old was she? Why was she a hunter? Why didn’t she want to get one of those cats that are all over Teldrassil and instead got the bird from enemy territory?

I read various RP blogs for months, familiarizing myself with their stories, and other interesting tidbits that would (possibly) help my own RP in-game. I looked at various RP addons, eventually installing FlagRSP, which I spent some time fiddling around with. (Here’s a fun fact – if you go between factions a lot, you can actually read the profiles of the opposing faction. Freaky!)

And then came the hardest part – making contact.

Remember what I mentioned about stalking? It’s true. I would log onto Likal, to quest a bit or sell my herbs, and then I would /who University, or /who Wildfire, to see who was on from Arrens’ guild and Anna’s guild (Yes, this Anna). Sometimes I would see names that I had read about from their blogs, different characters all with interesting stories in their own rights. But since they weren’t the bloggers themselves, I decided not to freak them out entirely and limited my initial contact to only Arrens and Anna. It was easy enough to say ‘Hi’ OOC-like and have a conversation about how awesome their blogs are. But after a while, I wanted more than just to say ‘nice blog’ and giggle like a crazed fangirl. Yes- I wanted to RP.

But… I wasn’t too sure how to go about it. Sure, I had FlagRSP, but every time I set it for ‘Looking for Contact’, I would get extremely nervous that maybe somebody I didn’t know would start talking at me, and then I would make a fool of myself! Yes, my inherit shyness extends even into game. And that same shyness stopped me from seeking out others who were set to ‘Looking for Contact’, because, well, then I would be seeking strangers for RP opportunities.

Instead, I logged on and looked for signs of RP. I had to leave the Night Elf starting zone and Darnassus, as apparently no one hangs out there, and head to Stormwind. I hung about the two bars around Old Town and the Dwarven District, as I heard that sometimes RP happens there. I even followed some people who started RP conversations around town, to see what things they talked about, to see how what they would say (which, I must admit, would be pretty creepy to see a little Night Elf with a pink bird following you around).

Finally, one day, I decided to break the ice. Mainly because I saw that Annalea (who is not a Too-Many-Annas Anna, fyi) was in Stormwind. Well, I was in Stormwind too! Maybe if she wasn’t busy, I could try this roleplaying thing. To determine if she wasn’t busy, I tried to use my leet tracking skills to find her (Likal is a hunter, remember?) If she didn’t seem to be too busy, then I could casually start RPing with her. The fatal flaw in my plan was that I am a fail-hunter, and could not find her after wandering the streets of Stormwind for longer than I’d care to admit. Finally I broke down and whispered her, asking where, exactly, she was. But that at least broke the ice, and her directions to her location were utterly clear. And while our conversation started OOC, once I arrived at her location we started to RP!

It was just a conversation, of course. I was (and probably still am) a complete stranger to her (both IC and OCC, har har). Just a couple of adventurers, sitting near the wine shop, making small talk (well, I was standing for most of it until I realized that looked silly). We talked about all sorts of things; my pet and her name, where I was from, where she was from, various people she knew (a subtle way to indicate where I could find more people to RP with, I suspect), events that would happen in the near future (mainly The Rose Ball). She picked up on various descriptions from my FlagRSP; I mostly tried to keep up with the conversation and actually ask her questions instead of just answering. It was like I had studied for a test and I knew the answers; I knew enough about Likal that questions about her past were easily answered. I didn’t need to hem and haw when she asked me where I came from, or why I was in Stormwind. And that made it more fun to act out.

I’ve been present for two Wildfire Rider and friends Tuesday RP nights, mostly just watching. I’ve introduced myself to a few more people. I’ve joined the Stormwind University. I could probably go on about each of those events, but I think I’ve written enough for now. My ‘introduction’ to this particular RP group is still ongoing; Likal certainly doesn’t know everyone yet, and they don’t know her.

And while I’m still getting accustomed to RP in WoW, I’m still enjoying what I’ve done so far, immensely. This kind of RP may be different than what I’m used to, but in the end the goal is the same: To tell a story, and to have fun while doing it.

Saturday Sketch – Snowball Surprise

2 Apr

Anna of Too Many Annas had written an RP post some time ago, a brief interlude into the lives of Aely and Arrens. It took place during Winter’s Veil. I had sketched a scene from that post some time ago.

Since Winter has decided it wanted to see what April was like (hint: if Winter is there, it still looks like winter), I think that it makes a fitting tribute as today’s Saturday Sketch.

But to fully appreciate the scene, you should first read Anna’s Winter’s Veil post.

Have you read it yet?

No? But I supplied a link and everything.

Please, try again.

Have you read it now? … Well, I guess I’ll have to assume you did, as the image I drew is now right below this line (and you probably already saw it anyway).

(You may click the image to embiggen).


As soon as I read the post, I had this image in my mind (only better drawn and more funny). So I sketched it (in PEN!) on a nearby sheet of paper. That I then scanned (and removed some stray pen lines). Still, I don’t think it was too bad.

Have you ever read a passage that gave you an excellent mental image of what was going on? Have you ever illustrated such a passage before? And, most importantly, have you ever been unexpected beaned in the head by a snowball? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday Sketch – The Mysterious Rabbit

19 Mar

As I’ve gone silent for far too long, here’s a quick little ‘sketch’ I did some time ago:


Three images of a rabbit-person, facing forward, profile, and in rabbit form.

Emo Rabbit is Emo


Who is this rabbit man and why does he look so sad? Why is he only wearing gray? And did he mean to be misproportioned like that?

(The answers: I don’t know; Because colors are hard; No but it happens, you know?)

I think I drew him for some sort of Alice in Wonderland based RP on Gaiaonline, and he was to be the White Rabbit. However, I don’t believe the character sheet was ever finished — heck, I don’t think he has an actual name — and the RP never really took off either. So this reference picture has sat on my computer for awhile, to be thrust onto this site for your amusement.

Have you ever made a character that never was used? Was it a similar circumstance or something much more exciting? Let me know in the comments!

The Auctioneers’ Least Favorite Holiday

22 Feb
Orgrimmar Auctioneers

The Auctioneers in the Valley of Strength - Fazdran, Ralinza, Drezmit, and Xifa. Picture from Wowpedia.

Day 1

“Hey Drez – guess what?”

Drezmit, auctioneer extraordinaire, stopped eating his breakfast long enough to eye his coworker, Xifa. Her grin was a mile long. His other coworkers — Ralinza and Fazdran — kept stuffing their faces, though their eyes were following the conversation.

“Do I hafta?” he mumbled before eating a big spoonful of porridge.

She ignored him. “Ta-day is the start of that ‘Love is in the Air’ festival!”

“What’s that got ta do with me, toots?” Drez asked, his mouth full.

“It’s the holiday where everyone gives chocolates and presents and stuff ta everyone they like. Or work with.”

“I know that. Everyone knows that. But the point remains — what’s that got ta do with me,” Drez said again. He smirked a bit as Xifa glared at him.

“I think she’s hinting at something,” Ralinza noted, nibbling on some boar bacon.

Xifa held her hands up defensively. “Hey, I’m not hintin’ at nothin’. I’m just sayin’ folks give out gifts this time of year, and these Orc types seem ta be serious about it. Have you seen the decorations out there?”

The others shook their heads. Their bookkeeping didn’t afford them much time out of the Auction House — not that they minded much. The pay was good. Very good.

Fazdran swallowed his large mouthful of food. “Yo babe, I can give you a gift any time you want!” He wiggled his eyebrows in Xifa’s direction. She squared her shoulders and opened her mouth to retort, but Ralinza beat her to it.

“Like she’d want a gift from you. You’re so cheap, it’d be a box of air!” All of them, besides Fazdran, snickered.

Any response he may have had was interrupted by a call from the front of the Auction House. “You ready back dere? We’re ’bout ready to open up,” Guard Wabang shouted, just as he did every morning.

There was a flurry of movement as the goblins simultaneously shoveled food into their mouth while cleaning off the table, just as they did every morning.

“Yehh, yehh, eer ‘om’ehn” Drezmit replied with a food-filled mouth. A few moments later, they collectively dragged themselves out into the main room to face a new day of ledgers and gold.

Day 2

Usually the goblins spent the time after the Auction House closed in relative silence, finishing up their paperwork before handing it off to their subordinates. But tonight was a little bit different.Fazdran eats some chocolate.

“I got 37 chocolates today. 37! That makes 63 over the past two days! 63 free, delicious chocolates!” Fazdran exclaimed.

“Oh pu-leaze. I got 103 chocolates — not to mention some wonderful smelling perfume,” Xifa bragged.

“You’re lying. No way you could eat all of those.”

“Yeah-huh, I did. They’re so small — only a lightweight couldn’t handle it. Ain’t that right, Ralinza?”

“You won’t be a lightweight for long if you keep eating that many.”


Day 5

Xifa eats some chocolate.“I’m up ta 288 chocolates now.” Xifa smirked at Fazdran. He threw his hands into the air in annoyance, and then turned to plea to higher powers.

“It’s just not fair, boss! Her side always gets more traffic, so she gets more chocolates from people. Can’t we switch places so she stops hogging all the goods?”

Drezmit sighed loudly. “I already told ya, Faz. Ya stand where ya stand now ’cause that’s where ya are best at the job. All your stuff is there, all the regulars know where ta put and get their stuff.”

“I’m sure they could relearn to move over. Or I could just do with Xifa does and she could do what I do.”

“No way!” Xifa exclaimed. “Then I’d hafta talk with that creep whatshisface.”

“It might do you some good to deal with customers who ain’t fawning all over you,” Fazdran sneered.

“Enough!” Drezmit interrupted. “If you two did switch places, everyone would hafta and we don’t have time ta deal with reorganizing our system right now. And it’s stupid just to switch place just ’cause you want more chocolates. Understand?”

The two other goblins nodded, a little sheepish.

“Good. Besides, I like where I’m standin’. I got 302 chocolates — the ladies must like me.”

Day 7

The other goblins were only partway through their breakfast when Frazdran put down his spoon. “Welp, I’m done eating. I better get out front.”

The three other goblins at the table stared at him as if he had grown horns.

“You? Done eatin’?” Xifa squeaked.

“You? Headin’ out ta work early?” Drezmit exclaimed.

“You got a fever or something?” Ralinza questioned.

“Nah – I’m fine.”

The other goblins narrowed their eyes.

“No, really!” Fazdran continued. “But the sooner I get out there, the sooner I can start eating chocolates. Why eat a big breakfast if your meal is gonna come to you for free?”

“I’m not too sure chocolates are a balanced meal,” Ralinza said doubtfully as Fazdran got up from the table. But breakfast lasted noticeably shorter that day… and their lunch break was almost nonexistent.

Day 10

Ralinza had just finished jotting down an order when a Blood Elf came over. He thrust an open box of chocolates into her face.

“Here,” he said in a monotone voice, “please try one of these delicious chocolates made by the Crown Chemical Company.”

“Listen, not that I mind all this chocolate and all, but I’ve been on a mostly chocolate diet the last few days and me and my doctor have been talking about cutting back…” Ralinza pushed the box back towards the elf. He offered it again.

“Please try one of these delicious chocolates made by the Crown Chemical Company,” he repeated.

Apparently she had used too many words with this one.

No thank you,” she said. Again Ralinza pushed back the box, and again it was offered, with more force.

“Please try one of these delicious chocolates made by the Crown Chemical Company.” The Blood Elf spat the words out from a tight smile.

“You got too much wax in your ears or something? I said I didn’t want any. Now scram — you’re holding up paying customers!” She gestured to the growing line behind the Blood Elf.

That seemed to snap him out of his stupor. “No, you have wax in your ears!” he hissed, leaning up towards the platform. “I have to give out each of these — individually — as samples to different people. They know if I don’t and then I don’t get paid.”

“Can’t you just give it to someone else?”

“No, I already gave samples to everyone else.”

Ralinza glanced around the Auction House. There was a suspiciously high number of people chewing something. Presumably chocolate.Ralinza eats some chocolate.

The Blood Elf continued speaking through gritted teeth. “Now take the Light. Blessed. Chocolate.”

She did, but left it sitting in her hand. He seemed satisfied to have one less chocolate, though, and moved out of the way. The Tauren who was next in line stepped forward and started unloading a few goods he wished to list.

It then dawned on Ralinza that she would have a hard time helping him while she was holding now slightly melted chocolate. Dropping it on the ground seemed like such a waste — after all, it was free food, the best kind. Mumbling slightly to herself at the dilemma, she popped in the sickly sweet chocolate into her mouth and began to help move the Tauren’s goods.

Day 12

“‘Linz, toots, could ya take this order over ta—” Drezmit stopped talking, realizing that he was addressing empty air.

He turned to ask Xifa, but she was gone too.

“Yo, Faz — ya seen Ralinza around?”

“Not for awhile, Boss. She said she had to go feed her cat or something.”

“Right. Well, this can wait.” Drezmit turned back to face the auction house, mostly empty during the afternoon lull.

A moment later, his brow furrowed.

“Feed her cat?” Drezmit asked. “Ralinza doesn’t have a cat.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought, but when I asked she just rolled her eyes at me and left.”

“Huh. Well, do ya know where Xifa went?”

“Um… I think she said she needed to wash her hair.”


“Yeah, I know! She said she washed it yesterday too! How often does a girl need to wash her hair?”

Drezmit wiped his face with his hand, pulling at some of the stubble on his chin while staring at the ceiling. It was a moment before he asked, “Didn’t they take their break a few hours ago?”

“A few of them, actually. They had to —” Fazdran started counting with his fingers “— powder their nose, take soup to Xifa’s grandma –”

“Xifa’s grandma lives in Booty Bay!”

“Impressive that they got back so soon from that. Now where was I… oh yes, they had to ‘freshen up’, take out the trash, deal with a call from ‘mother nature’ —”

Drezmit eats some chocolate.“Okay, okay, I get the picture! So I take it they’ve been skippin’ out. Odd. They usually don’t mind stayin’ here for a long time. I wonder what’s up?”

A Forsaken approached the platform. “Could I interest you gentlemen in some delicious chocolates from the Crown Chemical Company?”

The two goblins visibly wilted.

“And try this wonderful perfume!” cried an Orc. Before either goblin could stop him, they were both douced in the heavy scent.

“I better see if my grandma needs some soup,” Drezmit muttered before selecting a chocolate and chewing on it viciously.

Day 16

“Alright you lot, finish up yer business and get out!” called Guard Wabang. There was a flurry of activity in the Auction House, as buyers and sellers put in their last requests for the evening. Tonight there was also a frentic offering of chocolates, perfume and cologne samples.

A full half hour later, Guards Wabang and Grimful were able to shut the doors to the Auction House.

Turning back to face the inside of the room, they were surprised to see not the usual bustling of the auctioneers, but all of them collapsed on their platform.

“Oh, my stomach!”

“Oh, my nose!”

“I think I’m gonna hurl…”

“Why?! Why?!”

Wabang and Grimful exchanged a look.

“What’s wrong wit you goblin-folk?” Grimful asked.

A cacaphony of voices lifted their complaints.

“— a whole week of nothin’ but chocolates —”

“— practically made us eat them all —”

“— sixteen days! What’s so good about love that you need sixteen days to celebrate –”

“— irresponsible of a company to keep handin’ out free stuff like that —”

Wabang and Grimful exchanged a more knowing look.

“Ahh, dis be you goblins first time in Org during da festival, right?”

“Yeah…” Drezmit said. They all nodded dubiously.

“You just don’t know da tricks fer dealing wit dis stuff yet,” Wabang said solumnly.

“Tricks? You mean there’s a trick to avoid them giving you chocolate?” Fazdran asked. They all sat up a bit, interested.

“Oh no, no trick for dat.”

“Then why aren’t you all falling over with horrible stomach aches?” Ralinza asked.

Wabang and Grimful exchanged a much more knowing look, accompianed by a nod. Simultaneously, they went over to their posts and each grabbed a large bag from behind some crates.

“We just put da chocolate in da bag, to save fer later!”

“My wife appreciates it. Her guard station doesn’t get as much chocolate traffic as dis one.”

The goblins stared agape.

“When were ya gonna tell us about this?!” Xifa demanded.

The guards shrugged. “It’s best to learn dese things on your own,” Grimful said.

Wabang digged around in his bag. “Chocolate, anyone?”

The guards had to duck and cover from the ledgers thrown with the goblins’ response: “NO!”

Valley of Strength Auctioneers have hearts over their heads.

They may appear happy with hearts over their heads, but really they are crying inside.

Good news, everybody!

4 Aug

Have you read this article from WoW.com? Go on, I’ll give you a minute.

*twiddles thumbs*

Alright, you read it? Good!

Let me give you my reaction:


In my opinion, this is some excellent news for the RP community, and the community as a whole, on Moon Guard. As the article points out, this is the first time (that we know of) where Blizzard is actively patrolling an area for chat that abuses their ToS.

Now, I have a few baby alliance toons on Moon Guard, and yes, they have been to Goldshire (for the quests, obviously, as they were little baby humans). And yes, the ‘scene’ there is very bad. You can’t even walk in there to turn in/get quests without running into naked toons, or getting one of those ‘unsolicited tells’ from someone (at least, if you’re playing a female toon. -_- ). Sure, I could’ve written a report about all of this, but it’s easy enough to put the worse offenders on ignore, and just ignore the rest. But it would be nice if the people who can’t keep all of this in private chats would learn to do so or receive some sort of punishment.

Of course, I don’t think this will solve everything. On the article, there are already comments pointing out that people will just go elsewhere for their ‘E-RP fun’, creating a new Goldshire away from Blizzard’s active patrollers. And if people start to say everything in private chat, it’s likely you’ll still be greeted with a whole bunch of toons with various amount of clothing on. Plus, this does nothing for other servers (RP and otherwise) facing similar ‘bad chat’ problems. Heck, if Moon Guard’s Goldshire ends up clearing out, they might even more to a different RP server!

But at least this post verifies that Blizzard does indeed pay attention to the complaint reports people send them (even if the standard message “we’ll do something about this but we won’t tell you what” isn’t very… helpful or satisfying). And perhaps a new policy like this will be effective enough that they will start doing it on other problem servers. We can only hope.


P.S. Too Many Annas has written her own post about this new policy. Vidyala has written a post about her experiences on Moon Guard. I’ll be adding more links on about Moon Guard and the ‘policing’ throughout the day, so check them out!