First Post – An Introduction

3 Apr

Ah, the dreaded first post. At least, I assume they’re dreaded, as I am fretting while writing this: my own very first post. Were others before me dreading this step too? Did they merely post a small quip and move on to more solid posting ground, knowing that so very few would go back and read the first post? Or did they enter with a bang, directing their future readers back to read it?

For some reason I don’t think I’ll redirect too many people back to this post. Why? Because I’m already off topic! I’m supposed to be introducing myself, not rambling on the value of first posts.

My name? Just call me Misha. (No, that’s not my real name, but thanks for asking). It’s short for Mishaweha, the name of my main toon on World of Warcraft. I’ve gotten used to lots of people calling me that, so you can call me that too.

I am a software engineer, who graduated as a computer engineer from college. I enjoy playing video games (especially MMOs, where I play World of Warcraft (a lot), City of Heroes/Villains, Age of Conan, etc.), drawing, reading, writing, and occasionally programming. I also like spending time with my similarly nerdy fiancè. We’ll call him Smart… Aleck. Yes, Smart Aleck. SA for short.

(And yes, I am a girl. <insert giggles here>)

Anyway. I bet you’re wondering ‘What’s this blog about?’

Good question. As you gathered from earlier, I like to play MMOs. I also like to make lots and lots of characters in my MMOs. So with this blog, I hope to ‘showcase’ my many characters, explore their stories, and share my other writing, too. (After all, blog posts are writing too…) It is also a place for me to blab about how I’m doing in all the games I play, in general, as well as rant about anything I think is rant worthy.

So, here’s to hoping to a successful blogging career! (Sorry for the lame conclusion; they’re hard to write!)


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    […] In fact, my blogoversary has already come and gone. It was on April 3rd, one year ago, that I made my first post. […]

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