Announcing the Twitter “Summer” Santa Art Trade 2013!

11 Jun

The Twitter Secret Santa Art Trade is back — this time for summer! (Hence the clever title – Thank you @riththewarluid!)

“But Misha — what is the Twitter Secret Summer Santa Art Trade?”

I’m so glad you ask, non-existent person! The Twitter Secret Summer Santa Art Trade (abbr. SSArtTrade) is when artists (who are on twitter) draw art for each other as a Secret Santa present (which means they don’t know who will be drawing their character) during the summer time, as to avoid the busy rush of Thing To Do around December.

I believe @LoreliAoD originally came up with this idea, and has hosted it in 2009 and 2010. I organized another one back in 2011, and now am trying my hand at it again this summer!

This is the 2013 site. And if you’re an artist type, feel free to join! Just send me a tweet before June 15th, and make sure you have some character references ready to go!

Happy Drawing!

– Misha

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