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Quote of the Week – Cooking Dailies!

6 Feb

For those of you unfamiliar with the Horde cooking dailies, there is one in which you ‘borrow’ rice from the trolls in Orgrimmar (who are now confined to the outskirts of the city, along with the goblins) to feed the hard-working Horde soldiers.

One of WoW Eh‘s most recent comics covered this topic, and a comment by Ratshag on the comic is the source of this week’s quote.

First, I recommend you read the comic, as it is funny.

And here is the comment that Ratshag made:

If yer Horde, ya gets a quest ta steal food from the trolls. If yer a troll, ya gets a quest ta steal food from the goblins. Then the next day, whatevers ya is, ya gets a quest ta kill thieves what happens ta all be trolls and goblins.

Is the Circle of Rice.

Now that is a pun worthy of praise.