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Quote of the Week – What to do when Werewolves attack

13 May

This week’s quote comes yet again from the site Reasoning With Vampires. As I mentioned before, the tumblog dissects the writing in Twilight page by agonizing page.

In a recent(ish) post, the passage from Twilight has Bella explain why it wouldn’t matter if the doors were locked. The summary is as follows: Vampires could probably break through the door, while the wolves would be foiled by the doorknob.

That’s right — the wolves in question are werewolves.

The author of Reasoning with Vampires also finds this passage funny, which is the quote of the week:

In the event of a werewolf attack, I will be hiding in a bottle of Tylenol. I will be safe from some monsters, children, and people with arthritis.

Excellent advice. I will take it to heart next time some werewolves come pawing at my door.

If you want more excellent advice, I’d advise you to read Reasoning With Vampires if you’re looking for a good laugh!