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Link Roundups – From Last Month And Beyond!

23 Jul
Misha rides a kodo, using a lasso to roundup links

Yeehaw! It’s a link roundup! (This is still a WIP, though now that I’ve posted it, I’m likely never to finish it!)

Welcome to yet another edition of Link Roundup, where I share with you some neat blogs I’ve read as I’ve ever so slowly catch up on my blog reading (people keep posting when I take a break for a few days — how rude!)

This week I’ve picked up on quite a few WoW Topics, including Auction House players, tanking, healing, PvP, GMing, art, and so much more! Including a few people talking about the upcoming in-game store. I know a lot of people wrote about this, so maybe I’ll catch up on those when I do another archive binge in Feedly. 🙂

Oh, and there are a few other links regarding other games such as SW:TOR and everybody’s favorite, Animal Crossing! (Be my friend so I can visit your town? >_>)

Auction House

Theoretical Gold Farming, the ‘new kid on the block’ if you will, has a pretty good post on how to do ‘the shuffle’ without using spreadsheets (as long as you’re already using TSM, which I am). I’d put this to use but I don’t have JC at a high level. Maybe next expansion! XD

Power Word: Gold has a good analysis of what gear sells well (for them) based on the item’s suffix. I found it quite interesting. (Maybe because I like spreadsheets and numbers?)

Tanking And Healing In WoW

Tzufit explains why she’s monk healing nowadays instead of tree healing, and goes a bit into character identity too. (And one of these days I may have a Monk at max too… *laughs and laughs and laughs*

A Sunnier Bear lists off different ways fights encourage (force?) the use of two tanks. A very good summary of MoP tanks fight styles.


Alt:ernative will be hitting up arenas again soon, with the upcoming changes. Will you? (As for me, maybe, maybe not. I’ve enjoyed a bit of pvp here and there, but unlike Alt:ernative, I’ve lived all my WoW days on carebear servers. 🙂 )

The Daily Frostwolf has a series (term used loosely) on their latest forays into the world of arenas and tournaments and the like. Pretty neat stuff, especially when reading from the perspective of a pvp noob like me. Here is the second post on arenas, and then the third is here.

In-Game Store Musings

Achievements Ahoy has a list of cosmetic-type items that would be cool to have in an in-game WoW shop. Looks good to me! Though really, wouldn’t scribes make dye since they’re already milling herbs for ink? /SCRIBEPOWA (Plus, some of these, for the WoW game engine, would be hard to implement, like armor dyes (the coolest idea, of course). And trading in multiple pets for a better pet? Yes please!

Alt:ernative also talks about what would be on her list of things to buy in an in-game store, as posed by the Community Blog Topic from WoWInsider.

Variant Avatar also has some thoughts on Blizzard’s cash store.

Other WoW Type Stuff

GMing can be hard. Alt:ernative gives an example in the post, “When Love Breaks Down“,  and further elaborates on her GMing in “Cruel to be Kind“.

Bible of Dreams lays it out pretty clearly: The Raid Boss Doesn’t Care if You’re Not a Raiding Guild.

Look at this pretty watercolor art Vidyala did! Pretty! (And she does commissions too! 😀 )

Spellbound is too cool for Tirion’s help while defeating Arthas.

Let’s do the time warp agaaaaain! Or… just read this article by The Grumpy Elf on how time perception during fights in-game can seem to warp. That’ll do.

Other Games

In An Age has been playing a game called Don’t Starve, and boy does it sound hard. Not too sure if I’d enjoy it or rage quit after dying for the 10th time. Seems interesting though! (You can read a follow-up post on Winter here).

MMO Melting Pot pointed out MJ’s delightful article on Barping – Bar RPing – as it is in SW:TOR. A very good references for RPers, even if you do not play SW:TOR as much of the advice can be ported elsewhere!

Also on SW:TOR Life, MJ interviews a person who RPs as a droid. Sounds like fun, and a nice change of pace to boot!

Tales of Aggronaut lists out the top 10 must haves for MMOs. I rather agree with the list, they all seem rather nice to have. And here’s the follow-up post: Other MMO Wants. I especially approve of mentoring – it was really nice in City of Heroes. /weepsForTheFallenGame

The Wolf Den has an interesting post called “Confusing Gear-To-Play with Learn-To-Play“, stating that while people may say ‘l2p’ in games, nowadays no skill is involved with games – merely more gear (gotten through time). I’m not sure if I entirely agree, at least when thinking about WoW — after all, even if you put a poor player in the best gear, they still will not function as well as well-communicating highly-skilled heroic teams. And I would expect more parity in raiding (such as everyone at the start of an expansion doing nearly equally well on all bosses in an instance). The article still makes a good point, though.

But Mostly Animal Crossing

Lady Jess has caught the bug that’s been sweeping twitter — Animal Crossing. And it leads to much much more than that!

Hestiah is also playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and has lots of advice to share. For example, I’m really wishing I had planted my first perfect pear! Oh well, a little late now. And thank goodness I ended up with an eye shape that I like!

— — —

And that’s all for now! Must. Keep. Reading. XD



How My Orphan Avoided The School Of Hard Knocks

11 May

This year marks the first year since achievements came out that I have not completed the School of Hard Knocks achievement.

The first year? I completed it with Mishaweha, thus allowing myself to secure this wonderful mount later in the year.

Mishaweha on the Violet Protodrake

The second year? Mourninglory had her turn, giving her a similarly wonderful mount that I probably won’t use because Death Knights are practically required to fly on a bone gryphon because, come on, Death Knights.

Mourninglory on a skeletal gryphon

And this was the year that the next alt down the line — Mamisha, my hunter — would do as many of the Children’s Week achievements as possible, so someday she too could fly on a fuchsia-violet protodrake instead of her noisy roflcopter.

Mamisha is on a helicopter in Dalaran.

But if I completed it before, you may ask, why didn’t you complete it again this year?”

Good question! Let’s analyze the possibilities.

Was it because the achievement suddenly became too hard to do?

Nah, that wasn’t it. Cynwise’s guide has always been helpful for these achievements. And even at the lower levels, where more people are trying to PvP and not do the achievements, it’s still possible. Though I must admit, the graveyard changes from WSG makes returning the flag a lot trickier when you can’t just run back up to defend.

How about realizing the achievement was poorly designed and not doing it in protest?

Fah! I’ve done it twice, I can keep on trucking. Though Rades had come up with some much better, team based solutions to the achievement that I believe would suit most everyone else much better. It’s a little too late to change it now, though, as those who have already done it might cry foul that they wasted their time.

What about the fact that I got a cold during the week?

Actually, that was partly a factor. I definitely took time off from WoW to sleep and recover, which took away potential time to run battlegrounds. It’s hard to patiently wait for battleground or make a beeline for an AV tower while your throat is sore, your nose is running, your head aches, and your new cat is trying to run all over your keyboard.

But the real reason I gave up on this achievement in defeat was because of this:

Battleground Queue

That’s right, the battleground entry screen.

Or in my case, the non-entry screen.

Over half the time, when I would click on the ‘Enter Battle’ button, the box would merely disappear, leaving me out of luck. When I would check the battleground queue button, it would either tantalize me with the option to enter the battleground (but it was lying), or the queue I was in would simply not be present.

With this happening fairly often, I soon lost patience with the system. It’s one thing to wait for a battleground to attempt to complete a difficult achievement. It’s another to wait for a battleground you may not even get into to try for an achievement you may not get.

In the end, I’m not sure if this was a widespread bug, or just caused by one of my addons messing up the system after the patch. My laziness cold prevented me from fully investigating. But when a basic system like the battleground queue fails, it makes completing frustrating achievements not worth it.

Oh well, there’s always next year.