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NaNoWriMo 2011: Completed!

30 Nov

That’s right — I’m a NaNoWriMo Winner!

Greetings from NaNoWriMo WINNER 2011 nanowrimo.org

I kept up the pace pretty well this year… though the graph shows the pace picked up towards the end of the month:

Stats and Graph for NaNoWriMo 2011

Note the plateau, followed by a spree of writing once I realized I needed to write like 3k words a day to make it. Vroom!

Google Docs had me at 50777 words, while NaNoWriMo’s official word counter had me at 50051, so I barely sneaked in! Sure, I still had time (I finished around 9 PM CST) but it would be rather depressing to add a few more words in later after I thought I cleared it with room to spare, eh?

I plan on posting the rest of what I wrote as raw drafts later this week. I would have done it sooner, but most of my free time last week was spent writing! 3k word days left little time for anything else! And after the raw words are posted, I’ll sum up my plans for this ‘lovely’ piece of fiction.

What I know right now is that I won’t be working on it much during December. The holidays are a busy time, and I have a Secret Santa Art Trade piece to work on too! Not to mention playing more WoW since 4.3 just came out… And playing more Skyrim… and watching the SA play Skyward Sword… Yup. I’ll have plenty to keep me busy. 🙂

So keep an eye out for the not-so-thrilling ‘conclusion’ to the story, with commentary!


I’m A Show Off

30 Nov


National Novel Writing Month Winnder 2010 nanowrimo.org

Ta da!

But it is my blog, so I feel entitled to show off that I wrote over 50,000 words in a month (barely!)

I’m sure there are plenty more of you out on the blogosphere (both the WoW one and the… not WoW one) who will (or already have) won NaNo. And even if you attempted this year and got a little too busy with work or school or life (or WoW), there is always next year! And besides — there’s the whole year to write out to your hearts content!

Meanwhile, I think I’ll let this story stew with it’s impressively large amount of typos for awhile before I start editing. It needs a major rewrite, and also, embarrassingly enough, a plot. Hopefully I can find some time this year to clean it up, and maybe — just maybe — post it here on the blog for all of you to enjoy.

(But don’t hold your breath.)