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Fortune Cookies Again?!

1 Sep

That’s right, dear reader(s) – I’m resorting to a silly filler post this week. But I have a good reasons – illness and wedding planning

Not exactly a pleasant combo, eh?

I caught some sort of cold, or something, and was pretty out of it for a couple weeks. But thankfully I got some medicine from the doctor and now I’m feeling much, much better.

But the illness still interrupted quite a few of my plans. You know, leveling WoW characters, writing Shared Topic blog posts, oh, and that wedding planning thing. I got a bit delayed on that too.

And yes, it’s true — I’m getting married (that’s why The SA is not my boyfriend or husband, but fiancè. Crazy, right?). The date is October 10th, 2010 (hahahaha 10/10/10 — how clever of me, even if it is a Sunday), which means that I’m starting to enter my pre-panic phase of wedding planning. You know, the part where you wonder if you should be panicking, and then decide that no, full-blown panic can wait a few weeks or months, just like the rest of your plans.

Annnnyway, that means that in the time that I haven’t been sick, I’ve been sitting down with The SA after work to hammer down various details, like music choices and ceremony details, and marking down RSVPs and taking care of all the other stuff I forgot about.

But what has all of this have to do with Fortune Cookies? Well… nothing, except to give you more content about why this isn’t a WoW related post. ^_~v

The first fortune cookie fortune isn’t actually from one of mine! Nope, I pulled this fortune from ArtistSilk’s twitter feed (Silkspinner from ComplexActions fame). It reads…

Everything will soon come your way.

Silk writes of this fortune, “Are fortune cookies always this OMINOUS?” I would hypothesize that not too many would be intentionally ominous, as then people would stop buying fortune cookies. But I bet at least a quarter could be construed at ominous (Tall, dark strangers, anyone? Very ominous).

Also, it is extra hilarious when you add “in bed”.

Moving on, here is the next fortune, as pulled from my own fortune cookie:

You have an active mind and a keen imagination.

Why thank you for that glowing complement, fortune cookie! Next time I’ll use my active mind and keen imagination to actually cook something for dinner instead of ordering Chinese food! >.>

(Though, Chinese food is fairly economical, for premade food. The SA and I can get, combined, around 8 meals out of a near 30 dollar order. That’s a little less than 4 dollars a meal, which isn’t that bad at all, considering that our meals from Taco Bell typically end up being around 3.50 a person (and Taco Bell is cheap). Also, if you order extra white rice, you can use it to make various things that need cooked rice if you don’t want to cook your own rice (which I don’t). Last time I made some rice balls appetizer things that tasted very good with marinara sauce (they didn’t taste very good without the sauce). It involved hot rice, mozzarella cheese melted into said rice, and very sticky hands. Very sticky…)

Ahem. Enough of that aside! Here is the last fortune cookie fortune for the day!

Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about.

Oh, that’s comforting to hear. Er, read. Either way, I’m sure my active mind and keen imagination can figure out what I’m dumb about. Hopefully. Otherwise I think this fortune cookie just insulted me.