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Unimportant Update Of Utmost Unimportance

17 May

I just flew back in from an anime convention, and boy are my arms tired.

*ducks the flying spoons*

But it’s true. Last night The SA and I came back from the anime con (did I mention I like anime? Hm, maybe not directly. But I do), and I am tired from all the walking around I did. And since I have anime on my mind right now, which tends to happen after an entire con of anime, it may be a bit hard to be grounded back into the usual fun that is game playing. Mainly because I have a burning desire to watch more anime, as I bought two new series (The Wallflower and Soul Eater, for those curious), as well as a double feature movie of Detective Conan (which is the most AWESOME detective anime ever- I would recommend it to any mystery show fans. However, I was extra bummed to learn that Funimation is no longer translating the series because ‘it wasn’t doing well enough’. Le sigh).

So what all that rambling really means is that I’m not too sure how many posts I’ll be able to do this week (the small crowd of readers boo and hiss as they realize this is a filler post! My deception has been uncovered!). And by ‘posts’ I mean ‘quality posts’ where it’s more planned and also edited. XD

But what should hopefully be on the horizon is a post explaining my ‘creative process’ for the drawings seen here, since I really did whip that post up in about 15 minutes due to the fact I stayed up the previous night coloring the pictures, and when you stay up really really late to finish something you want to share it as soon as possible, even if that means you share it 15 minutes before you’re supposed to leave the house and catch a plane. In addition, there should be a ‘Meet My Character’ type post even further in the week, once I gather the notes on my character. This is the one that I’m less sure about, as it requires much more planning than my typical babbling.

Now, I won’t always be making posts about what I’m going to post all the time, but I’m making an exception today. Because today I finally get to put a post into one of my favorite category names, that I made up weeks ago:

Administrative Brouhaha.

Isn’t “brouhaha” an awesome word? Isn’t “administrative brouhaha” an awesome phrase? It definitely should be used more often. Try working it into a conversation today.

Over and out!




13 May

So, before I frantically pack and leave for an anime convention (whoo hoo!), I’d like to share something with you, dear Interwebs.

As you may or may not know, I like to draw. Now, I’m not really trained or anything – I’ve only taken drawing classes in high school and a single one in college. My style is definitely anime-ish. I even have a gig drawing comics for a college newspaper, which is pretty neat.

Unfortunately, I’m apparently unable to draw the same character twice looking exactly the same.

This character doesn't look the same...

It’s probably because I’m lazy.

Anyway, to cut a long story even shorter, a couple of days ago I got a little bored in-game whilest on Feathermoon, and started sketching (in pen) some of the characters around me. Eventually I had to stop because apparently they were trying to talk to me while I was afk drawing, but whatever.

So below are the sketches, scanned with a little digital retouching, as well as a color version I drew on the computer. I’ll talk about them more later- for now I gotta run! See ya!


I didn’t like this one as much, so I tried again with better results, I think.




A sketch of Aely standing by a chairAely Sketch Now With Color