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Happy Holidays!

26 Dec

Happy Holidays from me to you! And Mandlebrot wishes you well too. Isn’t that right?

“I’m not going out in this.”

Aw, come on. I went through all that effort to get you dressed up!

“You made me walk across Orgrimmar and open some presents.”

And now you don’t want to show off your present to all the nice people out here? What kind of Christm— I mean, Winterveil spirit is that?

“A sensible one.”

Oh my, whatever will Xaviera say when she hears you didn’t want to cooperate?

Sigh. Fine.”

"Happy Winterveil..."

Now that’s the spirit!

“Can you please get me some pants?”

What’s wrong with the ones you have?


They have good stats for your level.


And you have such fine, manly legs.

“Tuxedo pants aren’t that hard to get.”

But they have no stats!

“But… But I just sell auctions….”


“… Sigh. Could I at least wear the tabard again?”

I guess. But you got to say the line again, with more vigor!

"Thank you! Happy Winterveil!"