[Raw Draft] NaNoWriMo 2011 – Chapter 9: Battle Plans

14 Dec

I participated in NaNoWriMo, and here is the END of the story I wrote this year.

That’s right, this was the last chapter I wrote. And it’s a cliffhanger. Unless you count the end paragraph that sums up where the rest of the story would go. >.>


Brulee and Creme have made it to Lakeshire, though Creme is hurt and randomly unconscious. A cast of local characters lead Brulee to a makeshift infirmary in the Inn, where she heals up Creme some. Then the cast of local characters lead Brulee to the mayors office, where she explains what all is going on (‘The orcs aren’t Horde, and they’re working with the Defias!’) She then tells them about a battle plan using some of that Rethban ore to blow stuff up. How did she know it would blow up? I don’t know. How did she know it was there? I guess she saw it while she was on the cliff, because everyone knows Draenei have eagle eyesight. … *cough*

Anyway, after running about with the locals for a bit and making sure they prep for the attack the next morning, she goes to check on Creme. The girl is fine, and also gambling. They have a little talk, and prepare themselves for the big battle the next day. The End!

Yup, I was phoning it in. Sorry. (Not really). But I’m sure you’ll be reading more about these two in the future!

Chapter 8: Free Falling

“She has been shot,” Brulee murmured as she and another, a human man of the town, pulled Creme to shore.

“Looks like,” he said. “I’m surprised you actually made it here without taking more injuries. You both must be crazy.”

Brulee opted not to comment on this as she scooped up Creme in her own arms – making sure to keep the wound arm to the outside. “I need to treat this wound. Is there-”

“Right this way,” the man interrupted. He started walking towards the main town area away from the lake’s shore. “I’ll get someone to take my place,” he called out to another one of the guardsmen who was on the shore with him. The other nodded.

“Bought time for a rest anyway,” he said to Brulee.

They walked not too long to get into a nice homey place.

“This is the inn here. We’ve been keepin’ most of the injured here ’cause of the nicer accomodations.”

“I see,” Brulee said as they entered.

The nice tables that had once been in the dining area – and it must have been the dining area, judging from the nearby bar that had remained in one of the corners – had now been pushed aside or removed for building barricades, no doubt. In its place were many rolls of blankets, many of which were occupied by various people who were likely injured.

“We’ve been usin’ the inn as our infirmary, seein’ as we usually don’t have this kind a trouble. An’ the midwife’s house is too far out and too small,” her guide rambled as they stood in the entrance. “Oy, Bri!” he called across the room to a woman who was tending to someone, “We’ve got another ‘un.”

The woman, who looked fairly young but older than Creme, if Brulee were to judge (but who was Brulee to judge these things? She had such a time trying to guess a human’s age), spun part way around to look at them, still kneeling. She tucked some of her blonde hair that had wandered in front of her her view behind her ear.

“An’ hello to you too, Jordan. Is there another attack or…” Bri started, still well across the room.

The man shook his head. “No, not exactly. Just a couple travelers come to warn us that we’re in imminent danger of attack.”

“Well that seems rather obviously now doesn’t it.”

Jordan frowned. “No, they mean-”

“Ahem.” Brulee interrupted. Creme was still in her arms, injured. She didn’t have time for them to jibber jabber away right now.

“Oh. Right,” Jordan said. “Bri, you got space for one to rest here? She got hit while they were headed into town.”

Bri nodded. “Oh yeah. Still no room upstairs, but I think there’s a few empty blankets over there if that’ll work.” She pointed to her right, their left.

“Thank you very much, Miss.” Brulee said curtly and walked over through an aisle of the blankets there.

She could feel all of their eyes tarting at her, at least the folk who were awake. The man, Jordan, and Bri’s conversation clear across the room had certainly woken up quite a few of the injured. Most had bandages on but were well enough to talk amoungst themselves it seemed.

‘I guess Draenei are not as common here as well then,’ Brulee thought wryly. She knew some had come to the Eastern Kingdoms, of course, but they were apparently still rare enough outside of the major cities.

She gently laid Creme down on an open mat and went to check the girl’s wound.

“I’ll just be going to find the next watch,” Jordan said from teh doorway. “I’ll be back in a few.”

Brulee nodded absently. Right now she needed to focus on healing.

‘Poor girl. She looks utterly exhausted. I hope I did not push her too much. If this puts her off from future training…’ Brulee frowned. Proper training was always a must for mages, lest they accidentally call upon the wrong powers and called attention to the Legion.

She removed the ruined fabric from around teh area of the wound. It was still bleeding freely, though she would soon put a stop to that. Reaching out with the Light’s power, eyes half closed, she felt that the wound had not been too deep. It seemed to have missed bone as well, which would make this much easier.

Gently, she called upon the Light’s power some more, feeling it swell into her hand and then into Creme’s wound. She coaxed it to help knit the flesh back together and to have it form new muscle and skin yet again. The healing would not be complete, not with her level of skill, but the wound would be closed and well on her way to healing.

There. It was as good as she could under the circumstances. Brulee slowly exhaled, and with that let the power of the Light fade from her hands.

“Oh, so you can channel the Light too?”

Brulee jumped a bit. She hadn’t expected Bri to come up behind her like that.

“Oh! Uh, yes. Yes I do. Do you do too?” Brulee asked, turning towards the human and standing.

Bri shook her head. “Oh no, I just work with bandages. We don’t have many here who know how to heal with the Light as you just did. Would you be able to help out with the injured? We got many here that could use a little helpin’ a long but our healers are tapped.”

Brulee was a little surprsied. She had never thought her healing was good enough that anyone would be needing her to do it. The town must be in dire straights, though it looked like that already.

“I am sorry, but I am not the most skilled in healing myself. Only minor wounds such as that are within my skill-”

“I’m pretty sure we’d take any sort of help to get people out there and fighting. And that didn’t look so minor to me.” She gestured at Creme.

“She will still need some time to fully re-cooperate but it at least has been sealed.”

“Well I-” Bri started but then Jordan showed up at the entrance, immediately waving his arm at Brulee.

“Miss Draenei! The Magistrate wants to see you in the war room, pronto!” He yelled, again with no regard for sleeping patients, who were now buzzing about with various conversation or complaints. Bri was definitely shooting glares at him as Brulee excused herself from the room.


The war room, as it turned out, was another building down the road that apparently normally functioned as their town hall. The Magistrates office had been set up with a rudimentary map of the surrounding area with various household items placed around to mark troops and such.

“Ah, it is most nice to meet you, Miss…”

“Brulee. Paladin Brulee,” she responded. Might as well remind them that she was trained in combat, even if she was foreign looking to them.

“Paladin Brulee. It is a pleasure to meet you,” said Magistrate Solomon. “Were you sent by the capitol? Are there reinforcements on the way?” He sounded so eager and desparate. Brulee felt bad that that wasn’t the case at all.

“I am afraid we were not sent here by Stormwind and there are no armies that I know of that are here to stop this assault.”

Those in the room, including a couple of Stormwind guards that had been stationed here, Jordan, the Magistrate, and a few other more war seasoned citizens, groaned in disappointment. It would have seemed like the obvious reason why she came there.

In fact, one of the guards even pointed that out. “Then why would you and your friend even attempt to reach town through the Horde orcs outside if you were not bringing us news of help?”

“Even though we did not come with additional help, I am not without news.”

“Do tell,” said a gruff looking old man. He was one of the citizens, she was sure, as he was not wearing a guard uniform and was not introduced to her quite yet. The Magistrate only introduced himself, in fact. He seemed a bit self-centered in that regard.

“First of all, the orcs are not members of the Horde.”

“Ha!” the gruff man exclaimed. “You’re obviously not up with teh times. Of course they’re part of the Horde – whyelse would they be wearing Horde symbols and planting Horde flags in their camps?”

“To try to start a conflict, I am thinking. I have learend first hand that these orcs are not part of the Horde.”

“From who?” asked the Magistrate.

“The Horde itself.”

“So you’re an agent of the Horde then?!” the older man said. He reached for his sword, but one of teh guards stayed his hand.

“Of course not, Gerald,” snapped the female guard. “Draenei are our allies. I am sure she can explain.

And so Brulee quickly summarized what exactly had happened earlier that day. Her storytelling, it seemed, was convincing enough.

The Magistrate rubbed his chin. “So… the Horde spies – in our territory I might add – are convinced that these are not their soldiers?”

“Yes. I would likely agree with them, as all of us were attacked.”

“And you came here because you wished to tell us about this little revelation?”

Brulee nodded. “And it seemed like the best option at the time, without us having any supplies.”

“We are a little light on supplies here as well, though the lake has still been providing us with some food, when they haven’t been attacking us full on and we’ve had time to fish some. But still it is getting hard to feed everyone…”

“Won’t have many left to feed at the rate they’ve been pushing the attacks,” Gerald accused.

The Magistrate glared at him as Brulee continued to speak.

“But along our way over hear, we overheard a camp speak about how the orcs were in leage with the Defias.”

Nearly all the room jumped to attention when she mentioned that. “The Defias?” the male guard asked. “What all did you hear about that?”

Brulee informed them of what they had heard. Apparently the Defias were as bad as Creme was letting on, because it led to a whole new set of discussions.

“But if we know that the Defias are going to ‘save’ us, could we not just surrender?” the Magistrate asked.

“Orcs wouldn’t just let us surrender just like that” Gerald said. “I have no doubt that even if they are under the Defias finger that they wouldn’t slaughter the people just for fun.”

“He’s right,” the male guard chimed in. “And even if we did just surrender, I think the Defias would get suspicious.”

“But what good is knowing about this if we aren’t to surrender?” the Magistrate exclaimed. He threw his arms up in frustration. “It’s not like we can beat them!”

“Actually…” Brulee said, holding up a finger, “I am thinking that you can.”


They took another short walk across to the other side of the town; Brulee, the Magistrate Solomon, the two guards, Gerald, and Jordan (who Brulee suspected was just tagging along for the gossip he would have afterward sto tell, as he seemed to not be contributing to the conversation much).

“This building here is the Blacksmith’s, yes?”

“That’s right,” the Magister said. “Kara and Karen work here. Not the most skilled in making weapons, even though we’ve tried a bit, if that’s what you’re driving at.”

Brulee shook her head, and looked around. The torchlight showed a large pile of a material that looked somewhat familiar.

“And this here?” she asked, pointing at it.

“Why, that’s Rethban. Loads of it, but it’s not meant for weapons or shields. Much too weak for that.”

Brulee bent over and felt some between her fingers. It was almost like coal, but was very similar to another material. She grinned.

“This, my friends, is fine explosive material. I was sure I had seen some from the cliff above. I am sure you can free the city with this.”

“But how?”

(( Brulee explains a great plan involving blowing things up. The village commences in implementing that plan)).


It was late in the evening – or morning, as it may have been now – when Brulee finally went to the in  to check on Creme. She found the girl sitting up, awake, and playing some sort of gambling game with a few other patients. Her left arm had been put into a sling, she noted, so at least that was beneficial.

“And it looks like I win again,” Creme said. She grinned as she scooped up the copper coins – where had she gotten copper to begin with, Brulee wondered – from the pile in front of their group admid the groans of the four other players. She then noticed Brulee.

“I’m gonna have to sit out the next hand or five,” Creme said.

“Good,” said one of the other players. They all had a chuckle, including Creme, as she stood up to talk with Brulee in a quieter corner of the infirmary. There was quite a bit of activity going on, considering the time.

“I was not aware you were the gambling type,” Brulee said, raising an eyebrow.

Creme merely shrugged. “It’s a fun way to pass the time.”

“In the middle of the night?”

Creme grinned. “Well with all the noise going on out there with your bomb making hardly can rest tonight, least the ones who aren’t to badly hurt.”

Brulee chuckled. “I suppose you all have heard about this foolish plan of mine as well.”

“Yup. One of the guard-type came in hollering about it to Bri there.”

“I am just hoping it will work.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“… So, how is your arm feeling?” Brulee asked, leaning over slightly to better inspect the wounded arm.

Creme scrunched up her face. “It’s stilla bit sore. But I guess it’s mostly healed up, thanks to you.”

“It was the least I could do. I am just sorry that I had left you out there to be shot at. I wasn’t thinking that they would notice you farther away from shore.”

“There miiiight have been a fireball that accidentally went off in the water that made them notice me too.”

“I see.” So that’s what the noise had been. “Even so, I am thankful that you made it through alright. And you see, there are spells that are handy besides fire ones, no?” Brulee grinned.

Creme, of course, looked away. She looked a bit red faced as she said, “I guess so,” in a tone that wasn’t very resentful at all.

“But I think that we both should get some rest before the sun rises again. Tomorrow will be a very busy day.”

Creme grinned. “Yup, I bet it will be.”


((And so the next day they went out and the town resoundingly beat back the orcs. Creme and Brulee went to inform Stormwind of all of this, and then investigated why the Defias were working with the orcs. And they eventually solved the mystery and Creme gained her freedom from the Necklace…  but Brulee decided to stay in Stormwind! And they still hang out and stuff because Creme is still on probation, just not a necklace one! The end???))


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