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The Blogroll Is Now Available

1 Nov

Good news everybody! I have finally gotten around to creating my blogroll! All it took as over a year of blogging to do it.

You can see this new blogroll on the side of the main site and on this page, aptly named “The Entire Blogroll”. Both of them contain most of the same links, though “The Entire Blogroll” page contains a few additional categories that aren’t related to Gaming, plus a few descriptions.

The blogrolls are based directly off of Google Reader. It wasn’t as hard to do as I thought it would be. I’ll be adding a post describing how you could do it too; hopefully I’ll post that sooner than I got around to posting my blogroll!

Here are the main categories I used to organize my blogroll:

  • Roleplay: Blogs that are mostly based on Roleplaying in World of Warcraft.
  • Shaman: Blogs that are about Shaman! I do like Shaman, since my main is one.
  • Auction House: Blogs that currently (or used to) write about gold-making topics. I play the AH on occasion, but I don’t work at it enough to blog about it. I do like reading about other people’s conquests, though.
  • PvP: Blogs that focus on PvP.
  • General WoW: All other WoW blogs go here. I plan on eventually breaking out a ‘Healers’ category, because I’m pretty sure that’s nearly a quarter of them.
  • General Gaming: Blogs about other games, or gaming in general, go here.

If you have a blog that’s in this blogroll, but it’s in the wrong category or you think it should be in a category that doesn’t exist, let me know! I am definitely looking for ways to break up the big WoW blog category, and I wouldn’t want to misrepresent your blog’s topic!

If you have a blog that you think I should add, let me know in the comments! I’m sure it will be updated in the blogroll… someday. >.>