Random WoW Thoughts That Are Mostly About Gathering

18 Oct

I’ve recently started to level my low-level toons again. And by ‘level’ I mean ‘get their bags and professions in order and then maaaybe think about leveling them’. Poor low-level toons.

Anyway, here’s a list of some random thoughts I’ve had on the matter

  • Turns out a lot of the herbs you can gather for leveling Herbalism are not very useful for leveling Alchemy.
  • I’ve concluded that there is no Goldthorn. It is merely a myth. The extremely high-priced “Goldthorn”s on the Auction House are fakes, and there is no way to level your Alchemy past 200 because of all the so-called “Goldthorn” that’s required.

    Moisha levels up while picking plants

    Moisha demonstrating how to ding while gathering herbs (she's so fast at gathering she was mounting up to go already!)

  • Dinging your toon while grabbing herbs is pretty cool.
  • Tauren are super super cheap while gathering herbs now. I’m really glad my Tauren Druid gathers herbs, because it will be way cheaper later on when she’s a bird.
  • I’m able to farm in a zone for 1, maybe 2 passes before I become bored and see if I can make anything with what I’ve gathered (answer: No, I can’t. No Goldthorn).
  • When I start to level a toon I haven’t touched in awhile, I tend to do these things first:
    • Rearrange the spell bar (only if it looks ‘weird’ to me. This involves me actually remembering what the icons are, which is not always the case).
    • Clean out the bags by getting rid of junk and reorganize where everything is in the bags.
    • Check if the bank needs to be organized too.
    • Figure out if I should level up my professions some more and then attempt to do so.
  • After I complete all those steps, I usually stop playing and don’t level them. ENDLESS CYCLE!
  • A lot of stuff I saved in the past is total not worth it now (Lvl 12 Healing Potions on my level 40 toon? That will help.) Sure clears up a lot of bag space.
  • I wrote down a list of all the pets I want Mamouska, my second hunter, to collect (my resource being Petopia). I’m having her pick up winged pets. Naming theme is the NATO phonetic alphabet.
    • Hopefully I can keep the list down to 26 pets; otherwise I’d have a pick a new theme! Horrors!
  • I took Mamouska out to Stonetalon to go get a Ghostly Green Owl (the Emerald Spirit). I always wanted a Green Owl ever since they came out in Wrath, and a ghost one can only be better.
    • I’m still going to get the Green Owl though, once Mamouska is high enough in level.
  • You can buy limited quantities of Volatile Rum in the Thousand Needles Inn. Time for more Goblin Rocket Fuel!
  • It’s weird taking a mid-level toon into these new Cataclysm quest zones. Things are familiar… and yet they aren’t. I guess it depends on the zone.
That’s all for now!

4 Responses to “Random WoW Thoughts That Are Mostly About Gathering”

  1. Asherrylie October 18, 2011 at 10:55 am #

    Stupid Goldthorn. This is why leveling Inscription is so much better, you aren’t required to pick *specific* herbs.

    • Mishaweha October 18, 2011 at 12:32 pm #

      No kidding. I’ve been completely spoiled while leveling inscription. Every time I think I’m going to level Alchemy more because “I picked so many herbs!” I open up the screen and see I’m missing one herb type for every. single. potion. Argh! They should really think about revamping it to use more herb types.

  2. Cynwise October 20, 2011 at 3:24 am #

    I remember leveling Alchemy and running out of Goldthorn. Well, I thought, I’ll just go out and farm some!

    Stupid Goldthorn. Stupidly hard to farm. 😦

    (Probably easier now in Cataclysm with flying, but still.)

    • Mishaweha October 20, 2011 at 9:11 am #

      It’s ridiculous! I had followed wow-professions.com advise to go to Feralas, since it said there wasn’t any in one of those Plaguelands… and there STILL was barely any Goldthorn. When I finished my farming session, I checked up on Goldthorn locations. It looked like Arathi had the most spawn points, but since I was farming on one of my alts (gotta level that herbalism too obviously) I didn’t have the convenience of a flying mount. I’m guessing that flying would make the hunt for Goldthorn more bearable, that’s for sure.

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