Mementos (A (Very Previously) Shared Topic Post) And How 4.3 Will Affect Them

17 Aug

Blog Azeroth’s Shared Topic for the September 6th-12th OF LAST YEAR (which shows you how long I tend to hold onto drafts, yes?) was suggested by the blog FERALTREE. He recently wrote a post about mementos (which keep trying to spell as ‘momentos’, a word that doesn’t exist but if it did would mean ‘a small moment in time’ or ‘a chewy candy mint”). You know, those items in the bank or you bags that you keep around for the memories they bring.

I had started writing a post about these things that I keep around, because I know very well what it means.

You’re looking at a Class-A packrat in-game, who only gets rid of items she’s kept FOREVER only to replace them with more items that she will keep FOREVER.

For example, take a look at Mishaweha’s bags:

The inventory of Mishaweha

This screenshot is from a year ago. Her bags don't look much better today.

Right now I’m up around fifteen empty slots… and I have a few bigger bags too. And the inventory I carry around is usually filled with items that I’m more likely to use.

In this screenshot, for instance, the last three or so bags were full of my elemental, enhancement, and extra-resto equipment. Nowadays it has my enhancement set and some pvp gear (I use my resto set to do elemental things, which means it’s horribly optimized for pew pew).

The other bags contain food, drink, potions,  some more equipment, leather and other things that I skin, and a few ‘collectible’ items for fun — today’s bag is also full of these things.

And of course, none of these extra items can go in my bank, because it looks like this:

The bank of Mishaweha.

This screenshot from a year ago would pretty much look the same today. My bank doesn't see too much turnover.

That’s right — my bank is full! It’s mostly gear I’ve saved for looks even though I never try it on, or quest reward items that hold memories (I suppose that’s why they are mementos, eh?)

Here’s a partial list of the items I’m holding onto:

  • Some gear I’ve saved for looks, including my clover shield and my shiny mace (that I died many horrible, horrible deaths for).
    • And my wolf helm. It looks awesome on Tauren.
    • And a matching weapon set. Fury and Rage, maybe?
    • And some old tier gear, because it looks awesome.
    • And that scuba helmet that blasts you into the air.
    • And the Onyxia attunement necklace, just because.
    • And my Green Dragonscale Armor set. It was my very first matching set — and I made it myself! I have a screenshot of me in it, dancing by the summoning stone before going into BRD…
    • And my starting Shaman gear. That’s right, from when I first rolled Misha.
  • Wearable event items, like the pilgrim’s hat, some bouquets, and Brewfest mugs! Not to mention the outfits from the Lunar Festival, Noblegarden, Wintersveil, the Fire Festival, Hallow’s End…
  • A few non-wearable ‘fun’ items, like the crusader’s book thingy from the scourge invasion (or is it a trinket?), that never-ending food leaf (why would you ever want to get rid of something that gives you free food every day?!), some preserved holly berries, and a remote control of some sort.
  • A bajillion tabards – I know you don’t have to hold onto them but once I buy something, I don’t want to go out and buy it again later! What if I need it NOW?!
  • A few shirts of various colors. We have to coordinate the shirt color with our armor, you know!
  • Tons of trinkets that either do neat things or remind me of quests! Such as…
    • The Netherwing Trinket. I still never beat that commander guy for the flight challenge. Sigh. Least I got my drakes now. (And a side note: Your disguised drake? ONLY FLIES AT 280 SPEED, EVEN IF YOU HAVE 310. ARGH! I so thought I was going to BEAT him this time!)
    • The voodoo trinket that summons… voodoo gnomes, I think.
    • A shaman trinket from a shaman quest. It’s a mini-mana totem that took me awhile to replace. And then I just couldn’t part with it.
    • AV Trinket — For the Horde!
    • Carrot on a stiiiiiick. I was so proud of myself for getting that at level. So very proud. But now it’s useless!
    • Essence of Eranikus. I felt really bad for him, what with the questline just sorta ending with you using his essence to empower yourself as he desperately threatens you/asks you for help. I’m holding onto it in case there’s some way to save him later, as I feel it would be wrong just to sell it.

And there’s much much more!

And I’m guessing here that I’m not the only one who saves their favorite old gear, and holiday outfits.

But the question I’m sure you all are asking is…

How will patch 4.3 affect mementos?

I’m so glad you asked.

Let me direct you to this quote from a WoWInsider article on this new thing call Void Storage:

Another addition coming with the patch is “Void Storage”, a new 100 to 150 items slots. Like transmogrification, void storage comes from the Ethereals. Void storage is a pocket dimension created for a player that allows them to store extra items, but there is a downside.

Anything stored in the void is stripped of its enchantments and gems and the name of the person who crafted it, Chilton said. The stripping isn’t tied to the lore of the game, either, but is the byproduct of a technical issue that makes this new storage system possible.

An additional 100 – 150 slots?! For holding the gear I’ve been saving for the memories and the looks for so long? Sign me up!

No longer will I and countless other pack rats be forced to give up one of their prized possessions because you want to save this new piece of gear you had.

No longer will we be punished with our characters screaming “My inventory is full” just because you wanted to collect gear for three of your specs for both PvE and PvP, for your bank will now be a pristine clean space with all of your low-stat-yet-stylish treasures tucked away into the void.

No longer will our fellow RPers wonder why our character always wear the same set of clothes, as our collection of RP outfits will no longer be limited by the space in our banks.

(Until we collect over 100 – 150 pieces of gear, that is).

(You know it will happen).

I, for one, will enjoy this change immensely. Especially with transmogrification service that will be offered.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the extra bag space? Is this a change that should have been made sooner? Or do you care less because you actually have an empty bank? And is this more or less awesome than the transmogrification of armor? Let me know in the comments!


4 Responses to “Mementos (A (Very Previously) Shared Topic Post) And How 4.3 Will Affect Them”

  1. Erinys August 17, 2011 at 11:02 pm #

    I’m toying between being excited and not liking the idea of transmogrification. On the one hand, my resto druid likes the idea of wearing her warbear leathers or her tier 1 Outlands remodel all the time without losing out on stats. On the other, though as someone who PvPs a lot, being able to look at someone and identify their gear is useful to get a feel for how hard they’re going to hit.

    • Mishaweha August 18, 2011 at 9:30 am #

      Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot of PvPers aren’t very happy with this, because of the quick and easy gear identification. At least Blizzard tried a little to keep things in line by making gear types only going into other gear types.

      The cost may be prohibitive for someone to do it that often, though. If it costs 50-100g per item to transmogrify, that could get pretty expensive to do every time you upgrade gear.

      So maybe not everyone will do it and judging folks in pvp at a glance won’t be as bad? Here’s to hoping.

      (Though I tend not to look too hard at people in pvp sooo… I guess this goes for people who are more observant haha).

      (Also, I’m tickled pink that you also have saved your Carrot on a Stick).

  2. Bridget August 23, 2011 at 1:20 am #

    I don’t understand any of this! But I wanted to check out your blog:) Thanks for visiting mine. If I ever get into gaming you’ll be the first person I ask for help!!

    • Mishaweha August 23, 2011 at 8:36 am #

      No worries – thanks for stopping by! I have your blog emailed to me for my reading enjoyment, but I rarely comment! >.>

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