6 Jul

Remember how I mentioned The SA and I recently got a cat? Well, I just got another one! Check it out:

Mishaweha rides a black cat with white-fire tipped wings.

My new kitty!

And it flies!

Mishaweha rides a black cat with white-fire tipped wings that's flying.


What was that? Oh! You wanted to learn more about the real cat that we had gotten? I suppose… After all, we have decided on a name for her.

I’m pleased to reintroduce you to our cat, Xena!

Xena, a white cat, sits on the ground looking at the camera.

Xena, Warrior Kitty

That’s right, we named her after Xena, Warrior Princess.

Xena, Warrior Princess

The Original Xena, Warrior Princess. Can you not see the resemblance?

If we get another cat, we’ll have to name her Gabrielle (or Joxer if it was a boy).

It’s a fitting name for her; kitty-Xena has mad hops, just like the person-Xena. And she has a tendency to play-bite a lot, which I guess is something person-Xena would do if she were a cat. We’re trying to stop kitty-Xena from biting though, so far with only marginal success.

Xena, a white cat, looks at the camera while in a sink.

"Me? I wouldn't harm a fly. Well, maybe a fly, but not you (very much)!"

Xena, a white cat, sits in a sink investigating the faucet

Yes, she loves the sink and playing with the water. It's adorable.

Xena's Surgery Incision

Xena's surgery incision while it was still healing. You can hardly see it now.

Recently we got her spayed (to keep her from peeing on beds while in heat, besides that not getting kittens thing), so she’s been recovering.At first she took the confinement to the bathroom pretty well, but she got impatient as time went on. By Day 5 after the surgery she was ready to go.

Xena, a white cat, stretches on the floor.

Xena demands her freedom by looking adorable!

A row of small balls with many very thin reflective strings sticking out of them.

She will play fetch with these on occassion.

Too bad she was supposed to stay confined for 10-14 days. We let her out into the other rooms, especially when it got pretty warm (there was no AC for that side of the apartment), but we kept her away from her sparkly balls, which she loves to aggressively play with.

Her after-surgery check-up was just the other day, so we forced her into her carrier (for some reason she has an aversion to it now…) and headed off to the vet, who said that she looked fine. So she could run and jump yet again after those sparkly balls!

Of course, the vet also gave her a feline leukemia vaccine, which was scary because it made a loud noise. But Xena was still an adorable kitty – it even said so on her report back from surgery: “Xena is a doll!” Apparently she was being all cute in the cage before the surgery — rubbing against the door, flopping down in cute positions. You know, the usual for her.

Xena, a white cat, lies down with her front paws curled.

"You heard the vet - I'm an adorable doll!"

Xena, a white cat, sleeps on a table.

Flop! Right by a book! Again.

She always flops. We get home from work and it’s accusing meows for leaving her alone all day, followed by a flop in the middle of the floor by no one, as if to say, “You! Come here and pet me for I am adorable!”

Xena, a white cat, lies on the floor.

"I'm adorable! Where are the pettings?"

Welp, when she’s right, she’s right.



8 Responses to “Kitty!”

  1. Jasyla July 6, 2011 at 11:43 am #

    Such a pretty kitty 🙂

    I can totally see the resemblance to the warrior princess.

    • Mishaweha July 6, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

      I think it’s the cheekbones. Certainly not the hair color though. XD

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh July 6, 2011 at 12:57 pm #

    The flop! pose is priceless! One of my idiot cats likes to do that flop right on top of my computer desk….with her tail hanging down in front of my monitor screen…. 🙂

    • Mishaweha July 6, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

      Cute -and- annoying? Idiot cat wins again!

      That Flop! pose? She falls asleep like that. A lot. It’s very silly.

  3. Chloe July 7, 2011 at 2:02 pm #

    Cuuuuuuutenesss overload! 🙂


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