Likal Has A Problem With Pants

19 May

Likal, my hunter on Feathermoon, has a problem with pants.

I’m sure it’s no fault of her own. Leveling equipment has never been known for it’s… ability to match, at least until Cataclysm came. And even then, the gear from dungeons isn’t the most stellar.

Take, for instance, the pair of pants Likal had been sporting since her mid-40s:

Likal is wearing mail pants that are too short.

Likal's Pants - Before

Well, they’re not exactly pants, are they.

Not even capris.

More like long shorts, if anything.

And unfortunately, long shorts aren’t really in style with high cut boots like the ones she is sporting. In fact, I would dare say that long shorts made out of mail plating are barely fashionable as it is.

As such, especially being on an RP server, I could hardly wait to find a decent upgrade for Likal to replace her silly shorts.

And then I got my wish:

Likal is wearing a pair of pants that seems to be missing an upper section.

Likal's Pants - After

Here were my thoughts after inspecting the upgrade:

“Finally! Got rid of those shorts. These connect to the boots and everything! Wonderful. And they’re a much darker material that matches the boots too… except for that bit near the top. Why would they pick purple as a color to fill it in… …. DAMMIT! THAT’S HER SKIN!”

Is moving for shorts to chaps really an upgrade? Beats me, but I know Likal is looking forward to her next pair of pants…



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