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Link Round Up – Flashback!

30 Mar

Dearest Readers,

Misha rides a kodo, using a lasso to roundup links

Yeehaw! It's a link roundup! (This is still a WIP, though now that I've posted it, I'm likely never to finish it!)

I have been slacking on my blog reading. Shocking, I know. It may have to do with the fact I’ve moved to a more open cube arrangement at work. Or perhaps it is because The SA and I have had company over for two weekends straight.

Whatever the case, there is suffering involved.

No no, the blog itself does not suffer from the lack of new posts (after all, it is merely pieces of data on a server somewhere).

And I’m sure you, dear Reader, do not suffer much from the fact nothing new appears here. After all, there must be something in the archive that you could delight in reading (again, I hope).

The real tragedy, my friend, is that my Link Round Up post has become horribly outdated.

How could this travesty happen, I hear you ask in a most devastated tone?

Let me explain.

A month or so ago, when I was keeping up with the blogs, I started to pull out what I thought was interesting into this very post. And I gathered a fair number of links, and I said to myself, “Self-” (as I am prone to addressing myself as “self”) “- you should take a break. Surely there will be no harm stopping your collection of links now and picking it up later. Obviously you won’t forget to check on your blogroll for a few weeks because you became ‘busy’ and then continue to not check them because you ‘don’t have the time’ to read all of the posts AND pull out the interesting ones into a link round up post. So go ahead and start checking your auctions!”

For some reason, my suspiciously specific denial came true. My blogroll has lain untouched for too long, as I would feel remorse for missing so many interesting links, and would have to possibly abandon these brave links that made it into the original attempt at this link round up post.

But no more! For now I present to you a flashback to the earlier days of March, where I pulled out the following links for you, dear Reader, to laud.]

Links From The Not-So-Distant Past (Unless You Are Reading This From The More Distant Future, In Which Case You May Ignore The ‘No-So’ Part)

I hope you enjoyed this ‘blast to the past’. Now please remind me not to finish up my posts late at night.

Much Love,



Saturday Sketch – The Mysterious Rabbit

19 Mar

As I’ve gone silent for far too long, here’s a quick little ‘sketch’ I did some time ago:


Three images of a rabbit-person, facing forward, profile, and in rabbit form.

Emo Rabbit is Emo


Who is this rabbit man and why does he look so sad? Why is he only wearing gray? And did he mean to be misproportioned like that?

(The answers: I don’t know; Because colors are hard; No but it happens, you know?)

I think I drew him for some sort of Alice in Wonderland based RP on Gaiaonline, and he was to be the White Rabbit. However, I don’t believe the character sheet was ever finished — heck, I don’t think he has an actual name — and the RP never really took off either. So this reference picture has sat on my computer for awhile, to be thrust onto this site for your amusement.

Have you ever made a character that never was used? Was it a similar circumstance or something much more exciting? Let me know in the comments!

Quote of the Week – The Bustle of Linguistics

11 Mar

The quote this week comes not from a World of Warcraft source, but rather a tumblog called Reasoning With Vampires. Within, the author carefully (and snarkily) dissects the grammar, phrasing, and much much more in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. I highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t a Twihard and/or people who like funny things. It’s good for a laugh, as well as learning more about grammar. I’ve found myself watching out for comma splices and run away sentences in my own writing.

Now onward to the quote! In one of Reasoning With Vampires’ more recent posts, she points out some repetition in a passage. There was one word in particular that lead her to write this:

A suffix is not merely the fancy bustle of linguistics.

She continues the lesson with “The “-less” alters the definition of the word to which it is attached.” It’s very true, but I enjoy reading the first sentence on it’s own. It’s very poetic!

Or maybe it’s just that I enjoy the word ‘bustle’. I imagine words putting on their finest suffix and then scattering all over the pages of a book in an effort to class it up. (I considered drawing what that would look like, but I have a feeling it would be hard to draw words wearing bustles while bustling around a page).

Does that phrase tickle your fancy like it did mine? Have you read Reasoning With Vampires before? If not, what do you think of the site? (You did click on it, right?) Let me know in the comments!

The Return of the Link Round Up!

2 Mar
Misha rides a kodo, using a lasso to roundup links

Yeehaw! It's a link roundup! (This is still a WIP, though now that I've posted it, I'm likely never to finish it!)

I’ve a conundrum, dearest Reader. Is round up supposed to be one word, or two? As you can tell, I’ve settled on two words, but The Internet seems to think it can go either way. Which way do you prefer?

This week, in a shocking turn of events, I’ve divided the list of links into three categories, as I found quite a few of them since my last link round up post. (Maybe that isn’t too shocking). First there is General WoW News, followed by Shaman and Healing, because Shaman and Healing go together like Peanut Butter and Brown Sugar (seriously — try it. You’ll love it, especially if you like sugar. And peanut butter). Lastly, there’s news from In The Blogging World. Those are items that are more related to the blogging community than WoW itself.

One or more of these categories may have been a little ‘forced’ in order to split up the links. >.>

And in case you haven’t heard from every healing blog in town (especially those owned by Druids and Shaman), there is an important blue post mentioning something about a ‘shaman healing buff’ and ‘awareness of need for life-saving cooldowns for Druids and Shaman’. I’m sure it’s old news by now, but I thought I’d bring it up, just in case you only read my blog. <snerk>

What, you want me to link to something? What do you think this is, a post for linking to things? No, no, there were far too many places talking about this, I simply cannot be bothered to find each and every one of those links.

Now onto the links I did bother with!

General WoW News

  • Disciplinary Action wrote a post on how you can haz WoW on your iPad (at home). I might try it out someday when I have a reason to use something smaller than my desktop/Alienware laptop.
  • A Hasty Experiment by Beruthiel at Falling Leaves and Wings talks about Dark Intent (mm, haste), which apparently should not go to Resto Druids. It’s a very informative post, especially for Warlocks and Druids.
  • Polymorphed Sheep on some grass.

    Who -wouldn't- want to sheep something? I mean, look at it! It's a sheep! (Image from Wowhead)

    Beru also talks about CC, tanking, and why they won’t tank anymore.  I haven’t had any major CC debacle happen to me before, but I haven’t been tanking. The situation described, however, seems like it would be very common. (As for me, I’m usually not called upon to CC since I’m healing. But if I’m told to hex something, I’m on it! As long as you keep reminding me — paying attention to marks is not my forté).

  • I Like Bubbles talks about the BWD Elevator Boss. A boss that is so threatening, it’s kill count will soon be recorded. Even Ratshag has noted the deadliness of this boss. Twice.
  • Need to keep up with the latest hairstyling trends? You’re in luck! Kamalia wrote an excellent Barbershop guide (for the ladies). Just click through the ten posts to see screenshots of all the different hair styles and hair colors — it’s very impressive! Thanks to the MMO Melting Pot for pointing out this gem!

Shaman and Healing

  • Shaman’s Chain Heal is apparently better with mastery than previously thought. Discovered by EJ forum goers (and what isn’t), both Totemic Grace and Totem Forest wrote up some posts on the matter. (Mastery, however, is still low on the Shaman’s stat totem-pole).
  • Speaking of healing, Oestrus explains how the Mage talent Cauterize works, how it kills them (softly? with song? Nah, just FIRE), and what you (assuming you are a healer) can do to keep them from dying. I’d recommend reading it in case you group with a suicidal mage.
  • Minnesota, the state of hockey. And apparently, a mysterious Shaman element.

    Back to more Shaman news! This one is from Kaelynn, at Shades of Kae, called The Essence of a Shaman. It’s a great lore-type post explaining all about Shaman; talking about the elements, races, and other things of Shaman goodness. I especially liked the mention of ‘The Wild’ spirit, which I assume is related to hockey.

In the Blogging World

But wait! There’s more! What kind of blogger would I be without blatant self-promotion? Here a link to my most recent post about the Orgrimmar Auctioneers and their dislike for a certain holiday. I’m rather proud of the post, especially since it takes a lot for me to stop being lazy and write some ‘real’ fiction, so go check it out!

Already read it? Click the link anyway! Not sure you want to read a long post? Sure you do — there’s chocolate!

Ralinza eats some chocolate.

Mmm, chocolate.