How’s Your Cataclysm?

20 Jan
WoW Cataclysm Deathwing

Image by SobControllers via Flickr

One of the reasons why posts have been lacking here (and elsewhere) was because Cataclysm came out. I’m sure most of my readers (besides the spambots) were busy with Cataclysm too! Here’s a list of the things I was keeping myself busy with, and of things I still plan to do in Cataclysm. Share your own experiences in the comments!

Things I Have Done

  • Made a Worgen — Surprisingly, I like how the male worgen look, even if I don’t care for the human male models. I wasn’t as fond of the female worgen model at first (possibly because of their dance), but it grew on me. I’ve designed 4 more worgen (and have already rolled two of them).

    Reby the Worgen in Stocks

    Daw, look at those sad puppy eyes.

  • Completed the Worgen starting zone — This is a fairly impressive achievement for me. I usually get a character to 5, reach the next city, and then say ‘well, that’s enough for tonight’. The storytelling in Gilneas compelled me to continue questing. I’d recommend doing it.
  • Made a Goblin — The females are super cute, even if it is weird the nose/chin shape change based on their ears. I don’t think I will be rolling a male goblin, though.
  • Rolled lots of the new race/class combos – I suppose this really more related to The Shattering, but I’ve made quite a few new race class combos, including…
    • Tauren Paladin
    • Tauren Priest
    • Night Elf Mage
    • Dwarf Shaman
    • Gnome Priest (I don’t think she will be around for long; I have a really hard time playing gnomes)
  • Made a lot of money on the AH — My glyph business is doing well, along with selling random things I no longer needed.
  • Dug at Dig Sites — I’ve hopped on the archeology band-wagon and have headed to dig sites on Mishaweha.

Things That Need Doing

I’d like to…

  • Level a toon to 85 — I’m 84 on Misha, so I’m almost there!

    Kaehi has some bling

    Goblins got bling, baby!

  • Finish the Goblin starting zone — I’m nearly done, but I think I may have one or two more quests to finish up in Org. Overall, the zone is much more light-hearted than the Worgen zone. I especially like the rogue and warrior trainers.
  • Max a non-gathering profession — It’s expensive to craft these days! Curse you inflation! *fist shake*
  • Complete all the new dungeons — I haven’t even unlocked them all yet! It’s a bit of a bother to get to the entrances of them, especially since I’ve only completed the quests of three zones so far.
  • Do heroics and/or raids — Which is a given, since I haven’t gotten to 85 yet! And I heard that they were hard.
  • Roll some other race/class combos that seem interesting: Such as a…
    • Dwarf Warlock
    • Dwarf Mage
    • Undead Hunter
    • Human Hunter
    • And many, many more!
  • Make an artifact — While I’ve dug up some fascinating things out of the ground, I’ve yet to put the fragments together, since I still get skill ups from finding junk! I’m almost there, though.
  • Stand in fireBut not just any fire. Where’s Deathwing when you need him?

I think that’s all the major things I’ve done and have yet to do. Are there other things I should do that’s not on the lists? Should I skip out on things I’ve listed? Do you have a Cataclysm to-do list? And have you already done it? Let me know in the comments!


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