NaNoWriMo and Me

10 Nov

As you may have guessed, the reason why I haven’t posted after that long but I’m sure extremely interesting post, is that I’ve been working on NaNoWriMo. You know, that thing where you write 50,000 words in the month of November and hopefully come out the other end with a novel.

Here’s the situation so far:

  • I’m more than halfway behind the “Suggested Cumulative Word Count”.
  • I find I write better with at least some humor in my tone, and I’m not good at ‘introspective thoughtful narrating’ where it’s deep. Nope, can’t do that.
  • It would probably be best if I kept myself to writing Young Adult fiction, as that’s almost all I read, instead of trying to write a Sci Fi sort of book… only to have it read more like Young Adult fiction only with no teenagers in it.
  • I write faster and I write more when I don’t look at what I’m typing too much.
  • I get an obscene number of typos when I don’t look at what I’m typing too much.
  • It’s easier to correct most spelling and typos later.
  • I’m no longer caring if a sentence is woefully out-of-place in a paragraph (or if it shouldn’t be in the book altogether!)
  • I think this story may actually be presentable later, if it gets cleaned up, even with it’s lack of plot (unlike last year’s)

So, there’s all that.

I have a feeling that I might write faster if I don’t pick a story that’s been in my brain since, well, a long time. Both this year’s and last year’s stories have long danced around in my head, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that a lot of the stories in my head don’t make the best read. They jump around from scene to scene, and usually deal with the angst of one or two characters, with no discernible plot other than to throw more angst building situations at them. I’ve realized that doesn’t make for the most interesting read, so when I do take a story from my head, I’ve discovered the need to add more depth to it, and to insert a better plot.

Last year’s experiment at doing that didn’t really work… however, the story shifted from my original envisioning, which lead to me thinking up a similar, yet I think ‘better’ story. One that could actually have a plot.

But this year I decided to pick up a different story, just to keep things different. Only problem was that while I had more than 1 character, and a probable villain, I didn’t really have a plot.

Of course, I still don’t really have a plot, but I’m hoping it’ll show up in the next few thousand words or so. XD

Hopefully once NaNoWriMo is all done, I’ll be able to edit and spruce up the story enough to post on this blog here. I originally thought I could do that during the month, but… there’s no way, with the amount of writing still left to do!

And maybe next year I’ll actually prepare and plot out my book, so that way it’ll have a solid backbone before I start writing…

*stifles laughter*



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