Mishalom’s First Day

13 Jul

Mishalom, Pally of the Pugs, is trying to get to the WoW level cap using only the LFD tool in WoW! This idea is based off of the original Pugging Pally, Vidyala!

Mishalom, Pally of the Pugs, went out for his first LFD shortly after I took those wonderful screenshots in his debut post. In fact, I ended up doing two runs, since the dungeon that pops up when you’re 15 is really short.

And what dungeon is that?

I’ll give you a moment to formulate your answer.

Got it yet?


I’ll give you a few more minutes.

*twiddles thumbs*

Alright, I think that’s enough time.

If you answered RFC… you are correct!

Ah, good ol’ RFC. Since I usually play Horde, I’m very familiar with it (“Hey SA, wanna run me through RFC on my 2398042 alts? Of course you do!”). Though now that the LFD system has been out for awhile, there are less lower level Alliance die-hards going “Abuh? What is this place? Where do I goooooo?” (Though it was fun playing guide when I did play on my little Alliance toons during that initial period).

Anyway, the dungeons runs:


With bated breath I hit the LFD queuer, set myself as healer, and after a moments fiddling, got it set to Random Dungeons. The queue was pretty short, as was expected. I only got partway across The Exodar before the box popped up, and I loaded into the familiar and not really random or unexpected RFC.

This run had a warrior tank, 19. I don’t really remember who the dps were, because we did not have time for conversation. In fact, we didn’t even have time for buffs.

As soon as we all appeared, our tanking friend was off, chain pulling three to four mobs at a time, if not more than that. I manage to throw a Might on them before I have to focus solely on healing.

‘Focus solely on healing?’ you ask. ‘Surely you jest, as Paladins only have Holy Light when they are 15. It should be easy!’ Except… except when it’s your very first instance that you’re healing as a Paladin, with a tank who only stops moving to finish up that last mob in the group before moving on, while your mana bar is quickly dipping towards empty but you dare not stop because the tank just keeps on moving and you don’t want to wipe the group by getting behind and you don’t even have time to type a request for mana!

I was actually surprised at how long I lasted at that pace. We were just approaching the orc section when I hastily typed ‘need mana after this fight’ while casting a heal. While I was still flustered at the pace of the pulls, I do give the tank credit for being courteous and waiting for me to drink. I wasn’t too sure if he would have been reading the chat!

But I think that was the only drink I mustered during the run (I am writing this several days in the future, so my memory is a little fuzzy), and the rest of the orc groups leading up to the boss were killed in a similar quick pull kind of way. I think at this point more people started getting aggro, so it made healing everyone a little more tricky.

After we killed the first boss, the warrior tank said a polite goodbye, and the group disbanded. All I could really say was that while it was a little stressful, it was pretty darn fast.


In between runs I took a page from Vidyala’s book and bought some Milk to drink. I discovered in the last run that the deliciously cheap Refreshing Spring Water that I happened to have lots of already was not really filling my mana fast enough last run. And I was down to 1 of the Milks I had picked up in my short-lived questing life.  So since I’m stingy with my in-game money (and out-of-game money, but that’s a different story), I only bought an additional 15 Milk.

… Which I ended up not using immediately, because the next group I got into had a Mage, who happily passed out water to everyone at the start. I sighed inwardly; since I knew I had to go to bed after that run (so said The SA), I wouldn’t get to keep using the free water through the night. So I drank them liberally during the run.

After dealing with the fast pulling tank, changing to one who went slower was… a little dull, actually. Luckily for me, the tank wasn’t the best, so there were a lot of:

  • DPS pulling aggro and ‘tanking’ mobs
  • Tank grabbing too many mobs on purpose
  • Everyone accidentally pulling mobs (including me >.>;;)

This led to me running out of mana… a lot. Lots of different people needed healing; more than my Glyph of Holy Light could handle, since most of the dps were ranged. Even with Blessing of Wisdom on, I was having troubles; I started to judge Wisdom and hit mobs for mana, but either they would die too quickly or I would pull another group of mobs when I moved behind the tank (therefore I maintain it was their fault and not mine *cough cough*).

But while this run was slower, folks were actually talking. The mage suggested we that we queue again (though I said I couldn’t, because of The BF’s bedtime ultimatum; in the end, no one really stuck around), and another said that we should take on the boss in the back, which we did. Overall it was an amiable run.

The oddest thing, however, was the other male Draenei in the group, a shaman. I was running up to a mob to hit it and I noticed the shaman meleeing, which is common at level 15. But what was not common was the fact that the shaman was not wearing a shirt.

That’s right, his large, sexy (?) Draenei man-chest was displayed for the world to see. Or maybe just our groups.

At first I thought I might be imagining things, so I inspected him to make sure that, you know, he wasn’t wearing a chestpiece or a shirt that looked like Draenei skin. But he was indeed not wearing any chestpiece or shirt.

Here’s a conversation about it from party chat.

Mishalom: Dude, where’s your shirt?
Mishalom: Oh.
Dude: I’m awesome like that.

It was pretty funny. I’m sure Mishalom didn’t mind the view, though. *WINK*

Current Statistics

Here are Mishalom’s stats from the end of these runs. Remember, stats are also stored up in the “Pally of the Pugs” page!

Level: 15 (+0)
Deaths: 0 (+0)
Drinks Consumed: 20 (+12)
Dungeons Run: 2 (+2)
–RFC: 2 (+2)


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