Meet Mishalom, Pally of the Pugs

2 Jul

As mentioned in the introductory post about the Pally of the Pugs (a project inspired by the Pugging Pally Vidyala), I said we would get to meet him next time. Well, here he is.

Mishalom, a Draenei Paladin

Mishalom, The Pally With The Plan (and a bad wardrobe)

While I haven’t given too many details to his character, I think I have enough to BS my way through a meet form. So let’s do that before we go into the PoP Project Details!

The Basic Information

Name: Mishalom
From: World of Warcraft
Race: Draenei
Gender: Male ((gasp! Me, making a second male character? Shocking!))
Age: “We are all young in the eyes of the ageless Naaru.” ((aka he’s old! Well, probably near middle age, for a draenei. Except they’re immortal so… yeah.))
Appearance: Please see the above picture. Pretty typical of Draenei men — strong, tall, and buff.
Home: Draenor/Exodar/Azeroth
History: Mishalom has been a soldier of the Light for a long time; the majority of his life, in fact. At one point he had a wife, but that marriage ended on good terms when… well, when he knew he was not interested in women. ((And to all of you thinking “omg it’s so cliche for a girl to make a guy character gay!”… yes, it is (well, at least my experiences reading fanfiction has indicated that it is. Since most fanfic writers are girls. >.>). But I believe I’m entitled one. And it’s not the Blood Elf so I think this is charting new territory (Ooo, burn!))). This ‘discovery’ caused some … strife, but as  the (hundreds of) years went by, things more or less smoothed over (perhaps a little less than more). When the Draenei came to Azeroth, he embraced their new allies whole-heartedly. He now splits his time between all of the Alliance capital cities (though he spends more time in Stormwind than the other cities), studying nuances of the Light, and lending his aid to others in the Alliance.
Personality: He is a good-natured fellow, very devout to the Light, eloquent with his words, and tries to be helpful. He usually doesn’t speak up too much, preferring to stay in the background. But if you’re interested, he’ll happily spout off tenets of the Light at you all day. But don’t think that he’s weak just because he only ‘heals with the Light’ — he’s taken down unskilled folks who’ve challenged him before! (This is why you should never underestimate a Paladin — they wear plate armor for a reason!). He’s pretty much a quintessential nice tough guy.

Additional Notes

Yes, it’s true; I made one of my only guy character gay (maybe the real shocker is that it wasn’t the Blood Elf). But the majority of  his storyline that revolved around his sexuality has already played out much earlier in his life. Like… hundreds of years earlier. He doesn’t go around announcing that he’s gay, he doesn’t act ‘stereotypically gay’, so to most people he’s just another Light-obsessed paladin (which makes sense, because he is a Light-obsessed paladin. I would think that most paladins are).

Mishalom is also a fairly stable character. He doesn’t have much personal growth to do at this time, as much of it has already been done. This is because I’m not sure if or when I will be RPing with him in-game — I think it’s good to leave him at a steady point in his life. If I do get the opportunity to RP with him, especially in a long-term group setting, it will be interesting to see how his relationships with others will affect his relatively quiet personality… especially when the others figure out that he’s gay, since he wouldn’t go announcing it to them.

(On a side note, I’m not sure how accepting of the LGBT community Azerothian society is. My initial guess is that it would be similar to our culture as it is now (and my ‘our’ I mean ‘US’, since that’s what I know. XD) Though I do figure that the Draenei, being close to the Naaru and the Light and such, wouldn’t really mind. Or if they did mind, they would still be nicer about it because, you know, the Naaru are watching. As for the rest of Azeroth… I dunno. I haven’t done any research about it either, as to whether various religions would be against it or not. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or have you addressed it in RPs before? Please, let me know!)

Either way, the possible character interactions seem very interesting, even if I won’t get a chance to RP them.

Speaking of interactions… sometimes in PuGs I make him say silly things that he wouldn’t actually say while in-character. It’s only been in response to other conversation — like someone saying “Look at my strong muscular man-chest” and then I would say “Mmm, sexy” (I’m paraphrasing, of course, because my memory is that bad). It’s nothing big or ground-breaking, and I certainly don’t interject those comments without prior conversation (I don’t want Mishalom blurting out random “I WANT ATTENTION” phrases). But either way, it’s not something that straight males would normally say, so it’s interesting to see people’s reactions, because A) I don’t announce that I’m pseudo-roleplaying, and B) since I have a male avatar, they assume I’m a guy, and I’m not going to tell them I’m a “girl irl! <3” unless they ask, for fear of being pegged as a certain paladin (you should read that blog, by the way. It’s an inspiration for us all. >.>) So I’m going to treat the interactions in PuGs as being out of character, since Mishalom would usually not say the silly things that I usually type. (He’s in the same boat as all my other ‘serious’ characters — I always go for the laugh >.>)

As for Mishalom’s name… I’m trying to keep all of the Argent Dawn characters starting with ‘Misha’, so people still shorten my name(s) to Mish or Misha. But it was tricky to come up with a ‘manly-sounding’ name starting with Misha (since to me, Misha sounds like a girl’s name) that wasn’t already taken. After some brainstorming by myself and with people from SAN (and The SA, actually), I finally decided on Mishalom. Why? Because ‘Shalom’ is the Hebrew word that means ‘Peace’, and this character that I was envisioning (which you can now see above) was a very peaceful kind of guy. Plus, it ends with an ‘m’ which is not as ‘girly’ as ‘a’. (I have a tendency to add ‘a’ to the end of my female characters’ names to make them sound more girl-like. I’m trying to stop doing that on purpose, though).

PoP Project Information

But enough about his roughly-flushed out RP character side. Let’s shift focus to what I’ll be talking about the most when it comes to Mishalom — the “Pally of the Pugs” project.

As you may have read before, I’ve already taken Mishalom for a few spins around the LFD. And you may ask yourself, “But Misha — if you’ve already pugged on Mishalom, how will we know you started doing so at level 15?”

Well, I supposed there’s not too much solid proof… but I did take lots of screenshots of his stats before I first queued up! Let’s take a look-see at what I got!

(Feel free to click the screenshots to embiggen).

Screenshot of Mishalom with his XP Bar

Behold! An XP bar!

Here’s Mishalom’s XP bar right before I went to queue. If you’ll ignore my crappy UI, you can see that he’s already part of the way through 15 (ok, you can’t see his level, but I assure you that’s level 15!) This is because paladins have their quest to learn how to rez people starting at 15. I thought it would be good to know how to rez people before I started going into dungeons, so I went ahead and did the quest.

And below are three additional screenshots I look of Mishalom’s various statistics and achievements (or lack thereof), from the stat/achievement page.

Screenshot of Mishalom's Stats Page

The Stats Summary Page

Screenshot of Mishalom's Consumable Stats Page

Consumable Stats Page

Stat page with Mishalom's Achievements

Mishalom's Achievement Page

You may, of course, click any and all of these to embiggen.

The Stats Summary shows that I hadn’t died yet. Good for past me! Sadly, it was too good to last. Maybe we can keep the ‘Death from Drowning’ Category clear. That seems like a reasonable goal. It also shows that at this point I had completed 83 quests. I hope to keep it at that number — or at least be aware when I do complete a quest!

The Consumables Page shows I hadn’t really consumed much. Just an Elixir of Minor Defense and 8 Refreshing Spring Waters. Since I plan on recording the number of drinks consumed, it’ll be good to note that I had already had 8.

The Achievements Page, besides being cropped to hide the fact that I took the screenshot with all my bags open for some reason, shows that Mishalom was indeed a fairly young character. No recent achievements, for one, because even I take forever to level a character to level 15, apparently. And only 5 achievements to his name, total! You can see the breakdown on the screenshot, even though I didn’t take screenshots of each one. I’m going to guess they’re fairly standard ones for baby characters to get (like Level 10, for instance).

But What Stats Will Be Recorded?

I’m so glad you asked. I have a list of them right here that I will be recording, along with notes as to how they will be recorded! Hopefully I won’t confuse myself later on the project with pluses and minuses and such! (Note: it doesn’t take much to confuse me. >.>)

Here’s an example, with some fake stats (double slashes mean it’s a comment and will not actually be stored!):

Level: 32 (+2) // The current level plus the differential since the last time. If there isn’t a difference, there will be a +0
Deaths: 19 (+0) // Total number of deaths, along with the differential since last time. Again, no different = +0
Drinks Consumed: 132 (+12) // Total number of drinks consumed, along with the differential.
Dungeons Run: 2 (+2) // Total number of dungeons run, plus the differential. This is calculated by me unless otherwise stated.
–RFC: 5 // An individual dungeon’s total. This is calculated by me entirely, not by blizzard stats. Once a run is out of my level range, I will stop putting the differential in.
–Deadmines: 4
–SFK: 3
–SM:Graveyard: 23 (+10)

So there you have it! A delightfully ‘simple’ way of recording Mishalom’s Puggin’ Stats! If any of you would like to see other data recorded, please let me know and I can add it (as long as it doesn’t take too long to figure out!)

Next time we’ll have an post that’s actually about Pugging! Finally! XD

So stay tuned!



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