Now THIS is how you get data from a hard-drive…

30 Jun
Laptop HDD connected to an open PC

The SA's Monster Desktop to the rescue!

As you can see above, The SA took the laptop’s hard-drive out and hooked it up to his desktop PC (note the enormous case; it’s taller than the desk). So then the laptop’s HDD acted as one of the PC’s HDD, which made simple to grab the precious, precious screenshots and copy them onto my external HDD. And best of all, it didn’t cost me anything! Yey!

Unfortunately, this means the laptop is doomed. Before taking out the hard-drive, The SA performed laptop ‘surgery’ to determine what, exactly, the problem was. After a couple different attempts, I believe he determined that the video card went out, not just the connection to/from the video card. Which is the worst case scenario.

So soon after the data was copied, I started looking for and eventually purchased a new laptop. Against recommendations from my guildies, I picked up an Alienware laptop. It has a 15 inch screen and red details, so that’s cool. Plus they pre-install WoW, like I mentioned before. I must agree with my guildies though, Alienware is much more about the looks now that Dell bought them. However, I couldn’t find any other gaming laptops that actually had a ~15 inch screen with video cards that were good enough to run AoC and other similarly graphical games. Well, I suppose they could run those games at a low quality, but that doesn’t bode well for any future games coming out. So while it was very expensive (because they put processors and video cards nowhere near the top of the line as their default price), I think it will be worth being able to play all my games even while on the road.

As long as it lasts at least four years. -_-;



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