The Laptop Is Dead! Long Live The Desktop!

28 Jun
A ThinkPad With A Broken Screen

Note: This isn't mine. I just thought you'd want to see a broken laptop.

Dearest Internet Friends,

It’s with a sad heart I come before you to say that The Laptop, affectionately known as ‘Lappy’ to some, has passed away. Yes, the brave little dusty-black laptop, just barely four years of age, had video card related seizures and ceased to be functional as of 6/27/2010.

The Laptop, a Lenovo Thinkpad purchased during a summer internship, spent its early years being the preferred computer in Misha’s collection, having more ‘firepower’ than her previous desktop. While it was unable to spend much time away from an outlet, the Laptop spent many years powering WoW and other MMOs, switching from wireless network to wireless network as it stayed connected to the internet for forum post writing and homework completion, all while rarely being shut down because it always took so darn long to power up. It often spent days sleeping in it’s laptop bag, slowly running out of power until Misha remembered to plug it back in.

The Laptop spent its last day providing Misha with various entertainment, including; Finishing the Fire Festival achievements in WoW, locating a delicious fried rice recipe that Misha then cooked, and collecting additional Fire Festival Blossoms to allow Mourninglory to purchase a pet. These activities were spread throughout the day.

However, in the evening shortly after logging off Mourninglory, The Laptop ‘froze up’ as the screen began to flash wildly in a so-called ‘seizure light’ pattern. The Laptop was unresponsive to keystrokes, and had to be manually shut down. Further attempts in the evening to restart the Laptop either lead to blank screens, or a continuation of ‘seizure lights’.

Laptop was pronounced ‘dead’ at 10:37 pm by Dr. SA. There has been no news on whether the hard-drive can be recovered at this time.

The Laptop is survived by it’s loving Razor mouse, a not-as-loving microphone, a laptop cooling fan that was just purchased a month ago, a pair of Bose headphones who are actually just more of an acquaintance, and The Desktop & its accessories.

Visitation will be held in the air conditioned bedroom; The Huge Lappy and Huge Desktop (belonging to The SA) will be hosting.

So yes, this means I’m out a computer. I’ll miss my poor laptop, though it’s timing couldn’t have been worse, as The SA, for a birthday present for me, offered to buy me one of several different things. One was a new gaming laptop, and the other was a tablet. I picked the tablet, because I thought I would have plenty of time to get a new laptop… Ahahaha.

In the meantime, I’m a little bummed, as now I’ll be forced to use The Desktop, which is in the spare computer room, and not in the living room, where I would usually use my laptop. Because the living room has an AC, while the computer room does not. Also, this means I don’t have a computer for when I go to visit my folks. And on top of all of that, I’ve lost a good number of WoW screenshots! (I feel lucky I pulled some I was going to use for the blog just the day before!) Well, we might be able to recover them from the hard-drive without paying someone to do so (because the screenshots aren’t worth quite that much). The SA (who does more of the computer diagnostic stuff than I do) thinks that there’s something wrong with the video card, or the connections to the video card. So it may not be impossible to get the data out, but I think it might be tough.

That’s why we’re gonna take it apart tonight. >: )

In the meantime, I’m left looking for a new laptop. I know I’m going to buy one of my friend’s apple laptop, but it’s meant more for art stuff, and I don’t know when I’ll be purchasing it. Therefore, we absolutely have to purchase a new fancy laptop ASAP. : )

I think I’m going to get a nice gaming one, one that can play some of the more graphically intense MMOs that the Thinkpad couldn’t. I was checking out Alienware last night, but I completely underestimated just how expensive a good gaming laptop would be*, making me regret the laptop vs. tablet birthday gift decision even more! (But I’m sure I’ll really enjoy the tablet either way, so I shouldn’t worry about it too much!) But if any of you have suggestions for a good brand for getting a good gaming laptop (for a decent price!), please let me know!

I don’t think this will effect my posting ‘schedule’ too much, but don’t be surprised if they slow down a bit either because A) I want to sit in the room with the AC more, or B) I got my new toys (laptop/tablet) and I want to play with them.

Now excuse me, I need to set up the funeral pyre disection table…


* But props to Alienware for knowing their customer based — they offer to pre-install wow on the computer! XD


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