Friday Five – Heat Wave!

25 Jun

A red sunsetI’m participating in my first Friday Five, a writing prompt given by Anna (and indirectly in this case, Panzercow). I’ve written about Mishaweha (barely under 500 words without this intro), and what she’s doing in spite of the heat. It’s a little different than some of the suggestions of the prompt, but I think it still sort of works. Maybe I’ll write another one for a different character later. Anyway, enjoy the read!

There was no point to stay inside — even shade couldn’t help against the heat.

Mishaweha sighed, and put on the last last of her ceremonial bangles. Her hopes of keeping cool inside were shot. She knew the heat was going to be bad the moment she stepped out of the portal. The crisp summer air in Dalaran turned steam and muggy, which got worse as she left the caves into Thunder Bluff proper. She made a hasty retreat to her family’s tent, but no one had been inside. It didn’t take her long to figure out why.

“At least this heat allowed me to change in peace,” she thought, thrusting the tent flap aside to go outside. There was a slight breeze, but it only carried more hot air. Misha sighed again, ornamentation jingling as she wiped some sweat off her nose.

The sun was nearly set, but it still felt like midday. Misha couldn’t recall a Fire Festival that had been this hot before. This was obviously a bad time to have to leave Northrend. Deliciously cool Northrend, with those ice capped mountains, hills covered in snow, freezing temperatures that would not make you drip with sweat…

“SIIIIIIIIIIIISTERRRRRR!” A loud cry interrupted Misha’s reverie. Misha saw the source of the cry, her younger sibling, Mamisha, waving wildly at her from an upper level of the bluff. Misha gave a half-hearted wave in return; it was best not to encourage her sister’s antics.

“Hurry up, sis! It’s startin’ soon!! Don’t be late!!!” Mamisha continued (you could hear the extra exclamation points in her voice).

“I’ll be up in a minute!” Mishaweha called back, and gave a final wave to her sister as she walked towards the central ramp.

“She’s so hyper,” Misha thought. “Who else would have that kind of energy in this heat?”

Not Misha, for one. The climb up to the main fire was enough to make Misha sweat like she had just run ten miles. Mamisha happily commented on this before her big sister shooed her away into the crowd. As for Mishaweha herself, she joined the other shaman, all sweating in their ceremonial garb. They acknowledge Misha with a nod, which she returned.

They were all facing the main festival fire. Every year the Tauren would build a bonfire for the festival, and every evening different tribes would perform the Ritual of Fire. It appeased the fire spirits, to keep them from starting fires out of mischief.  It also was an impressive spectacle, as the ritual involves dancing with fire spirits.

Tonight, Misha’s tribe would perform the ritual; the duty rotated from night to night. Misha fidgeted in the heat as they waited for the sun to finish setting, jealous of watching crowd who fanned themselves and sipped ice-cold drinks. But she was here to represent her tribe, not to avoid the heat.

And soon the sun set, and the ritual began.

Shame that dancing with fire just makes you more hot.


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