Fortune Cookie Filler

11 Jun

Now, whenever me and The SA get Chinese food, there are almost always fortune cookies. He doesn’t like to eat them, so I get them all (Yey! Tasty!).

And as you all surely know, there are fortunes inside of fortune cookies. And not only is there a fun game where you add ‘… in bed!’ to the end of them, sometimes there are also hilarious typos. So I’ve decided to share all the fortunes I get with all of you, so you can either laugh A) when you add ‘… in bed!’ to the end, or B) at the typos.

(You’ll have to mentally add the ‘… in bed!’, as I will be examining the fortunes specifically.)

Now onto the first fortune…

You display the wonderful traits of charm and courtesy.

The SA didn’t agree with this one, strictly speaking. I maintain that I have plenty of charm and courtesy, probably.

Friends long absent are coming back to you.

This one was kind of true, as I met with a whole bunch of my high school friends. Of course, that was when I was visiting my parents in my hometown, so they weren’t actually coming back to me, since I had to go to them. And I also had to leave the area again, because, you know, I don’t live there anymore… and I opened the fortune after it happened.

Your luck has been completely changes today.

Been completely changes, eh? Well, maybe that’s a good thing.

Stay tuned for more fortunes!


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