Quote of the Week – Cataclysm Style!

21 May

Alas – I say I’m going to post one thing this week, and instead I post something completely different! Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll get some time to sit down and write properly sometime this weekend.

At any rate, I stumbled upon this most excellent tidbit of information from Linedan’s Cataclysm prediction post over at Achtung Panzercow (Cataclysm, for those who don’t know, is WoW’s upcoming expansion):

The shock announcement that the World of Warcraft client will run on the iPad is marred by Steve Jobs’ sudden reversal on the deal.  When pressed for an explanation, he points to a paladin’s toolbar and exclaims that something called “Flash of Light” will never be allowed to run on his platform.

I believe this prediction speaks for itself. (Though you should check out the other ones too. Genius, I say! The next Nostradamus, for sure!)


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