Meeting My Characters – An Ongoing Series

14 May

On this blog, I hope to focus a lot on my characters. Yes, I do mean all of those characters that I have already listed out and briefly described from WoW and other games, not to mention the ones I haven’t listed from my writings and roleplays on Gaiaonline and elsewhere.

You may know a bit about my characters already, from the information on those lists. But what I posted before doesn’t really get into the heart of the character; their past, their personality, their story. And I think that this blog is an excellent medium to discuss these things (mainly because on my non-RP servers, no one cares enough about those things to really pay attention to me blab on about them, and also because this is my blog so I get to ramble on about what I like).

And therefore, for all the characters who have backstories defined, I will introduce them to you (and to myself, because you discover a lot about your characters when writing their backstory; it’s a very good exercise to learn more about your character, I think. Though you learn even more when you put them into stories). Hopefully you will ‘meet’ them before I bring them up in other works of fiction, so that way, if you happen to forget who I’m talking about (but I’m sure that will never happen), you can easily refer to their introduction page and get to know them again. More importantly, it will help me keep all my characters straight somewhere else besides in my head (And I’m sure there is some overlap, as I have a problems making tons of truly unique characters; all of it has been done before by someone else, I’m sure. And some of them exist in completely different worlds, so they would never meet each other anyway).

Each of these meet posts should have a similar structure; Introduction, Form o’ Info, and Concluding Notes. Here’s the form I plan on using:

Name: The character’s name, title, and possible notes about it.
From: What game or writing the character belongs in.
Race: Their race, as a lot of them tend not to be human
Gender: A fairly obvious question, yes?
Age: This will have an age or a range of ages, depending on their story’s progress, as well as an approximate human age, if needed.
Appearance: What they look like. (I added this field after I initially made this post, because I forgot about it! Whoops!)
Home: Where they were born, or what region they call home now.
History: Their past and present (or what I currently know about those things)
Personality: Their general personality that I may or may not ignore.

It’s pretty basic, similar to what I see on Gaiaonline for forum RPs, but there’s a lot of room for me to talk about everything I would need to know about a character. And with them having a single post for their backstory, I can easily go back and edit the post when necessary, to update their information or add additional, ‘very important’ notes.  Because we all know that our characters are always changing.



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